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Sleepyhead Copper Infused Mattress Topper Review

Humans spend roughly one-third of their lives in bed. Yet, to most people the quality of their mattress is an afterthought – something that only becomes top-of-mind when a mattress is uncomfortable, or an injury forces them to reevaluate how they sleep. I was the same way and am guilty of the latter. Lower back pain caused by a straight lower spine (most people have an arch), forced me to reevaluate how I was sleeping.

I purchased a Grandre hybrid mattress less than two years ago, so I couldn’t justify buying a whole new mattress. That’s why I decided to purchase a mattress topper. I chose the Sleepyhead copper infused mattress pad because of the positive reviews, the thickness of the topper, the copper infused material, and the cooling design. In the following review, I’ll tell you what factors led me to choose the Sleepyhead mattress pad, the benefits of choosing this brand, and my experience so far sleeping on a Sleepyhead mattress topper.


How I reviewed the Sleephead Copper-infused Mattress Topper

The experience of sleeping on a mattress topper, like men’s fragrances, are largely a personal preference. Some people will find a soft topper uncomfortable and other can’t stand memory foam. I can promise that this Sleepyhead review is unbiased, but not that my experience will be the same as yours. Luckily, Sleepyhead is available from Amazon and has a 5-year warranty.

In this review, I’ll talk about delivery, off-gassing, material quality, initial thoughts, overall experience, and more. Before writing, I slept on the Sleepyhead topper for 30-days to determine if it was right for me and my lower back issues. Keep in mind, that the underlying mattress will also impact how a topper feels. Adding a plush topper to an already plush mattress could be too soft. In my case, the Grandre hybrid mattress was soft but supportive, due to the hybrid design and multiple comfort zones. Look for an in-depth review of this mattress coming soon. In the meantime, read on for a detailed review of the Sleepyhead Copper-infused mattress topper.

Sleepyhead Copper-infused Mattress Topper Review

Delivery Time and Price

At $289, this is not one of the cheaper mattress toppers. They often say, “you get what you pay for” and I found that to be the case with Sleepyhead. Now that I was having MRIs on my spine and frequenting physical therapy, I felt that it was best to purchase a high-quality topper first instead of suffering through cheaper, lower-quality toppers. This topper, unfortunately, was not available with Amazon Prime. However, that didn’t matter because it showed up on my doorstep in 4-days’ time.

Packaging and Unboxing

The Sleepyhead mattress topper arrived packaged in a sturdy box with handles, which was a back-saver for my already compromised spine, because it is not light. The topper and packaging weighs around 30-pounds. Upon opening the box, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the packaging. Not only was the topper vacuum sealed in plastic to prevent dust and moisture infiltration, but it was also nicely wrapped in a satin-like bag. Although I can’t imagine putting the topper back in the bag after it expands, my wife found the bag very useful for holding out Big Blanket when we weren’t using it.

Smell and Off-gassing

Foam and latex mattress toppers are notorious for having a strong smell from the material off-gassing. In some instances, this off-gassing can take days to a month before it dissipates enough to comfortably sleep on. This was not the case with Sleepyhead. Sure, there was a lingering “new mattress” smell for a few hours, but by bedtime it had subsided. I didn’t feel the need to lay this out for days on end before use.


One of the main factors in choosing the Sleepyhead Copper-infused mattress topper was the copper infusion. Copper is antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal. I am not under the impression that it’ll stop COVID, but mattresses are well-known for being dirt magnets, so anything that would keep bacteria, viruses, and fungus to a minimum was a large factor in my choice. The Sleepyhead topper is 100% copper-infused throughout the removable/washable cover and the memory foam. This gave me an added feeling of security and protection for my mattress.

Another factor I looked at when choosing a topper was cooling. I am a night-sweater by DNA and living in the hot and humid temperatures of Northern Virginia summers doesn’t help. I wanted a topper that would help keep me cooler during those 80+ degree nights. Copper works double-duty here, not only providing anti-funk protection but also helping to keep me cool. Sleepyhead claims there is nanotechnology aiding in this process, but let’s be real – I have no way of knowing what that means or testing it. However, the reality is that I slept cooler on this topper and whether it’s the copper, nanotechnology, or some other magical forces at work, Sleepyhead delivered.

