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Best eBikes for any Rider

eBikes have a been gaining massive popularity worldwide, and with the global pandemic at our doorstep interest has never been greater. People are taking to the outdoors more and more, but Eco-conscious riders more than ever want to get further with a lower carbon footprint. That’s where eBikes truly shine. Maybe you’re one of those rider, or maybe you know someone who is.

Either way, this article will give you the best eBike for any rider from a multitude of categories. When we’re all said and done, you’ll find the right eBike for any riding style.

Best eBikes for any rider

Beach Cruiser

Beach Cruisers have found their way from coasts and boardwalks to nearly every town in America because of their throwback charm. However, if you live in a hilly suburb these single-geared options normally wouldn’t be a great choice. Lucky for you, Charge Electric Bikes has the Charge Comfort eBike.

This awesome beach cruiser styled eBike has a powerful 250w motor that can help riders cruise up to 20mph and makes climbing the hills around town a much easier task.  With an emphasis on comfort, as the name implies, the Charge Comfort eBike has a smooth front suspension fork and Goodyear Transition Tour tires to make this one of the most comfortable eBikes on our list. Rounding out the form and functionality of this beach cruiser eBike are disc brakes, a rear rack, and a front headlight.


An everyday electric bike from the makers of Cannondale and Schwinn that keeps your posture upright for long, fun rides.

Mountain Bike

A lot of e-MTBs aren’t true mountain bikes, but eBikes in mountain bike clothing. That’s not the case with the Canyon Spectral:ON CF 7.0. This e-MTB is designed with the single track racer in mind, but with a 36v 504Wh/14Ah battery you’ll close down the track with energy to spare.

With a frame built from space-age carbon, this is a true mountain bikers eBike. The Spectral uses a modern trail geometry setup with staggered 29 and 27.5 front and back wheels, and 150mm of suspension travel. To cope with the added weight and extra power of an eBike, Shimano 203mm rotor disc brakes with 4-piston calipers come standard on this model.

Canyon Spectral:ON CF 7.0

This is the most expensive bike on our list at $4,999, but the capability and craftsmanship make it one of the best eBikes available.

City Road Bike

The best city road bike was a no-brainer. With sleek simplistic design that matches most urban riders and a little vintage flair, the Electric Road Bike from Story Bikes easily won this category. Genuine micro leather seats and grips stole the show and give this eBike the look of a high fashion urban bike without the price tag.

With two frame sizes, the Story Electric Road Bike can accommodate riders from 5’5” to 6’3” and up. A 350w motor and a 36v battery are so well hidden most people won’t even realize you’re on a eBike as you blast past them or keep pace with their cars during rush hour. Weighing in at only 33lbs, this is one of the lighter eBikes on the market, which helps you get up to 45 miles of ride distance on a single charge.

Electric Road Bike from Story Bikes

You can pick up the Story Electric Road Bike in 4 colors and 2 size for $1,895 before a $150 Black Friday discount.


Although not a traditional fixie, in the sense that it does have gears, the Luna Fixed Stealth eBike is the cleanest looking eBike we’ve seen and it’s as close to a fixie you’re going to find in the eBike segment. The Luna Fixed was designed with the fixie rider in mind.

Although this is the least powerful eBike on our list, it’s a serious contender for the most stylish. This isn’t the eBike meant for a rider who needs or wants power on tap. In fact, there’s not throttle for 100% powered riding. The Fixed Stealth only has a torque sensor which simply boost the rider’s power. So, if you’re an avid rider who just needs a little boost, this eBike will likely get you well above 24mph.

Luna Fixed Stealth eBike

If we were giving out prizes for the most hipster eBike, this would be a betting favorite.  The Luna Fixed Stealth comes in three size and one colorway. You can pick one up for $1,750 at the time of this writing.


If you’re looking for the Cybertruck of BMX eBikes, the ENKI Original Billy eBike is the only real choice. The polished aluminum frame screams Cybertruck meets DeLorean in crossbred with Dave Mirra and a fat-tire eBike. It’s a Frankenstein of awesomeness.

Not only is this the coolest eBike on our list, it has the functionality to match. With a folding frame and pedals that fold up, Original Billy is a great stow-and-go option that would fit easily onto most trunks or studio apartments. The added functionality doesn’t stop there, because the Billy casn be had with your choice of two motors. Go with the 500w Bafang and you’ll get a 41-mile range at 20-mph. Opt for the 250w and you lose a throttle, but retain pedal assist for a more visceral eBike experience.

The ENKI Original Billy is one of the hottest eBikes on the market, hence why they’re currently sold out on the website. When back in stock, you’ll have to drop a cool $2,490 for one of the coolest eBikes ever made.

Folding Mountain

Who doesn’t love mag wheels? Slap some mag wheels on a folding electric mountain bike and your got the XF770 by Cyrusher. Add to that some over-the-top color combinations and you’ve got the most unique looking eBike on the road at an affordable price.

A 48v-10amh Panasonic battery coupled with a 750w Bafang motor gives you a cruising distance of 50 miles with pedal assist. Go full-throttle and you’ll still notch about 30 miles before needing a recharge. The Cyrusher XF770 has all thebeels and whistles, from headlights to kickstands and a full-suspension. If you’re looking to check all the boxes in an eBike, this is the right choice. Power on tap, unique design, folding frame, and a full-suspension make this an ideal choice for any riding style.


Right now, Volta Cycles has the Cyrusher XF770 on sale for $700 off. This deal won’t last, so pick one up today.

Folding City

When you think of eBikes, you probably think of one that resembles the Blix Vika+. The Vika+ is hands-down the most utilitarian eBike on our list. It boasts unrivaled comfort for riders, with an ergonomic seat and handlebar position. In addition. It is customizable with loads of racks and bags for transporting goods or luggage. This is the closest replacement to a car available in an eBike.

If you are not ready to part with your car, that’s fine too. The Vika+ collapses and folds small enough to fit a 36x21x28.5 space. That is small enough for almost any trunk. In addition to convenience and functionality, the Vika+ packs a lot of power. A high-capacity Samsung battery gets you a ride distance of 45-miles from a battery with a life expectancy of 25,000 miles.


The Blix Vika+ is currently on sale for $200 off, making it an affordable folding city bike option at only $1,399.

Best eBike for any riding style

Whether you are looking for a hardcore e-mountain bike, a folding city bike, or a stealth urban fixie this list has exactly what you’ve been searching for. Add some extra power to your pedals with an eBike from any of the brands above, there’s no wrong choice.