Bamboo Cutting Board with Containers (Set of 4)


Package Include

1 x Bamboo Cutting Board

3 x Stainless Steel Hideaway Holders

2 x Stainless Steel Containers

2 x Plastic Containers

1 x Plastic Support Board

4 x Silicone Cushion Feet Mats

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  • ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: This bamboo cutting board is made of 100% eco-friendly untreated bamboo that is free from chemicals. It is a perfect choice for your family and the environment. Bamboo has a natural odor and water-resistant properties, making the cutting surface clean, safe, and hygienic.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL & SPACE-SAVING: The cutting board won’t occupy a large room of your kitchen with its extensible frame underneath the cutting board; 4 containers enough to retain chopped fruits vegetables or meat, even 1 container for the kitchen waste; an extra plastic board to hold your phone or tablet for recipes.
  • NOVEL DESIGN: Newly innovated with a design patent to meet all your cooking expectations, you have NEVER seen a cutting board like this that will bring you more happiness during cooking! Built to cut meat, chop veggies, prep dishes, storage, etc. Advanced and helpful for home kitchen or restaurant cook.
  • EASY TO USE: Just slide the food into the container while chopping, keeping your workplace clean and free! Wash the bamboo cutting board and containers with warm water and soap, simply hand-wash or wipe with a damp cloth. Black Non-Slip Feet on the cutting board’s bottom provides enhanced stability and keeps the bottom clean.
  • PERFECT GIFT IDEA: Stylish and novel design makes this chopping board a perfect gift choice. Not only a cutting board but also a cheese server. It could be used as cutting, carving board for preparation before cooking, heavy-duty butcher block for chopping, cheese, or serving board for Charcuterie Platter. Definitely a novel and surprising gift for your loved ones!


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