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Gourmesso vs Nespresso Pods Review

The Breville Nespresso Creatista Plus semiautomatic espresso machine received an honorable mention in our best semi-automatic espresso machines list a few months back. It’s getting another honorable mention in this Gourmesso Nespresso Pods Review, as it was the espresso machine of choice for our review and blind taste test.

For this review, we compared Gourmesso capsules to Original Nespresso espresso capsules. After a comparison of the capsules, we’ll do a five-person blind taste test to see which pods have the best flavor and created the most enjoyable espresso drink. Next, we’ll give you some pros and cons of Gourmesso and Nespresso. Lastly, we’ll talk about whether Gourmesso is worth it or if Nespresso is a better choice for your espresso drink needs.

Gourmesso Nespresso Pods

How We Reviewed Gourmesso Nespresso Pods

The team at Revoupon loves their espresso drinks. Our friends love their espresso drinks. Their friends love espresso drinks. So, what better way to decide whether Gourmesso Nespresso pods are a good value than with a blind taste test. Before getting to the taste test though, we cracked open a couple of pods to compare the pod quality, inspect the grounds, weighed the grounds, and tested how the pods worked in our Breville Nespresso Creatista Plus.

Our reviewers’ names have been changed to protect the innocent. What we can tell you is that all five reviewers drink espresso and espresso drinks daily, sometimes multiple times a day. When it was all said-and-done, our only goal in this Gourmesso Nespresso Pods Review was to find the best tasting pods and determine if the cost savings from Gourmesso sacrificed quality and taste, or if you could get a great espresso drink at a lower price than Nespresso directly.

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Gourmesso Nespresso Pods: Delivery and Price

We’ve been a longtime subscriber to Nespresso. The value is hard to beat considering the Creatista Plus only cost $1 when you subscribe. One gripe we always have is that our capsules have yet to arrive when expected. Since we only received one order from Gourmesso there’s no way to be sure our delivery will be consistent, but the order placed on October 27 arrived 2-days later. For comparison, Nespresso pods typically take about 7-days to arrive.

We received the Five Flavors Deal 50 Capsule bundle. The current price on Gourmesso’s website is $21.99, making the pods about $0.44 per capsule. Indivdually ordered, those pods are $4.99 for a package of 10, or $0.50 per pod. The corresponding flavors from Nespresso would cost $0.75 per capsule. It’s also worth noting that Nespresso does not offer a bundle of flavors comparable to Gourmesso or a selection of flavors as vast as Gourmesso. With the bundle savings Gourmesso Nespresso pods are about 41% less expensive. Soon, we’ll see if that savings is worth it.

In addition, we also received the Nite Edition 30 High Intensity Blends. These are the most intense dark roasts Gourmesso offers. We found them to be similar to Nespresso’s India and Napoli, as the other intense flavors from Nespresso are only suitable for Ristretto drinks. Bundle pricing brought the Nite edition capsules from $0.50 to $0.47, compared to $0.72 for the India and $0.70 for the Napoli from Nespresso; about a 34% savings.

Gourmesso Nespresso Capsules Quality

Nespresso has often been under fire for the “waste” created from single use espresso and coffee pods. They have a recycling program in place where pods can be returned for free via UPS or brought back to the Nespresso boutiques. In New York City, their capsule can even be recycled curbside. Unlike Nespresso capsules, Gourmesso pods are made from plastic with a foil “top” on the pod. Having used other Nespresso compatible capsules in the past which were plastic, we’ve always found them to be a lower quality option. Gourmesso proved to be hardly the antithesis to our past experiences.

Although not as bad as some other pods we’ve used, the Gourmesso pods didn’t seem to fit as well as original Nespresso capsules. We had to use a little more muscle to get the machine closed and had a few pods get hung up in our machine. Some pods also appeared to be under pressure, while other had looser foil. In many cases, we’ve found that looser foil tends to lead to more grounds in our drinks. However, this did not seem to be a problem in any drinks we made from Gourmesso.

Though not an indication of quality, one downside to Gourmesso was the labeling of capsule from the Nite line. All Nespresso capsules are clearly labeled on the pod or foil top to indicate which capsule you’re using. The Nite line from Gourmesso was color coded, but as we store our pods in copper jars it’s easy to lose track of which pod is which. If you plan to keep your pods in the original boxes, this won’t be an issue.

Gourmesso vs Nespresso: The Grounds

A great pour starts with the grounds. That’s why we tore into a couple of pods to see if there was a noticeable difference in the grounds. There was.

As you can see below, the Nespresso grounds were finer, indicating a better burr grinder was used. It’s debatable whether the difference in the grounds would have in impact on the final product. Unfortunately, we couldn’t further grind the beans to know that they were the same. You’ll also see that the Gourmesso capsule weighed slightly more than the Nespresso pods. Although we didn’t take a picture, we can confirm that the weight of the grounds within the pods are 0.18 ounces exactly for espresso (40ml) capsules.

Nespresso Vanilla ÉclairNespresso Vanilla Éclair
Nespresso Vanilla ÉclairNespresso Vanilla Éclair

Gourmesso vs Nespresso: The Taste Test

It all boils down to this, or should we say brews down to this? What tastes better, Gourmesso or Nespresso?