Hygiene and Durability

Mattresses are inherently dirty pieces of furniture that aren’t simple or cheap to clean. That’s where a mattress topper can truly save the day. In addition to the hygienic benefits discussed previously, topper also keep that funk from reaching the mattress. A quality topper like Sleepyhead also has the benefit of a removable and washable cover. The cover also helps keep the topper in place on the mattress, so there’s no annoying bunching or bulging. My wife and I have been known to snack in bed and spill a drink or two watching Marvel movies. With the removable cover I know washing is simple and with the added barrier between the mattress, I don’t have to give the mattress a second thought either.

Initial Thoughts/Results

My initial thoughts on the Sleepyhead Copper-infused mattress topper was that it was money well spent. The topper is more soft than firm, especially at 3-inches thick, which I was initially concerned about. Getting “stuck” in a soft bed isn’t always comfortable and extra soft mattresses or toppers can further aggravate back pain. Luckily, the Sleepyhead topper is soft, but manages to stay supportive. As far as comfort, I’d give the topper a 9 out of 10, because nothing is perfect. However, for me, it’s as close as I can imagine for my situation. Again, I do believe the foundation of a good mattress lends to the overall feeling of a topper though. Had my mattress been too soft or unsupported, I don’t think the topper would make up for those deficiencies.


One-week Impressions

After a full week of sleeping on the copper-infused topper I was sleeping better. I was sweating less, sleeping uninterrupted for longer, and my tossing and turning in the night was noticeably less frequent (according to my wife). Better sleep was translating over to my work-life as well. With my back problems, I was typically only able to sit at a desk for 30-40 minutes before becoming strained. By the end of week one, I could comfortably sit for close to 90-minutes before needing to stretch or lay down.

Sleep impacts mood, as much as pain, and since I was better rested and going for longer stints without back pain I was also in a better mood. My wife noticed a general uptick in my overall mood. I wasn’t all of a sudden, a happy-go-lucky, nothing bothers me kind of person. It was more about my willingness and ability to do more things because I wasn’t noticing my back pain as much. After she mentioned it, I noticed I wasn’t as frustrated in traffic, because I knew that I could get through my 1+ hour commute before my back started giving me fits.

One-month Results

I can’t give all the credit to the Sleepyhead Copper-infused mattress topper, though I think a fair amount of credit is due. The physical therapy I began a couple of weeks into using the topper has also aided greatly in my overall comfort. However, after 1-month I am seeing a noticeable difference in my sleep quality and pain management. It was right at the 11-day mark that I felt an obvious change in my sleep patterns and comfort levels. I was so convinced that I was sleeping better, that I bought a sleep Bodimetrics sleep tracker to prove it. Stay tuned for a review.

The Bodimetrics sleep tracker confirmed what I already felt. Initially I was going in and out of sleep patterns every 47 minutes. After 30 days, that pattern had jumped up to 78 minutes. They say, in a typical night, a person should have 4 to 6 cycles of around 90 minutes of sleep. I am still missing my optimal sleep patterns, but trackers aren’t 100% accurate and with chronic back pain, the Sleepyhead topper and PT are trending me in the right direction.

Sleephyhead Copper-infused Mattress Topper Review Results and Final Thoughts

I made the right choice. That’s not to say that there are no other quality mattress toppers on the market. Some might even be cheaper. But when it was all said and done, I didn’t throw away a single dime trying to find the mattress topper that worked for me. Given all the specifications and materials used, I was confident in my purchase and highly recommend the Sleepyhead Copper-infused mattress topper to anyone looking for a better night sleep. You can buy direct from Sleepyhead or through their Amazon store.

If you’re looking for a solid foundation for your Sleepyhead topper, check out our review on the Novilla mattress in-a-box, Saatva Latex Hybrid, or the upcoming Grandre Hybrid mattress.

Yes! Sleepyhead mattress toppers are made from high-quality materials, 100% copper-infused, and carry a 5-year waranty

Simply zip off the topper cover and follow the washing instructions on the tag. The memory foam should only be spot cleaned.

Sleepyhead was founded by Steven Van Alen after a his experience sleeping on low-quality mattresses in his college dorm room.

Yes. Sleepyhead mattress toppers are 100% copper-infused. Copper is antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal.