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Are you looking for a new outdoor hobby that’s easy to learn, great exercise, doesn’t break the bank, is easy to store, and that the whole family can enjoy? If so, paddleboarding is the exciting new hobby you’ve been searching for. Paddleboarding is a new water sport that is taking lakes, rivers, and the ocean by storm. Using a surfboard-like device participants propel themselves through the water while laying down, kneeling, or standing up using either their arms or a paddle.

Revoupon has researched the best inflatable paddleboards available online and compiled a list of the best paddleboards for any budget. All the paddleboards on this list are inflatable, have more than 100 positive reviews, and are priced under $500. Read on to learn more about stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), get a list of the best inflatable paddleboards for under $500, and some tips and tricks to get started with this exhilarating new watersport.

Why an inflatable paddleboard?

Most people don’t have the space to store a paddleboard or the vehicle to transport them. Imagine a family of four trying to get all their gear to the lake in a sedan. It’s not going to be easy and forget about finding a place to store that gear at home. That’s why inflatable paddleboards are the best option for most paddleboarders, especially those just starting out or children who might outgrow their gear after a season or two.

In addition, the cost of an inflatable paddleboard is substantially less than a hard paddleboard. Hard paddleboards can cost double to triple, or more than a comparable inflatable paddleboard. Hard paddleboards are ideal for more intense waterways with exposure to hard surfaces like rock or coral, increased speed on the water, and overall longevity. Here are a few pros and cons of inflatable paddleboards and hard paddleboards.

Our Top Choices for The Best Inflatable Paddleboard under $500:

What’s the best inflatable paddleboard under $500?

Now that you’ve decided an inflatable paddleboard is right for you, take a look at the best reviewed and highest rated inflatable paddleboards for under $500. You can’t go wrong with any of the paddleboards on our list, so pick one and get our on the water to enjoy some much needed time off all while getting great exercise.

1. SereneLife Inflatable Paddle Board

REV SCORE 9.4/10

Serenelife: Extra-wide for better balance

The Serenelife inflatable stand up paddleboard is the highest rated and best reviewed paddleboard on amazon, with over 12,000 positive reviews. For that reason alone, it occupies our top spot for best inflatable paddleboard. Reviews aren’t everything though when it comes to our rankings, this paddleboard has all the best features we looked for in an inflatable SUP. An anti-slip top and thick construction make it extremely stable, an absolute must for any paddleboarder.

Why we love it:

  • Stability. The serenelife inflatable paddleboard is a robust 6 inches thick and 32 inches wide, creating a stable platform fpor stand up paddleboarders. The anti-slip top also helps keep paddlers on the board in any position.

  • Portability. Although inflatable paddleboards are lighter than hard boards, they are still cumbersome to transport without a bag. Not to worry though, because the Serenelife SUP comes with a convenient carrying case and weighs under 20 pounds.

  • Pumpability. The Serenelife Stand-up paddleboard comes with a manual pump. Once inflated to 15psi is can handle any paddler up to 275 pounds.


2. FBSPORT Premium Inflatable SUP

REV SCORE 9.0/10

FBSPORT: Premium Inflatable SUP

FBSPORT has built one of the best inflatable paddleboards on the market. More than 1500 people have reviewed and rated the SUP on Amazon and it still has a 4.5/5 rating. With 16 colorways to choose from, there’s a 10-out-of-10 chance a board is available for any style and personality. The unique carrying handle on the deck of the board makes transporting to and from the water a breeze and the elastic straps near the nose mean you can carry extra gear with you while you paddle.

Why we love it:

  • Personality. There are a lot of paddleboards to choose from, dozens of brand or more actually. So, how do you stand out from the crowd? You go with a company that have 16 designs to choose from in one of the best rated inflatable paddleboards online.

  • Leashed. Not all inflatable paddleboards come with a leash. A leash is exactly what it sounds like, a tether that keeps the board from getting away form you if you manage to fall off.

  • Heavy-duty, Light-weight. FBSPORT managed to created an inflatable paddleboard that can hold up to 280 pounds stable while weighing around 12 pounds, making it one of the most durable light-weight boards on the market.

3. FunWater Ultra-light Stand Up Paddleboard

REV SCORE 9.0/10

FunWater: Ultra-light (17.6 lbs) Paddleboard

Military-grade, double-walled- PVC makes the FunWater inflatable paddleboard more than 30% lighter than many other paddleboards of the same size. That same materials also helps prevent rips and tears, which can easily leave you in a tough spot. This inflatable paddleboard is also capable of holding a massive 300 pounds and with the added nice bungees, that means you can bring along a lot of gear.

