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Codespark Academy Review

As parents, most of us want to make sure our children are prepared for the future. Studies show that coding at a young age helps kids to develop much-needed problem-solving skills. I’ve always thought it would be great if my kids could learn to solve more of their problems on their own, so my husband and I could get a break from being “super parents.” CodeSpark is a highly rated kids coding app and our friend at Codespark let us try their app for 30-days to see.

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CodeSpark Review

How I reviewed Codespark Academy

Our friends at Codespark were gracious enough to give my family access to Codespark for an entire month. The goal was to get my kids excited about coding and gather their feedback on the good, the bad, and the ugly of Codespark. Codespark is designed for coders age 4 and up. In our household, I have a 1, 3, 6, and 14 year old. Despite being intended for 4 years and up, I let the two youngest interact with the app to see what level of interest they had. I also let my moody and opinionated 14-year-old test out Codespark. If anyone was going to find somthing negative to say, it would probably be him. I do not want to give away how my kids or I feel about the app before getting through the details of this Codespark review, but I will spoil it somewhat by saying I can’t wait for my youngest to grow into the app. Our family used Codespark Academy for the entire 30-day access we had. Read on to see how each of my kids felt about the app and my thoughts as a parent.

What is Codespark Academy?

The CodeSpark Academy app is a learn-to-code app designed for ages five to nine. It uses adorable characters called Foos to introduce coding concepts, develop problem-solving skills, and build a lifelong love of computer science and STEM. In the app, kids can create games of their own, using basic coding skills, that they can share with the people around them. Codespark is “word-free” so a child doesn’t need reading skills to start learning how to code. It’s based on MIT and Princeton-backed curriculum, but no experience is required to get started.

Subscription Costs and Availability

Codespark offers 2 subscription models that average out to $4.58 per month for an annual plan or $9.99 for a monthly plan. Regardless of which plan you choose, a 14-day free trial is available with the code FT14. It’s important to note that the annual plan breaks down to $4.58 per month, but is billed annually at $54.99. Gift options are also available and include an option for 6-months at $59.99, 1-year for $89.99, and a lifetime subscription for only $199.99 that comes with a Glitch or Naomi plush.

Codespark Academy is available on Apple, Android, and the CodeSpark website.


$79.99 Billed Annually

2-week FREE Trial

$9.99 Billed Monthly

14-day FREE Trial

Codespark Academy Play

The app is divided into three main sections; Create, Puzzles, and Explore. Each section addresses a different way to learn. Along the way, your kiddo gets to meet new friends called the Foos. My daughter’s favorite Foos are Gracie, Val, Queen Candy, and the pets. Her favorite part of the app is taking care of the pets and picking up poop, which my teenager doesn’t like doing in the game or real life. Personally, my favorite Foo is Woz, he reminds me the most of my husband because they both build things and solve problems.

CodeSpark Academy: Create

Create is the main focus of the app. This section starts with a how to build a game tutorial. At first the game controls were challenging for my daughter, but she got the hang of it quickly. The main controls are left, right, and jump. It was amazing watching her complete each level of the tutorial, she celebrated her accomplishments like it was a party. She would scream, jump up and down, and do silly dances. As she progressed through the tutorial she would break away to create her own game with the new skills she had learned. The best part of watching her was when she’d give the phone to her big brother and have him play the games she created. He actually enjoyed playing the games as much as she enjoyed watching him.

CodeSpark Academy: Puzzles

The puzzles section of the game is all about leveling up. The levels progressively get harder and require a better understanding of coding to move on. This means my daughter needed to learn more in the Create section before moving forward through the levels. This makes the game more exciting and each section builds on the past sections. The fan favorite in our house was the Kite Plight. The little ninja foo, Naomi, is super cute and reminds me of my daughter. She also carries a sword and the swishing sound effect is amusing.

CodeSpark Academy: Explore

Explore is the gameplay part of the app. Here my daughter is able to play with the cute Foos characters and just enjoy playing. She likes Sweet Sorter with Queen Candy and the Pet Pals. Sweet Sorter is simple game of sorting colored candy into their tubes. The game gets faster and adds new colors as she progresses. It seems to help with coordination and timing, by learning which candy needs to be tapped first to drop in the correct tube. Pet Pals is a virtual pet daycare, each day there are new pets and jobs that need to be done to care for the pets. We have a blast naming the animals at the beginning of each day.


CodeSpark Academy: Initial Thoughts

When first setting up your child’s account, the name section is 3 previously selected words and names, that when put together make cute and silly moniker. My daughter and I had a blast making up silly names. CodeSpark was engaging right away and my daughter was interested before the game-play even started. It’s also a relief to know my kid’s identity is not going to be shared with strangers.

We started with the Create tutorial so we could both learn how this app was going to work. Almost instantly, I knew this was going to be a fun app. We laughed, she was excited at how quickly she was able to progress, and we ended up gaining an audience. My other kids (14, 3 and 1) came over to watch her play and got excited when she leveled up. I was glad to see them all together, happy and engaged.

CodeSpark Review: One week impressions

The first week went by really quick, just kidding all my weeks go fast. I have four kids and they keep me so busy. We decided in the first week to make an account for two of our other kids, even though they are outside the age range. I tried to limit time in the app to 15 minutes, but everyone loved it so much, we ended up doubling the time allowed after the first two days.

CodeSpark Academy: One Month Review

We did not play every day, sometimes mama had to take away screen time. However, I have watched my daughter’s building improve. After the first month she is still just as excited about playing as she was one day one. The biggest thing I have noticed is her ability to plan playing pretend has gotten better. She comes up with elaborate pretend sessions. She is able to try different ways of getting what she wants, before she gets upset. This is totally appropriate problem solving for a six year old. Keep trying is an ongoing theme in the app and definitely a character trait more people need to obtain.

CodeSpark Review: Final Thoughts

This app has become a family favorite. My 14 year old can’t walk by without giving his two cents, he even asked to have his own account, so we did. He plays for fun when he’s not working on his high school classes. After blasting through the beginning of the game, he found that sequencing can be challenging. Our 3 year old needed to get into the mix too. She can not play on her own, but it gives me a great excuse to play with her/for her. Finding something everyone enjoys can be difficult, but CodeSpark is a major success. CodeSpark is perfect for screen time rewards, I feel totally guilt free passing the phone or tablet over if CodeSpark is running.I would suggest this app to everyone with kids.

CodeSpark Academy is a fun children’s learning app designed to teach kids critical thinking and problem solving skills by through coding skills.

CodeSpark has a 7-day free trial. There are multiple options for purchasing app access including a month-to-month and annual subscription. CodeSpark can also be given as a gift with 6, 12, and lifetime subscription options.

CodeSpark offers a fun way to come up with a unique moniker that should not easily identify your child to online predators or other strangers.

Yes! CodeSpark can be accessed on Android, Apple, or a Desktop computer.

Absolutely! This CodeSpark review was a complete success for the 6-year old who tested the Android and Desktop applications. In addition, it was a smash hit with a 3 and 14 year old.

There are three options for cancelling CodeSpark, depending on your operating system. Android and Apple users can cancel their subscription through Google and Apple support. On Desktop, simply access your account and navigate to your account details to cancel.

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