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Back in 2010, Aubrey Marcus was seeking a nutritional supplement that met all his needs, and he was disappointed when he was unable to find one. So, he chose to create a company that could make what he wanted, and that’s when Onnit was born. While the company started with their Onnit Alpha BRAIN in July 2011, the company has forged ahead at full speed with many other innovative products. They now offer foods packed with nutrients, fitness equipment, and clothing to tie it all together.


When you go to grab your morning cup of coffee, do you expect it to give you the oomph that you need for your day?
Most of us do, which is why we drain cup after cup, hoping to get moving sooner than later.
Well, the coffees that Onnit stocks will have you fired up with less than a cup. It helps that the ingredients used for their coffee and teas are grown in monitored areas to ensure you’re getting nothing but what’s shown on the label. No harmful chemicals and crops that are harvested at the precise time of freshness.
Onnit’s protein line will have you drinking smoothies or chowing down on protein bars, which is precisely what you need during the afternoon slump. You’ll want to stock up on the oils, hot sauce, and Himalayan salt too, as they will add some more flavor and power to your meals.

Fitness Equipment

Heading to the gym is an excellent way to get in shape, but it takes time to do the drive there and back. If you are looking for home option for working out, then the fitness equipment through Onnit is your best bet. The Han Solo yoga mat is perfect for any Star Wars fan fitness fanatic. Then grab an Onnit kettlebell, medicine ball, rope, ring, or sandbags and start putting in the serious work.
With Onnit fitness equipment, you can work out from the comfort of your own home, and with their quality equipment, you can be sure you’ll get the pump you need to see serious results.

Onnit Apparel


You may think that fitness apparel is just clothes, but Onnit takes their clothing to the next level. Think high-quality, versatile, and comfortable, and you will be close to everything that Onnit strives to give you.
A pair of pants or shorts can be thrown on with any of the Onnit shirts, and there are plenty of options when it comes to outerwear during those colder days. Their bags and backpacks will keep it all organized when you do work out away from home.