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Grip2ü vs Casetify: An iPhone 13 Pro Max Case Comparison

The iPhone is the #1 selling phone in the US, with 55% of the market share. I wanted to see what the hype was all about and recently got the opportunity. Unfortunately, my need for a new phone was more of a need than simply a want, as I had left my Samsung Note 20 Ultra on the bed of my pickup truck at the grocery store and drove home. In a traffic circle, my phone careened off the bed and bounced across a lane of traffic ultimately landing in the median. Luckily, my Spigen phone case protected my screen, but the back of the phone was in tough shape. I took this opportunity to “upgrade” to an Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max.

After spending $1500 on a phone that I’d been told had a notoriously fragile screen, I knew getting a case was priority number one. I knew I wanted something unique, so I went straight to the Casetify website where I spent more time than I should’ve to browse their seemingly endless selection of iPhone cases. I ended up choosing a Magsafe case with a mountain motif, reminiscent of the Colorado landscape where I live. The major downside was delivery time. I needed something quick to get me by while Casetify customized my case over the next few weeks. That’s where Grip2ü came in.

Grip2u versus Casetify

Our friends at Grip2ü were gracious enough to expedite me a Max Boost case to compare with the Casetify Magsafe case. The following is a review of Grip2ü and a comparison with Casetify. I’ll give a background on each brand, and talk about price, size, weight, design, fit, and functionality. I’ll compare accessories and outline the pros and cons of each case. So, let’s dive into a Grip2ü vs Casteify comparison. In the end, we’ll have an exclusive Grip2ü Coupon code and Casetify Coupon Code.

About Grip2ü

Grip2ü has been around for 7 years and in that time, they have been committed to making sure their consumer does not drop their cell phone. If you think about it the best way to prevent an iPhone or Android phone from breaking when dropped is to not drop it at all. Grip2ü started with the iPhone 6 and now has 3 cases for the iPhone 13. Grip2ü  doesn’t specialize in fashion cases, but they check the functionality and practicality boxes. Over the last 7 years their design and materials have improved and adapted. They now use high quality poly-carbonate and TPU. Grip2ü makes cases that give you peace of mind that you won’t drop your $1500 handheld computer. They truly want you to #PreventTheDrop

About Casetify

Casetify is based in Los Angeles and Hong Kong. They started with a small idea; give Instagram artists the ability to have their artwork showcased on cell phone cases. They have now grown to be one of the biggest global tech accessory brands in the world and are used by 1 in 7 millennials. Their fame on social media was the fuel for where they are today. Many collaborations with current pop stars have helped to land them in major retail stores, such as Nordstroms and Anthropologie. What started as cell phone cases is now wallets, wireless chargers, air pod cases, MacBook sleeves, UV sanitizers, face masks, and much more.

Grip2ü vs Casetify: A Comparison Review

The average American spends 5-6 hours per day on their phone. That’s a lot of opportunity to drop their phone. Until cell phone manufacturers begin integrating drop protection and impact resistance into their phone designs, people like us are going to need phone cases to protect our investment. If you’re anything like me, then your phone is a fashion accessory, like your purse or fuchsia shoes. But phone cases are about more than just looking good, they also need to protect. Below, I’ll look at some of the specs about Grip2ü and Casetify cases. I am not just going to regurgitate the specs from the site though. I actually measured, weighed, and tested these cases personally. For the sake of this review, I am going to compare Grip2ü and Casetify iPhone 13 Pro Max cases.

Grip2ü vs Casetify: Price

There is a large divide between Grip2ü and Casetify costs, with Casetify being the more expensive case by far. Although there is a large range of prices depending on the style and customization, the most expensive Grip2ü case will still cost you less than any Casetify case.

  • The Grip2ü Boost case would’ve cost $34.99 plus tax

  • iPhone 13 cases range from $29.99 to $34.99

  • I spent $75 plus tax on my iPhone 13 Pro Max case.

  • iPhone 13 cases range from $45 to $80

  • iPhone 13 Pro cases range from $50 to $85

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max cases range from $55 to $90

Grip2ü vs Casetify: Size

Neither website gives the exact dimensions of their cases. I measured both cases for reference on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The Casetify case ended up being a bit larger than the Grip2ü case. I assumed this would be the case because it is much easier to get the phone in and out of the Casetify case. The Casetify case also has internal bumpers built into the edges of the case.

  • Boost iPhone 13 Pro Max Case

    6 ⅜ x 3 ⅛ x ½ inches

    24 ½ x 11 ½ x 1 ½ centimeters

  • MagSafe Compatible Impact iPhone 13 Pro Max Case

    6 7/16 x 3 ⅛ x ½ inches

    24 ¾ x 11 ¾ x 1 ½ centimeters

Grip2ü vs Casetify: Weight

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is heavier than my previous Samsung Note 20 Ultra, so additional case weight made a noticeable difference. It’s not the kind of thing you’d notice unless you were switching from Android to iOS, but I felt it was worth noting in this review. Even though it’s a matter of less than an ounce, you can feel the weight difference.

  • Boost iPhone 13 Pro Max Case:
    2.12 ounces (60 grams)

    With the phone:
    10.62 ounces (302 grams)

  • MagSafe Compatible Impact iPhone 13 Pro Max Case:
    1.98oz (56 grams)

    With the phone:
    10.48 ounces (298 grams)

Grip2ü vs Casetify: Design

Unfortunately, this is an area where Grip2ü doesn’t compete, the competition isn’t even close because they aren’t even playing the game. Casetify’s customization is second to none. From collaborations with Champion to Hello Kitty, unique Instagram artists and personal designs, there’s literally nothing you can’t get on a Casetify case.

