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ThreadBeast Review: Is ThreadBeast worth it?

I am a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy that doesn’t like shopping. In fact, if I walk into TJ Maxx with my wife and the line is more than 10 people long, I am not shopping. I’m also cheap. I don’t pay more than twenty-five bucks for jeans, twelve bucks for a shirt, or thirty bucks for a hoodie. Instead of cheap, let’s go with bargain shopper, it makes me feel more economical.  So, when I found out about men’s clothing subscription boxes, I felt compelled to check it out.

After taking a few style quizzes on ThreadBeast, Stately, and StitchFix I decided to try ThreadBeast. Stitchfix’s quiz was so simple, three questions, I doubted they’d nail my style. Stately’s quiz was more in-depth, but the overall look of the site felt more business than casual. Stately was also more expensive than ThreadBeast. Their starting price of $149 was in line with the third tier from ThreadBeast. The deciding factor, however, was the brands and shops listed on each site. ThreadBeast seemed to be more aligned with where I normally shop. You’re rarely going to catch me in Bonobos and Jachs New York.

What is ThreadBeast and what brands does ThreadBeast Use?

ThreadBeast is a subscription box of men’s clothing that’s tailored specifically to you based upon a style quiz you take. A personal stylist matches unique outfits to your style profile and that box is shipped to your doorstep monthly. My style falls somewhere between lumberjack outdoorsman and street style skateboarder. It’s not an easy look to nail. But based upon the brands ThreadBeast works with, I thought they could come close. Some of the brands ThreadBeast includes in their boxes are:

How much does ThreadBeast cost?

ThreadBeast has four plans to choose from. You can upgrade and downgrade plans at any time and change your style profile at any time. So, if you land that corporate job next month and need to switch up your style, simply email their team and they can make the necessary changes to your profile. The four ThreadBeast plans are listed below:

This plan includes 2 to 3 items, typically only tops and accessories

The essential plan includes 4 or 5 items, including a selection of tops, bottoms and/or accessories

This is the plan I selected, and it came with 7 items, including a variety of tops, bottoms, accessories, and premium denim. This plan may also include outwear, although I didn’t receive any in my box.

I’m not a baller but if you are, you’ll receive between 9 and 11 items, including a shirts, outerwear, bottoms, accessories, premium pieces and premium shoes!  If you’re a sneaker head, this is the package for you, as it’s the only one that includes footwear.

Is ThreadBeast a good value?

I was able to find exact matches online for most of the things I received in my box. If I had purchased each item individually, it would have cost $261.52. Assuming I had found each item at TJ Maxx or a similar store, I’m guessing it would have been about 40% cheaper than that and cost about $156.92 plus tax. In addition, I would’ve had the added stress of shopping and the gas to go shopping (we all know how expensive that is right now). So, as far as I am concerned, ThreadBeast is absolutely a good value. However, value isn’t just in the cost. The real question is whether I’d actually wear the clothes they sent.

Is ThreadBeast worth it?

I’ve established there’s value in ThreadBeast, but was it money well spent for me? ThreadBeast hit my overall style on the head, but slightly to the left. Let’s look at each item and whether it’s something I’d pick for myself. I’ll tell you the reason why it’s a hit or miss and explore if there’s anything I could’ve done to make this experience better.

When someone is picking your outfit without ever meeting you, there’s bound to be some items that miss the mark. I was lucky that nothing was such a miss that I felt like I wasted money. In the end, everything that I wouldn’t wear was something my 14-year-old son would. So, regardless of what didn’t work for me, nothing was a total loss.

The Rising Sun Slim Taper Stretch Pants – This product was the closest thing to miss for me. I had to go back and look at my responses because I am not a slim-fit guy. It’s not that I am not slim, it’s that I just don’t like the look or the feel. I answered “straight” to the fit question, but I’m assuming I received these because the waste and inseam matched my fitment. Luckily there is some stretch to these, or they would be a total throwaway since my son’s waste is 3-inches smaller than mine.

The Hundreds Juniper Black Sweat Shorts – I love sweat shorts! They are my go-to casual, around-the-house gear, and my favorite gym attire. Although The Hundreds brand is more street style than I am used to rocking, they fit the bill for what I wear sweat shorts for. So, these are a total win.