After some back and forth, we settled on serving white mocha lattes for this taste test comparison. We used a uniform one pump of white chocolate sauce, 2.00 ounces of espresso, and 8 ounces of steamed milk to create a drink. We then split that drink into 5 “tastes” for our reviewers. Due to compatible espresso flavors, we were only able to review three pods. We started with Caramel, moved on to Vanilla, and wrapped up with an intense dark roast. Each reviewer knew the flavor and roast, but not which cup contained which brand of espresso.

In the section below you’ll see the code-names of our reviewers. Click each name to see their feedback on each drink. At the end we’ll summarize the results.

Gourmesso vs Nespresso: Vaniglia vs Vanilla Éclair

There was no debating on the winner of Vaniglia vs Vanilla Éclair. Gourmesso won this category with a landslide victory. If you’re looking for Vanilla flavor potent enough to not need additional syrup, this is it. One reviewer stated that their latte tasted more like a vanilla hot chocolate than a coffee drink. We’re not sure how such a tiny capsule could command such a potent vanilla flavor, but we liked it. Nespresso had hints of vanilla, which might be what some drinkers want – but we say if you’re going in it might as well be all in.

  • Will – Very sweet, after taste of vanilla is strong and lingering in a good way

  • Lilly – Strong vanilla flavor, her favorite of all the coffees tested

  • Caidan – So sweet and string of vanilla, he couldn’t even tell there was coffee in it

  • Joel – String vanilla flavor that masked the coffee well

  • Mary – Extremely sweet, tastes more like vanilla hot chocolate than coffee

Gourmesso vs Nespresso: Late Night Lemur vs India

Nespresso took a beating on this taste test. Not only was it not close, but the reviewers hands down felt that the India from Nespresso was plain bad. The words chemically, dirt, gasoline, and horrible were thrown around when describing the India. On the other hand, smooth and sweet were mentioned for Gourmesso. There was also a unanimous feeling that for the intensity, this was a great espresso. Below are some of the comment about the winner, Gourmesso Late Nite Lemur.

  • Will – Coffee flavor was overpowering, but smooth enough to finish drinking

  • Lilly – Thought the coffee was strong, but smooth for the intensity.

  • Caidan – Liked the flavor, but more intense than he would normally drink

  • Joel – Coffee flavor is a little bitter, but paired nicely with the sweetness and milk

  • Mary – Very strong, full flavor of bitter coffee with a sweet undertone

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Gourmesso vs Nespresso: Caramello vs Caramel Crème Brûlée

The consensus on Gourmesso Caramello vs Nespresso Caramel Crème Brûlée was that Nespresso was the winner, but not without controversy. Each reviewer had the same complaint about Gourmesso – the initial flavor was good, sweet, and boldly caramel. However, the moment you stopped drinking it, no caramel lingered or stayed as an aftertaste. It was odd. There was either no aftertaste or a bad aftertaste, leaving each reviewer a bit perplexed. Had the flavor stuck around after each sip, Gourmesso would’ve pulled off an upset.

Gourmesso vs Nespresso: Caramello vs Caramel Crème Brûlée
  • Will – The coffee flavor was great, but the caramel flavor was weak.

  • Lilly – A little too much coffee flavor for her liking and tasted a bit burned.

  • Caidan – Thought the coffee was sweet enough to enjoy, but wished it was sweeter

  • Joel – Great flavor. A perfect blend of sweet and coffee, good after taste.

  • Mary – Coffee was not overly sweet and the aftertaste was good.


Gourmesso vs Nespresso: The Comparison Results

The tastes and aromas of coffee are nearly as complex as wine. However, if you’re that serious about your coffee, you probably aren’t using a Nespresso machine. In that case, Gourmesso isn’t for you. If you love a good espresso drink, on the other hand, and you like consistency, simplicity, and great taste then Gourmesso is for you.

After a blind taste test and weeks of finishing off what was left, we can tell you that Gourmesso has great coffee. Their pods work in Nespresso machines without the messy and excessive grounds from other cheaper pods. Their price point is far below Nespresso for flavors as good as or better than Nespresso. Many of the flavors, like Hazelnut and Coconut, we received in the Five Flavors Deal 50 Capsule bundle are only available seasonally from Nespresso. So, if you’re like “Joel” and love coconut, that might be enough to sway you towards Gourmesso.

If budget is a concern and you’re already a Nespresso drinker consider this; you can save more than 25% a month by switching to Gourmesso Nespresso pods or you can have more than 25% more quality espresso for the same price by switching. Frankly, the only reason we can come up with not to switch is that Nespresso has more flavors to choose from. However, if you’re like us and Gourmesso has a compatible capsule to your current Nespresso favorites, the switch is a no-bariner.

Yes! We can tell you 100% that Gourmesso Nespresso compatible capsule fit Nespresso original machines. They are not compatible with the newer Vertuo line, however.

Gourmesso pods made from plastic are recyclable in areas with curbside recycling. The GloryBrew line from Gourmesso is 100% compostable.

There are pros and cons to each brands capsules. In this review, we found that Gourmesso had a slight edge on the competition. For the price, we think Gourmesso is the best options for Nespresso espresso compatible machines.

Yes. Gourmesso Nespresso pods have a shelf life of 18-months, while GloryBrew pods have a shelf life of 12-months.

Absolutely! Aside from the pods we tested for the review, we tried all eight flavors we were sent and they are all good. At a fraction of the cost of Nespresso, they are a much better value.

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