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Logitech Line Friends is the Cutest Tech, But Does it Sacrifice Quality?

Only a few years ago most workers stayed under the roof of a physical office but thanks to wireless technology and a changing professional landscape, hundreds of thousands of workers are now on the move. Whether it’s meeting a design client or knocking out orders for your Etsy shop you need to take your tools with you, like a keyboard and mouse.

There are hundreds of different wireless tools to choose from, but the Logitech Line Friends Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard combo separates itself with an adorable design. There’s no doubt Logitech Line Friends are cute, but can they get the job done too?

Let’s learn more about Logitech Line Friends including why people love this combo, what kind of performance you can expect, and other great options for wireless tech tools.

What to Like About Logitech Line Friends

  • They’re Adorable – Logitech Line Friends is hands down cute. From the gentle curves to rounded keys, and accompanying friends – it’s tough to find a cuter keyboard and mouse combo. Currently Logitech Friends Line are available in pink with Cony the Rabbit or dark gray with Brown the Bear. Each model features their respective animal mascots on the keyboard and mouse.

  • Affordable – You can purchase the mouse, keyboard, and nano receiver altogether for less $90. It isn’t the cheapest wireless keyboard on the market, but the combination of aesthetics and performance make this a great deal.

  • *SALE ALERT – You can currently purchase the Line Friends keyboard at $29.99 compared to the normal $49.99 and the mouse at $24.99 compared to $39.99. For now, buying the mouse and keyboard individually is cheaper than together but you won’t receive a USB receiver. If you’re only planning on using Bluetooth, you should buy them separately while they’re on sale.

  • Slim and Lightweight– The Logitech Line Friends is designed to pair with tablets, external monitors, and other portable devices so they need to be slim and compact. The Line Friends keyboard is less than a foot wide, just over a half inch in thickness, and less than a pound. The mouse is compact but ergonomic and weighs in at less than 4 ounces. You can easily toss the keyboard and mouse into a backpack or purse and take them wherever.

  • Quiet – The Line Friends combo is designed for on-the-go use but if you’re sitting on the morning train or a calm coffee shop you don’t want to annoy yourself and others with loud typing and clicking. Thanks to soft-press keys, soft press clicker, and rubber scroll wheel the Line Friends combo is whisper quiet.

  • Ready to Connect – Line Friends accessories are compatible with Windows, macOS, and iPad OS. Plug in the USB receiver or use Bluetooth and you’re ready to start right away. The keyboard and mouse can operate wirelessly up to 33 feet from their paired device.

  • Incredible Battery Life – Thanks to auto shutoff the Line Friends mouse and keyboard sport outstanding battery life. The mouse can last 18 months while the keyboard boasts 24 months. That’s not a typo, Logitech battery life spans years, not hours.

The Lowdown on the Line Friends

The Line Friends series is a cute combination mouse and keyboard that doesn’t sacrifice an adorable design for great quality. With great features and a small profile, you’re getting both looks and performance in a great package.

Logitech Line Friends

Other Great Wireless Keyboard Options

  • Logitech K380 – The Line Friends is a fantastic combo but it’s understandable if you don’t want a cute, cuddly bear or rabbit on your tech items. If you want the best from the Line Friends without the cuteness you can try to the Logitech K380. The K380 features many of the great reasons to like the Line Friends including comfortable keys, excellent battery life, and slim profile, but doesn’t come with adorable animals.

  • Logitech M350 Pebble Mouse – Like the K380, the M350 Pebble Mouse mirrors the functionality of the Line Friends mouse but without furry critters. A rubber wheel and soft click tech help keep the Pebble Mouse comfortable and quiet.

  • HP Slim Wireless Keyboard and Mouse – HP is a long-trusted name in tech so you can expect high performance from their Slim wireless keyboard and mouse. The HP Slim is comparable in price to the Line Friends while offering great features like 2.4 GHz connectivity and a slim profile for portability. If you’re keener on a traditional wireless keyboard and mouse combo the HP Slim series is a safe bet at a great price.


The Cutest Tech Without Sacrificing Quality

The first thing that pops out about Logitech Line Friends are the cute characters and quirky colors, but you don’t have to sacrifice quality for cuteness. The Logitech Line Friends combo comes with comfortable and quiet keys, a slim design, easy connectivity, and fantastic battery life. If you need both performance and fun – the Line Friends combo is for you.