Puma Ankle Socks – I’ve got a dozen pairs of Puma socks in my dresser right now. There was still a little plastic piece from where these were attached in a bundle, so it was pretty clear they broke up a set to send me one pair. Not a big deal, as they’re quality socks, but I can usually get a set of 3 for around 8 bucks at Ross.

Tommy Hilfiger Crew Sleepwear – I was so stoked to see this in the box at first until I realized it was sleepwear. I’m not sure anyone else would notice or know. It’s thin and light, a cross between a genuine crew sweatshirt and a long-sleeve tee. I like the look of it, but I typically don’t plaster brands across my chest, so this is a hand-me-down to my son for sure.

Diamond Supply Co Long-sleeve Tee – Total win here. I love embroidered Tees, whether long or short sleeves. They are perfect for layering under a bomber or hoodie. I don’t have enough long-sleeves in my closet, so this was a welcome sight. In most circumstances, I wouldn’t buy Diamond Supply, but this shirt was simple enough that I’m happy with it.

Nautica Solid Crewneck Long-sleeve Tee – Solid crew neck tees with minimal to no branding are my go-to. In fact, I’m almost always wearing a solid color Fresh Clean Tee.  I love the understated Nautica embroidered logo and this shirt will definitely go into heavy rotation.

Calvin Klein Blue Leather Belt – I have been wearing the same Diesel belt since 2005. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? I look back and think about how much I spent on that belt and wonder what the heck I was thinking. Dropping $125 on a belt seems insane to me now and that’s probably the reason I’ve never replaced it. So, when I saw a belt in my ThreadBeast box, I was excited. Honestly, I was probably more excited about the belt than anything else. What I love the most, is that it’s blue. I’ve had that black belt in rotation far too long with outfits it certainly didn’t belong being paired with. Unfortunately, the belt was too big for me and rendered it totally uselss.

ThreadBeast Review: Is ThreadBeast any good?

ThreadBeast is great if you’re like me. I have a few things going for me that make ThreadBeast the ideal subscription box.

  1. I am a casual dresser. If I don’t like a shirt that comes in the box, I can layer it with a hoodie, under a bomber, or put into my gym rotation.
  2. I’ve got options. I have a fashionable teenage son I can pass down the things that don’t work for me. If something is too loud or branded, he doesn’t care.
  3. It’s priced right. I’ve done the math and ThreadBeast is worth the cost. Can you find these deals at Ross or TJ Maxx? Probably. But I’m not running around town trying to hunt them down.
ThreadBeast Review: The Verdict

I don’t think any men’s clothing subscription box is going to be perfect, unless you’re an eclectic and open-minded dresser. Most guys I know aren’t. If you’re like me and you’ve got better things to do than shop and you want a men’s clothing subscription box that does a good job staying within your fashion comfort zone, ThreadBeast should be at the top of your list.

I don’t consider myself fashionable, and if I ever do get lumped into that category it’ll be because fashion decided to be what I was already wearing. ThreadBeast made me realize I can be fashionable within my comfort zone, while staying within my budget, and all while investing minimal time to do so. Before you sign up for ThreadBeast look at our FAQ below and be sure to use our exclusive coupon code REVOUPON15 to save 15% off your order.

Yes. I’ve done the math and crunched the numbers. If I had purchased the products separately it would have cost more than a hundred dollars more. Had I found the exact items in store, I believe it would have cost slightly more, but would have included the hassle of driving around town to locate each piece.

ThreadBeast has four plans ranging from $60 to $290 per month.

ThreadBeast works with dozens of brands but some of those brands include: PSD, Primitive, Zanerobe, LEVIS, ADIDAS, SuperDry, PUMA, G-STAR RAW, Black Scale, and Diamond Supply Co.

Yes. Whatever is sent to you each month is your to keep. If there’s a problem with sizing ThreadBeast will exchange that product for you in the next box.

If you are a sneaker head and want shoes with your ThreadBeast box, you’ll need to order the Baller plan, it’s the only plan that comes with shoes.

Start by choosing your style using the ThreadBeast style profile quiz. A personal stylist will hand select a unique package for you. That curated box will be sent to your door each month.

Unfortunately ThreadBeast does not allow returns. However, if there’s a sizing issue ThreadBeast will exchange that product in your next month’s box.

Yes. Simply email their support team to make any changes to your membership or style profile.

You can cancel your ThreadBeast plan within 7-days of receiving your box. If you don’t cancel within those 7-days you’ll have to wait until the delivery of your next box to cancel. To cancel, email their support staff at