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It’s time for some new clothes. Do you want to spend half your day at the mall or walking around your town’s shopping centers? Of course not. It’d be great if instead of searching and shopping, you could choose a suitable style and have great clothes delivered directly to your doorstep.

You can do exactly that with men’s clothing subscription boxes. Men’s clothing subscription boxes were virtually nonexistent five years ago but there are now dozens to choose from – so which one is best?

Revoupon has poured over the different men’s clothing boxes to find the best brands that’ll let you curate a great outfit without leaving the house. Let’s learn about the 5 best men’s clothing subscriptions, the styles they represent, and how to start. Choose one or more of these boxes to get fresh threads monthly.

Unique Gift for those who Rock the Latest Trends

Threadbeast – Street Styles Directly to Your Door ($60-$290)

There are plenty of men’s clothing subscriptions based on refined fashion but what if you’re not a shirt and tie guy? If you need something more designed for streetwear than the board room, Threadbeast has you covered.

What’s in the Threadbeast Box?

  • Basic Plan – 2-3 items, shirts and accessories ($60)

  • Essential Plan – 4-5 items, shirts and accessories ($95)

  • Premium Plan – 6-7 items, shirts, pants, outerwear ($150)

  • Baller Plan – 9-11 items, shirts, pants, outerwear, shoes ($290)

Depending on your option choice you can get anywhere from 2 to 11 items that cover shirts, pants, outerwear, shoes, and much more. A few boxes of the Premium or Baller plan will give you a whole new wardrobe. Threadbeast is loaded with streetwear brands like Dope, Diamond, and much more.

Threadbeast Styles – Threadbeast is geared toward 20- to 40-year-olds that are more likely to hang at a coffee shop than the opera. Even within streetwear you have several individual styles like crisp and clean or casual and relaxed. Threadbeast’s website features a detailed style quiz to help you get matched with a style that suits your vibe.

Basic Man – A Subscription that Covers Skivvies ($20)

Let’s suppose you’re more interested in men’s clothing subscriptions for the ease rather than the style options. What makes Basic Man different is instead of shirts and pants you get neutral t-shirts, great socks, and comfortable boxer briefs. If you’re a man reading this right now, go look in your sock drawer and see how much of your socks and underwear are ridden with holes. How nasty are the armpits of your undershirts? Basic Man brings those right to your front door at an easy price.

What’s in the Basic Man Box?

  • Every month gives you the same three basic items – t-shirt, socks, and boxer briefs.

Trunk Club – Refined, Fashion Forward, Tons of Brands

Those who love Nordstrom Rack can get those same great brands at low prices right to their front door with Nordstrom Rack’s Trunk Club. Because the Trunk Club packs so many different styles and brands you start your box by taking a style quiz. After the quiz you’re matched to a variety of quality items with varying prices. Trunk club boxes are not an actual subscription but can be ordered individually as needed. Items in Nordstrom boxes vary from $50 to $300 in value.

What’s in the Trunk Club Box? (Price varies)

  • Your Choice – You choose the items for your box.

Trunk Club Styles – Like Nordstrom Rack, the Trunk Club is home to several styles and brands from casual to business-friendly from great names like Nike, Lacoste, Polo, and many more. Trunk Club is great for those who already have a certain style and need to fill it out.

Menlo – Great Styles at Affordable Prices ($60)

Menlo is one of the most affordable men’s subscription boxes that still packs great brands and the latest styles for the modern gentleman. Members also get exclusive access to flash sales and great deals outside of the box. New members can get their first curated box for only $20.

What’s in the Menlo Box?

  • Every month you’ll be met with 2-3 items that match your style profile but it’s not only shirts. Every 12 months of a Menlo subscription includes 8 months of Five Four contemporary clothing, 2 months of Grand AC Athleisure wear, and two pairs of New Republic once a year.

Menlo Styles – Like the Trunk Club any Menlo subscribers will first take a style quiz to be matched with the best options. From there you’ll receive 2-3 pieces per month intended to match your style. Unless you change things up every subsequent box will come with new items to match the repertoire you’ve already received. Menlo styles vary from relaxed couch potato to crisp and ready for the club.

Bespoke Post – Let Your Style Tell a Story ($49 for Members)

While most of our lists start with style quizzes to match your fashion needs, Bespoke Post’s boxes are outfitted with themes and stories to bring new personality to your wardrobe. For most you choose the style but with Bespoke the style chooses you.

What’s in the Bespoke Box?

  • Bespoke subscription boxes are outfitted with smaller brands and men’s lifestyle focused names like Taylor Switch. Boxes vary from Bespoke and can carry beanies, flannel, athletic wear, and other men’s essentials like socks and underwear.

You can purchase Bespoke posts without a subscription, but membership gets you discounted prices and access to the Bespoke store for other great goods like shaving cream and camping accessories for a discount.

Finding Your Style

Whether you want to look like a mountain man, business savvy, streetsmart, or more – these best men’s clothing subscription boxes can build or round out your wardrobe without you having to ever leave your house. Take a few style quizzes, look over your options, then choose the box or boxes that’ll give you fresh looks throughout the year.

  • Threadbeast – Best Streetwear Men’s Clothing Subscription

  • Basic Man – Best Men’s Underwear Subscription

  • Trunk Club – Best Clothing Subscription for Refined Tastes

  • Menlo – Best Contemporary Men’s Clothing Subscription

  • Bespoke Post – Best Men’s Subscription for More than Clothing