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Breo Box Review Fall 2021

Are you good at gift giving or do you get stumped when you need to get that one person, who has everything, a present during the holidays. Well look no further. Breo Box has you covered! My husband buys everything he wants or needs when he sees it. He doesn’t believe in waiting for an occasion to get something special. He is a, no better time than the present, kind of guy. But this year I had a secret weapon. This year I used Breo Box as my own Christmas shopping assistant. Thinking ahead, I ordered the Fall box and save 15% using a Revoupon exclusive Breo Box Coupon Code. I was so glad I did and it made me look like the gift giving winner this year.

The fall box came in plenty of time to open it and get everything wrapped. It even comes with a guide so I knew exactly what I was giving and how it was going to be a benefit to my husband’s lifestyle. As he opened each perfectly curated item, he was surprised at the originality and thoughtfulness of the item. I can’t wait to tell you what came in this box and how great Bro Box did building it for the person who has everything.

Breo Box Review

One of the best parts of using the Breo Box as my gift was the singular box it came in. I was so glad to get one box and not have to worry about any nagging questions, “What’s in this box, what’s in that box?” Only one box arrived at our house for me. It came discreetly packaged and I was able to pull the mailing label off real quick. Inside the brown box was a nice magnetic blue box in a white dust cover bag, similar to the one you would get on a designer handbag. The giant blue box was a gift to me, I’m a weird box collector.

Breo Box Review: The Goods

Swanwick Classic Night Swannies

This is the least used thing that came in the box. The Swannies are blue light filtering glasses. It claims to filter out the blue light from our electronic devices, however my husband never remembers to put them on at night to even try to help his circadian rhythm. He also drinks coffee at midnight if he has a late night deadline, so blue light is the least of his worries. I also may or may not have made fun of the orange lenses in these glasses. They are a great idea for someone who is more dedicated to getting proper sleep, but we are night owls and these have lived on his nightstand since Christmas. Still they were thoughtful and definitely a quality product, not like the blue light glasses sold in the grocery store. I assume you could get these at a store like Brookstone.


Cubitag by Tracmo

The Cubitag has been so useful for us! A while back I lost my husband’s Mercedes key fob, leaving us with only one. He has been amazing at keeping track of it, but there have been a few times it has taken too long to find it and he ends up needing to take my truck. This leaves me to spend the rest of the day looking for the key. Hello Tracmo, I just pull the app up on my phone and when the key is at home I set off the alarm and the key is found in seconds. Setting up the Cubitag was easy, but you have to press and hold really hard to have it register during setup. There has also been a downloadable upgrade making the Cubitag more efficient. We love this little guy and it’s not very big so it doesn’t bother him when the key is in his pocket.


Trip Mitts by Trip Wipes

Hello COVID era, but still traveling for work. My husband just went to a conference in Las Vegas… DIRTY!!! We didn’t have the Trip Mitts at the time, but they would have been so useful in the airport, on the plane, and in the hotel room. I sent him regular lysol wipes, but these are mitt shaped, meaning your hand never has to touch the dirty side of the wipe. I have always flipped or folded my wipe to get more use out of them. The mitt is easily flipped while still on  your hand and you never come in contact with the contaminated side. They smell strongly of alcohol, but everyone is wearing a mask now, so who cares. Plus, I guarantee alcohol smells are more welcome than not nowadays. This was an extremely thoughtful gift that until Breo Box, neither one of us thought about a cleaning mitt.

Cleanlight Air by Keysmart

Sticking to the COVID era theme, this portable air filter was a great gift. It’s quiet and runs off a USB. It’s light enough for travel and doesn’t add much weight to your bag. The Cleanlight says it will purify up to 160 square feet. Making it the perfect addition to a business meeting at a coffee shop. He can use it on a plane with a portable charger and then in the hotel room, next to his bed as he sleeps with a wall socket USB base. There is also a small sponge next to the HEPA filter inside for aromatherapy use. He does not use “hippie dippy oils”, but you could if you wanted to. The product catalog says to charge the device, but we found that you actually have to have it plugged in and powered to make it work. The first speed is so quiet, but the second speed is a bit louder, definitely not loud enough to be disruptive though. Right now it lives on his bedside table and my only issue with it is the light that slowly fades and lights back up while it is running. I  have woken up in the middle of the night with a start, because of it. Probably not going to be a problem for most people, I’m just weird.

Rain Torch by Keysmart

Keysmart makes pretty cool products. The Rain Torch is a cool idea. We live in a place where we do not get a lot of rain, but this is perfect for traveling to places like Seattle, Miami, and New York City. The catalog claims it is windproof. I would like to test this, but have not had a chance yet. There is a flashlight in the bottom of the poll and it is really bright. There have been times it has rained while my husband was on a business trip, but as we do not get much rain in Colorado, he didn’t even think to bring an umbrella. We went to Vancouver and were caught in the rain every night we were there and this umbrella would have kept us mostly dry, but also lit the way from dinner back to the hotel. It’s a great gift to keep in the carry-on bag. I am glad he will have it for his next trip to a rainy city.

Grillight 2 Piece LED Tool Set

This is my favorite thing from the box, that’s why I had to save it for last. The Grillight set comes with a spatula and tongs. Seems like something silly to get excited over, but these babies light up! They have flashlights built into the handle. The metal feels thick and really good quality, not that I know, because I am one of those lucky women who married a cook. He does most of the cooking in our house and is amazing at it. He is the best husband and will grill me a steak in the freezing cold. The only thing that stops him from grilling is wind, torrential rain, and the dark. After daylight savings happens it gets dark too early for dinner, but these have been great to combat that issue. He is able to grill in the dark, know when everything is done, and not get burned. Oh, and I keep getting steak, it’s a win win! Aside from the Cleanlight Air, because it is just plugged in on his bedside, this is the most used item from the box.

Breo Box: Final Thoughts

The Breo Box did not disappoint and made it look like I spent days trying to find the perfect presents. Ordering the box as my gift saved me so much time, so I could focus on the holidays and spending time with my husband, instead of shopping. I would definitely suggest this box to every wife looking to impress the hubbie. This could also work as gifts for most men in your life, not that a woman wouldn’t enjoy it too. I have on many occasions benefited from the Cubitag. I will also be stealing the Rain Torch if it ever rains, because I hate to get my hair wet.

Breo Box works for so many occasions in our lives. The Box is delivered quarterly on a subscription plan or you can order just one box at a time, like I did for this Breo Box review.

  • The singular, seasonal box costs $159

  • The yearly subscription is $144.75 per box. On the yearly subscription plan they send you a box every three months; spring, summer, fall, and winter.

I ordered the fall box earlier in the year to make sure it arrived before Christmas, but had I ordered later I think I would have received the winter box, which could have had some very cool items. Items such as a Bluetooth transmitter and a posture corrector. I, personally, do not think I can use all items as gifts in the year round subscription, but I can definitely order another box in the summer for his birthday. I really like how you can sneak peek at some of the items in the current box on social media and their website.

I am very pleased with my first Breo Box. The items were perfect for my, already have everything I need, husband. They were thoughtful and unique lifestyle enriching gadgets that I would never have thought to get. Breo box was my secret weapon this Christmas. It was such a success, I can not wait to get another in the summer for my husband’s birthday.