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Miss Flower and Mr. Honey is a Skincare Marriage Made in Heaven

Sometimes I get so excited about a beauty product I have to write a review about it. This time, I am excited about 4 beauty products! I have been using a Banila CO skincare regimen for a while now. I am very particular about my skin and have been afraid to try new things. However I just got engaged, which is a big change, so I decided I was going to try something new from Banila CO.

This year my fiance and I decided to go to Las Vegas for Christmas and New Years. We decided that a trip somewhere new would be our gift to each other at the holidays. This gets rid of any gift expectations. We live in Virginia and I was reading about how dry Las Vegas can be in the winter, so I knew I would need some new skin products for the trip. Obviously I looked no further than Banila CO, they are my comfort zone. While looking through the website I noticed the Miss Flower and Mr. Honey products. I thought the descriptions sounded like exactly what I needed. So I bought the toner, eye cream, and ampoule mist. I also threw in the Clean It Zero Bathroom BFF, because it looked so cute and was small enough to go in my carry on.

When my products arrived I was so excited to try them out. I left the Bathroom BFF in the box because I already know and love Clean It Zero and the Foaming Cleanser. I needed to dig into these new Miss Flower and Mr. Honey products. I have read really good things about honey products being great for improving skin texture and tone.

One of the things I love most about Banila CO is their customer service. I was concerned about adding the honey products to my current Dear Hydration regimen. One quick click of the chat button on the Banila CO website and they were able to chat with me and reassure me mixing the different lines would be just fine. The girl I talked to was super helpful and you could tell she also used the products and this was not just her job. She was able to tell me how each product worked and her favorite product. I always judge a sales person on if they will give me an honest opinion on their products and how quick they are to tell me their favorite. If they have a favorite product it means they have actually tried the products and I feel confident they are steering me in the right direction.

My Skincare Regimen

Banila Co: Clean It Zero Balm

If I am wearing any makeup, I use the Clean It Zero balm to remove it. The balm goes on like coconut oil and rubbing your face is the only pressure you need to remove everything. There is no intense scrubbing or scraping to remove even the most caked on makeup. I have removed halloween costume makeup with it also!

Starting at $19

Banila Co: Foaming Cleanser

I either start with this product or use it immediately following the Clean It Zero. The Foaming Cleanser works amazing with my Foreo or just my hands. This cleanser smells great and foams up a lot, which ensures me it’s doing a great job removing dirt. The Foaming Cleanser is great at getting any leftover product from removing my makeup. It leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean and smooth. I brought the Bathroom BFF kit with me on our trip, because they are smaller size bottles than the ones I currently use in my bathroom at home. The kit came in the cutest box, I almost didn’t throw the box away. It also included an ultra plush face cloth, perfect for patting dry after cleansing. The face cloth was a life saver, for my skin, from the sand paper towels in the hotel. I am still using the face cloth even at home. Also it is hot pink and I love the color pink!

Starting at $14

Miss Flower and Mr. Honey Propolis Rejuvenating Essence Toner

New product alert! I wanted to try this toner because of it’s honey benefits and it is also the first thing you apply to your skin after cleansing. Banila CO says the honey products enhance texture and reverse damage. The three main honey ingredients are; Royal Jelly, Honey Butter Beeswax, and Honey Propolis. All these products are known and used for their antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. I love the idea of Royal Jelly in the toner, it can also boost collagen production. This toner is not clear like the Dear Hydration toner, it looks like milk and smells just like honey. It also feels more like a moisturizer and feels dewy after application. I actually feel like I need to use less moisturizer after this toner. It’s milkyness is very different from any other toner I have used in the past.

Starting at $34

Miss Flower and Mr. Honey Propolis Rejuvenating Eye Cream

Another new product alert! I was most excited about this product as it is the first eye cream Banila CO has offered. It is a bit pricey, but it only goes on a really small area. A very little of this product goes a long way. It comes with a special application tool. One side is a spatula for getting the product out of the jar without contamination, this is so important for products that go near your eyes. The other end of the tool is a metal ball for massaging in the product and cooling the skin. I love the way the metal ball feels. It instantly brings puffiness and redness down around the eyes, thus hiding the dreaded sleepy eye bags. I have found this product works really well with no eye irritation. I am so glad Banila decided to make an eye cream.

Starting at $49

Dear Hydration Moisture Boosting Cream

I switch to this instead of the regular Dear Hydration moisturizer for the winter, to make sure my skin gets the moisture it needs when the weather becomes dryer. I love the smell of this product and the product spatula it comes with. The spatula is great for making sure the product does not get contaminated by dirty fingers. It keeps the integrity of the product from the first drop to the last. This cream goes on thick, but does not feel heavy at all. This is a great product to wear at night, because it is a bit heavier. The boosting cream protects my skin from having moisture stolen from it by my velour pillowcases. I like really soft and plush sheets, but they are not good for keeping moisture in skin, they definitely suck it out. I do not notice a change in my skin when switching moisturizers, there is not a period of bad skin while my face adjusts. Just good skin all the time.

Starting at $25

Miss Flower and Mr. Honey Propolis Rejuvenating Ampoule Mist

New product alert! This is not always in my daily skincare routine. I actually got this to use on the go. In this super exciting world of COVID we live in, we all have to wear masks at some point in our lives outside of home quarantine. I noticed that after wearing a mask for an extended amount of time, when I took the mask off my skin would feel really dry. This is funny to me because my hot, wet breath is clearly stuck to my face under the mask, but apparently it dries my skin out, so I wanted to bring a facial moisturizer on the go with me to spray periodically to avoid that weird dry tightness I get from wearing a mask. This ampoule mist is perfect! It is safe for faces and as a mist, I do not have to touch my face after application and risk spreading germs from my hands to my face. I was so pleased to be able to bring this on my trip to Las Vegas with my fiance.

Starting at $25

Miss Flower and Mr. Honey Review: The Verdict

It is the end of January and we have been back for a couple weeks. It has been a full month since I started using my new products. I am so stoked to report that my skin never broke out after hours in a mask, the climate change, and a slew of new products. The airport was a breeze to take almost all my products on my carry-on. The only thing I had to check was the toner, it is just a tiny bit above the allowed TSA liquids amount. Thankfully it did not explode in the suitcase. The mist was a total hit and I did not touch my face anywhere gross, like at the airport gate or a hotel bar. I am loving the results from the eye cream, my bags are gone.

The addition of the honey ingredient benefits are noticeable now. I have seen a dramatic texture difference, my skin is so much smoother. My skin tone is more even, which means I can use less makeup. Overall I am so pleased with Banila, they make great products that keep my skin in flawless condition. I will continue to use the Miss Flower and Mr. Honey products until my wedding. The only thing I do not like about the Miss Flower and Mr. Honey products is the smell.  I am still partial to the Dear Hydration scent over the Miss Flower and Mr. Honey scent. The honey can be very strong to me depending on the day, but thankfully it does not linger.

All you are left with is great results and that is the most important part of skincare.