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Best Cities to Visit in Italy with Family

Italy has long been known as a historical, and even romantic, destination that is filled with delicious cuisine and even better wine.  However, did you also know that many areas of this country are perfect for traveling as a family?  Kids of all ages can appreciate the sights and the sounds of Bel Paese, which translates to beautiful country.

In Italy, you’ll hear most people speaking Italian, the official language.  Some locals might speak a little English, but it is best to know some local language in any country to avoid offending locals. When traveling, especially with your family, understanding the language opens more doors to fun and friendship. You may also avoid the tourist pricing at restaurants and shops.

Best Cities to Visit in Italy with Family

Let’s look at some of the best cities to visit in Italy with family, where you can put your Speak to Anybody language skills to the test.

Best Cities to Visit in Italy with Family

1. Florence

Florence is considered one of the smaller cities in Italy, which means even the youngest family member can walk the city with no problem.  Ponte del Vecchio is a family favorite, with beautiful views of the Arno River, with many shops and restaurants to enjoy. The kids will enjoy souvenir shopping, while parents enjoy the views and the upscale art and jewelry shops.

Kids can burn off some energy by running around the countless Piazzas in Florence, but we recommend the Piazza del Duomo. Piazza del Duomo is one of the most visited attraction in Europe, nit to mention Italy. The positive energy in the square is always palpable, with so much going on, from street artists, to parades, food tours and the laughter of the roughly 4.5 million visitors to the Duomo every year.

Every member of your family will love learning how to make authentic pizza, so you may want to consider signing up for a pizza making class. Florence is known for thin crust pizza traditionally fired in wood burning ovens. In our opinion, the only way to make pizza. Most kids love pizza and getting messy, so why not combine the two? When in Florence, there are many spots where you and the family can learn traditional pizza making and enjoy tasting the fruits of your labor.

2. Venice

There are the streets of New York and then there’s the canals of Venice. No city on Earth is more popular for its waterways than this Italian destination. In fact, Venice is known as the city of canals. As romantic as a moonlit gondola ride is, kids also find the boat rides fun.

Numerous couples will be seen wandering the streets of Venice, but there are just as many families that visit this city as well.  The streets of Venice can feel like a maze, as you are wandering around, but no one has ever been lost yet!  If you can, start at St. Mark’s Square, as that will give you a larger area to focus on returning to later in the day.  It is recommended that your family heads out to Murano Island for a day to watch the locals do a little glassblowing, because it can keep everyone entertained for quite some time.  As the sun is setting in the sky, it is always best to hop into a gondola to see how the ambiance changes within this city.

If your family is in Italy during Carnival, expect to enjoy beautiful masks and costumes. Carnival is celebrated in Italy during the 40-days leading up to Ash Wednesday. It’s like what we consider Mardi Gras, without the beads and more kid friendly.

3. Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre might not officially be a city in Italy, since it is comprised of five small villages.  However, it is an amazing place to stay with family!  While days can be spent wandering through each of the villages, you must complete the village hike as well.  The village hike goes along the coastline and it can take between five and six hours to complete.  Those families with younger children, or those people who do not want to walk for that long, will be happy to know that the train travels along this route too.  Therefore, you can easily walk part of the trail and take the train the rest of the way.

4. Belluno

The Dolomite Mountains surround the beautiful city of Belluno, which makes it a fabulous family-friendly destination filled with outdoor activities.  You can walk almost anywhere in this city, and since there are multiple car-free zones, you never need to worry about anyone’s safety.  It is best to visit this part of Italy when the weather is nice, since you will spend most of your time outdoors.  Your time will either be spent hiking the mountains, exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, or participating in any of the dozens of other activities that are available.

5. Rome

Rome might seem like it is a city geared for grown-ups, but truthfully, people of all ages will love exploring the capital of Italy!  You may not be able to convince your family that seeing Vatican City is thrilling, but no one should resist spending time at the Colosseum or walking up and down the Spanish Steps.  Add in a trip to Trevi Fountain to toss a few coins in and test everyone’s truth meter at the Mouth of Truth to add even more excitement to your time in Rome.

Pack your bags and the kids’

While these are the best cities to visit in Italy with family, none of them will mean much if you do not take the time to enjoy the local cuisine and talk to the locals.  When you take the time to meet a few new people everywhere you go in this country, you can learn where the best places to visit truly are.  This will ensure that your entire family has an amazing time, no matter what city in Italy you are visiting.