  • Let’s just say the functionality of the Grip2ü cases are their biggest selling points. It’s how they work, not how they look that matters. The Grip2ü cases come in 4 different colors depending on the level of iPhone 13 you have. The colors are navy, charcoal, clear, and orange. I choose the clear to match with more things I wear and because I like the look of my blue iPhone. In theory, with the clear case you could add some stickers or a picture to customize the look.

  • If you are concerned with fashion and making a statement, Casetify is the way to go. Every time you visit the Casetify website there seems to be hundreds more new case designs to choose from. Designs of all kinds can be found to suit anyone’s desire and if for some reason you can’t find one, from what feels like a million cases, you can just make your own. The sheer number of cases and the lack of a good sort function on the website make it difficult to know what you have and have not seen.

Grip2ü vs Casetify: Fitment

Both Grip2ü and Casetify fit my phone extremely well. I expected nothing less and both companies delivered.

  • It’s more difficult to put this case on. The material of the case has very little give, and feels like there’s no way my phone will ever come out of this case. Taking the phone out is difficult and can only be done by pushing the camera lens, which makes me nervous.

  • My iPhone goes in and out of this case super easily. The phone feels tight in the case, like it will not come off.

Grip2ü vs Casetify: Accessories

The magnitude of accessories available from Grip2ü pales in comparison to Casetify. However, that shouldn’t take anything from their cases; it’s just something to note for each company.

  • Grip2ü is more basic, they only have the grip band. You can choose from one of 7 band colors:

    • Charcoal
    • Mykonos blue
    • Storm
    • Lilac
    • West Point
    • Pumpkin
    • Urban Camo.
  • Casetify has a wide array of tech accessories. Here are a few of the customizable accessories that can be used with the iPhone 13 series:

    • Magnetic wireless charger
    • Charging cables
    • Phone strap
    • MagSafe battery pack case
    • MagSafe wallet
    • Grip stand

Grip2ü vs Casetify: Functionality

  • The Grip2ü Boost case has been great for not worrying about dropping my phone. The grip band on the back is strong and very tight. However, I have small hands and I feel like this band can be too tight at times, I couldn’t imagine my husband using it with more than one finger in at a time. The Boost case also comes with a small kickstand that sits completely flush to the back of the case when closed. I really like this feature for when I need to distract or appease my kids when my husband and I go out to coffee shops or restaurants. The kickstand works in an upright and reclined position. The kickstand is pretty versatile for one-inch square piece of plastic. This case is very rigid and strong, making it quite difficult to put on and off. I wonder if this means it is a better fit than the Casetify case. This case is perfect for carrying multiple things at once and becoming an instant babysitter for my kids, I just wish it worked with my MagSafe car mount.

  • Most of the Casetify cases themselves are just made for looks and protection of the cell phone. The cases range in level of protection, some are basic sleeves while others have ⅛ inch bumpers on the corners for superior drop protection. Casetify does offer a series of MagSafe cases. The MagSafe does work, but I think the strength of the magnet is diminished through the case. Having the MagSafe case is great for add-on MagSafe accessories. I personally have a MagSafe car mount that I love, and I have a MagSafe wallet that just snaps right on to the back of my phone case. This keeps all my valuables in one place. I really like how easy it is to take this case on and off, not that it should be removed often. This case does everything I need and looks great too.

Grip2ü vs Casetify: Pros and Cons

  • Pro: The band is great for keeping the phone in your hand and carrying other things in the same hand.

  • Pro: The kickstand is perfect for watching videos in the more upright position and perfect for reading in the more laid down position.

  • Pro: Not very expensive

  • Con: They only make iPhone cases, sorry Android users

  • Con: Very few color and design options

  • Con: No MagSafe option

  • Pro: Customizable and good looking

  • Pro: MagSafe

  • Pro: Loads of matching accessories

  • Con: Expense

  • Con: No built-in anti drop/grip function

  • Con: With new designs daily, I want to buy a new Casetify case every time I visit the website

Grip2ü vs Casetify: Final Thoughts

Both cases are great for different reasons. They also still have some minor downfalls. The Casetify case looks great, and I was able to pick a cool photo to showcase where I would like to spend more time, in the mountains. The MagSafe option was perfect to fit right on my already owned car mount. I purchased a MagSafe wallet to keep my valuables together, I like this feature, but they still come apart when I shove it in my diaper bag. After buying such a cool looking case, I do not want to cover it up with a grip or popsocket, so I do miss out on having the comfort of not dropping my phone. The Grip2ü case lacks in looks, but it does make up for it in functionality. I really like the grip band. It makes me feel like I am not going to drop my phone while I mom-multitasking. The kickstand is great for the kiddos when we are out and about as a family. My only major issue with the Grip2ü case is that it is not MagSafe. My current car mount is made for MagSafe only cases and having to remove the case every time is a pain.

Overall, I like both cases, but for very different reasons. I like having the option of both and I switch them out depending on what I am doing each day. The Casetify case is perfect for running errands, while the Grip2ü case is great for a day at the zoo.

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