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8 Cool Phone Cases

Smartphones are mandatory into today’s world, but these little bricks of technology are remarkably vulnerable to scratches, shatters, and breaks. Considering smartphones can cost upwards of four figures – you should protect your investment with a strong case or cover.
There are dozens of different cell phone case options, but you can quickly narrow your search by choosing the innovative and robust designs from Casetify and CaseZone. Check out this list of 8 of the coolest cell phone cases and why they’re good options for keeping your cell phone secure with an abundance of style.

Casetify Designs

Casetify works with a collection of independent artists across the world for their “original” designs. A portion of all proceeds goes back to local art communities – something you won’t get from other large-scale phone case makers. Now let’s get to the cases.

Casetify Impact

The Impact is Casetify’s most popular case due to its toughness, customizability, and slim profile. Casetify has dozens of different design options outfitted with Impact’s military-grade toughness and surrounded by proprietary QiTech bumpers that absorb drops and bangs. Casetify’s Impact is available for several iPhone models in a variety of colors and graphic combinations, or you can customize your own case.


Casetify Snap

If you want the lowest profile phone case check out the Casetify Snap. At only 1.5mm thick, the Snap adds minimal bulk while keeping your smartphone protected from falls and accidents. The case’s raised lip keeps your screen protected in a face-first fall and like all Casetify’s cases, is draped with artwork from a variety of independent artists. Don’t like bulky cases? Try the Casetify Snap.


Casetify Wallet Case

The wallet-style smartphone case has become more popular thanks to its convenience and slim profile. Casetify’s wallet style phone case helps tuck your cell phone, cash, and credit cards into one compact package that fits into back pockets. Every Casetify wallet phone case is equipped with a special RFID protective lining to prevent scanning or copying of your credit and debit cards and is 100% customizable.


Casetify Classic Grip Cell Phone Case

Casetify specializes in dynamic graphics and customization, but many like no-nonsense phone cases. If you want the military-grade protection of QiTech in a simple, clear case – check out the Grip. Despite its slim profile, the bumpers and scratch-proof raised lip keep Samsung, iPhone, and other smartphones protected from life’s daily disasters.


Casetify Glitter Phone Case

If you like bling, you want the customizable Casetify Glitter Case. While durable as any other Casetify phone case, the Glitter ‘Say my Name’ phone case is filled with non-toxic floating glitter that shifts with your motions. The case is currently available in gold chrome, monochrome silver, rose pink, glow in the dark pink, and our favorite – unicorn pastels.


Casetify Neon Sand Liquid Case

If you love the idea of a dynamic phone case, like the Glitter, but aren’t the glitter type, check out the vibrant Casetify Neon Sand Liquid Case. Take your phone out and watch the sand wash across the case in mesmerizing patterns that stay vibrant day or night thanks to the glow in the dark abilities. The case is available in four color combos like VIP (berry violet) or Exxxtra (green/yellow.)


Casetify Galaxy S9

If you’re a fan of Android over Apple smartphones check out Casetify’s Galaxy S9 cell phone case. Like many of the above iPhone cases, the Casetify Galaxy S9 case is constructed from military-grade materials and QiTech that keeps most vulnerable areas of your phone (the sides) protected from falls up to 6 feet. You can customize the Galaxy S9 to suit your aesthetic needs with dozens of designs and patterns or your own ideas.


CaseZone Design

CaseZone is known for its customizable phone case. Your imagination and the sky is the limit with their online customization program. Simply select from Apple, Samsung, Google, LG, or Huawei – then pick your model number. With CaseZone you can customize just about any phone from the last ten years. If you’re looking for the coolest phone case of 2019 that no one else will have, then the custom program is the perfect case for you.

CaseZone Marble iPhone Case

If you like choice – choose the CaseZone Customizable iPhone Case. If you’re just looking for a cool phone case then the Marble collection is an excellent choice for individuality and style with out the weight of real marble. CaseZone offers the customizable iPhone case in the slim Snap version, the Tough case for incredible longevity, or the Folio for a wallet and phone case in one.


CaseZone Google Pixel Floral Art Case

The Google Pixel has one of the most advanced cell phone cameras that you can keep protected with the CaseZone Google Pixel cell phone case. CaseZone has two attractive options in floral and marble patterns. If you don’t like those options, you can customize the Pixel case to something that’s purely you. Google Pixel cases start with the Snap base to provide incredible protection in a slim profile.


These eight cool phone cases protect a variety of smartphones with the flair you can only find from Casetify and CaseZone. Check out the Casetify Coupon and CaseZone Coupon pages for deep discounts on whatever smartphone case you choose.