JAMSWALL Joy Con Controller for Nintendo Switch


  • Designed specifically for use with Nintendo Switch
  • Supports wireless and wired finctionality
  • Dual vibration and double shock function
  • 6-Axis gyro somatosensory and motion controls
  • Equipped with three card slots




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  • JOYCON CONTROLLER FOR NINTENDO SWITCH: Jamswall Joy-Con works with Switch and Switch lite version. Ideal replacement for Switch Joycon; same layout as the original joy-con.
  • SUPPORT WIRELESS / WIRED FUNCTION: Simple slot design protects the switch, easy to install and remove. Joypad controller remote is easy and fast to connect, stable signal via a wireless connection, automatically reconnect.
  • DOUBLE SHOCK & MOTION CONTROL FUNCTION: Joycon Pro controller supports the Gyro axis and dual motors vibration functions. With 6-Axis gyro somatosensory and motion, controls function to provide a real and simulated gaming experience.
  • COMFORTABLE TO HOLD & LONG TIME PLAYING: The versatile Joy-Con offers multiple surprising new ways for players to have fun; With the unique grip and ergonomic design to rest your palms and index fingers. Comfortable to Hold If you use your switch as a handheld.
  • UNIQUE CARD SLOT DESIGN: The Switch gamepad is equipped with three card slots, making your game card easy to carry and preventing the card from being lost.


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