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Over the past ten years drones have exploded in popularity.

Our Top Choices for The Best Drones Under $1000

No Pilots License Necessary to Fly



REV SCORE 9.8/10

DJI: Innovation in Flight

  • Camera? Yes. Comes with a 12MP camera and capable of 2.7K HD video

  • GPS? Yes. GPS receiver helps aid in steady images and will return the Mavic Mini home automatically, if needed.

  • Waterproof? No. The Mavic Mini is not rated as waterproof from DJI.

DJI is the closest thing to a household name in the world of UAVs. Based in China, DJI has become synonymous with quality and reliability in drones. They are a pioneer in UAVs and their innovation trickles down to hobbyist drones, like the ones featured in this article. Any list of the best drones must feature DJI, and likely has them at the top spot. For under $1000, you’ll find a handful of DJI drones worth every cent.

Why we like it:

  • Pint size power. Weighing in at 250 grams, the Mavic Mini weighs about as much as the average smartphone, making it ultra portable.

  • Warranty worth the paper it’s printed on. As drone popularity increases more and more brands are available. DJI has been a pioneer in the space and should be around for years to come, to honor the 1-year warranty they offer.

  • Visualize the win. 2.7k isn’t 4k UHD, but it’s pretty darn close. For most recreational users the video and photo clarity is outstanding.



REV SCORE 9.7/10

Holy Stone HS720

  • Camera? Yes. 4k Ultra-high definition camera with image stabilization.

  • GPS? Yes. GPS Assisted Intelligent Flight returns the drone when the battery gets low.

  • Waterproof? No. Currently no Holy Stone quad-copters or drones are waterproof rated.

Holy Stone is challenging DJI for the title of Best Drones. Holy Stone gained massive popularity after their drones started being compared to DJI. Although they haven’t managed to beat the innovations from DJI, they are an aptly comparable brand available worldwide. If you want an extremely high-quality drone without breaking the bank, Holy Stone is the absolute winner. Their most expensive UAV is less than $350, 6x less than a comparable DJI drone.

Why we like it:

  • Adjustable. In addition to a high-quality camera, the 90°adjustable lens gives an added layer of functionality and allows for customized filming and photography.

  • Soar to new heights. A 2.4GHz transmitter means the HS720 can reach a height 3000 feet. That’s over half a mile high!

  • Intelligent Flight. Holy Stones assisted intelligent flight means never losing a drone due to low battery or lost signal.


deerc -logo

REV SCORE 9.7/10

DeerC D20 – Mini Drone

  • Camera? Yes. 720P HD Wi-Fi camera with live feed

  • GPS? No. However, it does have emergency landing functionality when the signal is lost or battery is low

  • Waterproof? No. Avoid water at all costs

The DeerC D20 is the perfect drone for kids. The light weight design is ideal for children and the compact design will fit in any backpack. Propeller guards and the emergency landing feature keeps the drone from accidental damage when the battery runs low. The drone can be programmed on a smartphone to follow waypoints by drawing the flight path. Voice control and gesture make operation simple.

Why we like it:

  • Flipping Fantastic. Impress onlookers and look like an amazing drone pilot with aerial stunts and flips that can be performed with a flick of the joystick.

  • A blast on a budget. For less than $50 you or your kids can have all the fun of more expensive drones without the stress of expensive UAVs.

  • Reasonable Flight Time. Given the size and the price, getting 20 minutes of flight time is quite impressive.


Lekufee Waterproof Hard Case

  • Waterproof? Most drones are not IP rated to withstand exposure to moisture. Protect your investment with a waterproof case.

Lekufee is the best rated drone case on Amazon. Regardless of what drone you’re flying, Lekufee has a case that offers dust, water, and impact protection. Their cases are perfect for travel and storage.

Up in the air. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a drone!

Unless you’re from Krypton, chances are you can’t fly because you’re not Superman. But, for under $1000 dollars you can experience what the Man of Steel sees everyday.

Take Flight for under $1000

If you’re looking for the best drone under $1000, there are plenty of drones to choose from. Whether you need a drone for roof inspection, real estate surveying, or as a hobby; there’s no need to break the bank. Unless you’re into professional videography $1000 is more than enough to get a fantastic flying machine.