Why we love it:

  • Protection. FunWater knows no one goes anywhere without their phone, so they’ve included a handy waterproof phone case so you can use your phone while paddling or at your water-bound destination.

  • Backpack. A carrying case is great, but lugging around 20 pounds can be tiring. The good folks at FunWater understand you need your energy for paddling, so their case is designed as a backpack to help keep your arms ready for the journey ahead.

  • Quick and Easy. With the included pump, the FunWater SUP can be inflated in under 5-minutes and deflated even faster. That means more time on the water and less time pumping.

4. Run Wave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board


REV SCORE 8.9/10

RunWave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

RunWave makes a handful of inflatable paddleboards, but this floral print paddleboard is the best looking. It comes with all the same great features as other boards, like 6-inches of drop-stitched fabric inside for military-grade toughness. The high-pressure finish makes the board resistant to fade from the sunshine on those long days on the water. It’s the perfect board for surfing, fishing, meditating, yoga, and just plain fun on the water. The only reason the RunWave inflatable paddleboard isn’t rank high on our list is due to the cost. We did get a chance to use the board first-hand, so check out our RunWave Paddleboard review – coming soon.

Why we love it:

  • Construction. Military-grade construction creates a robust paddleboard capable of brushing up against rocks a branches in the water without a puncture. However, if a puncture does occur RunWave has include a patch kit  with every board.

  • Wider is Better. This is the first board on our list of best inflatable paddleboards to be wider than 31-inches. The RunWave board is a massive 33-inches, making this board extremely stable and great for beginners.

  • Bigger is better. Despite its larger size RunWave still weighs in around 20 pounds. Even with the light-weight design, it’s capable of holding around 300 pounds.

5. Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

REV SCORE 8.8/10

ROC Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

ROC makes the best-rated paddleboard on Amazon at 4.8 stars with over 6,000 reviews. It’s also the highest priced paddleboard on our list, which is what keeps it from catching the top spot. It’s ultra-stable at 33-inches wide and weighs a measly 17.5 pounds, 20% less that most boards of the same size. The construction of this board is second-to-none for the price, with triple layer air tights sidewalls and reinforced support baffles it’s the best miltary grade paddleboard for under $500.

Why we love it:

  • Qaulity. For the quality of the materials used, this is the best value in paddleboarding. Duraweld PVC construction gives piece of mind in even the rockiest or debris ridden waters.

  • Warranty. One of the only paddleboards in this price range that offer a 1-year warranty. So, rest assured this is a top-notch board – especially for the price.

  • One size fits all. As one of the biggest, most well-crafted boards it’s no surprise that the weight limit on the ROC paddleboard is 350 pounds, making it suitable for any size paddler.

Up Schitt’s Creek with a Paddle

Sure, you can use an inflatable paddleboard without a paddle if you want to channel your inner surfer, but you’ll get a lot further with a paddle than without.

  • SERENELIFE– Best Infaltable Paddleboard under $500 (9.4/10)

  • FBSPORT – Most design choices in a paddleboard (9.0/10)

  • FUNWATER– Best for larger paddlers (9.0/10)

  • RUNWAVE– Most stable inflatable paddleboard (8.9/10)

  • ROC– Best high-end board on a budget (8.8/10)


Paddleboarding isn’t very hard. It will of course take some practice and decent balance to get good at paddling while standing, but the good news is that you can start paddleboarding on day one.

Absolutely! The core balance muscles needed to keep from falling in offer a full-body workout, while paddling is excellent for your shoulders and upper back.

Yes. Surfing on a paddle board takes a bit more skill than a surfboard because it’s not specifically designed for surfing. However, it is definitely possible. Surfboards also use wax for grip, which we don’t recommend on an inflatable paddleboard, so that makes surfing even more difficult.

It’s possible, but not recommended.

Check with your healthcare provider of OBGYN before starting any new workout routine especially while pregnant. Paddleboarding within your means is safe while pregnant however. You should avoid excessive time submerged in the water, depending on your trimester and want to avoid falls. Meditating and Yoga on a paddleboard can be a great stress reducer during pregnancy though.

Yes! Drowning is a serious risk with any watersport and you’re going to find yourself in the water a lot when you’re learning. Some boating authorities might also consider a life jacket mandatory and a fine could be levied for paddleboarding without a lift vest.

Hit the water

Paddleboarding is becoming one of the most popular water-sports due to its relatively low barrier to entry and ease of learning. Whether you want to take on some ocean waves or relax in your favorite yoga pose on the serenity of your local lake, paddleboarding is an excellent way to get out in nature and stay fit.