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What are the Best iPhone 14 Cases?

The best cases for the best iPhone of 2022


6.1‑inch OLED display

iPhone 14

12MP camera

6.7‑inch OLED display

iPhone 14 Plus

Autofocus with Focus Pixels

The new iPhone 14 has just hit the market to a ton of fanfare but if you’re going to invest in the latest and greatest, you’ll need the right case to protect your prize. There’s no shortage of available iPhone 14 cases but there are undoubtedly some that are better than others – 11 in fact.

Revoupon has poured over the exhaustive options for iPhone 14 cases to pick out 11 great options. Whether it’s style, toughness, or customization you’re after you’ll find a great iPhone 14 case out of these 11.

Revoupon’s Top All-around iPhone 14 Cases

Casetify Bounce Cases
Most Protective Case for iPhone 14
Defy Gravity
Pela Case
Compostable phone cases
with Magsafe Module
Casely Cases
Built for the adventerous
Dreamers and Trendsetters
Casetify Impact Cases
Slim Form Factor
Superior Protection.

11 Best iPhone 14 Cases

All-Around Great iPhone 14 Cases


Options with Great Protection

Casetify Bounce Series ($82)

Casetify’s Bounce series takes the protection of the Impact a step further with protective rubber shield around the sides and bounce shields on the corners of your phone. Like the Impact series there are tons of different color and design options to match your personality.

The Bounce case is MagSafe compatible.


Eco-Friendly and Stylish

Pela Biodegradable Case ($69.95)

Pela’s iPhone 14 cases aren’t just eco-friendly, they’re compostable. Once you get tired of your case or switch phones you can toss it in the compost and turn it into next season’s flowers. No other phone case on our list can brag about that. The case itself is rugged, comes in tons of color and design options, and has a smooth surface that’ll easily glide in and out of pockets. MagSafe modules are included in the Pela case.


Inexpensive Options upon Options

Casely Case ($25)

If Casetify’s cases are a little too rich for your blood but you still crave lots of design options, it’s time to give Casely’s new iPhone 14 cases a look. Casely currently stocks 26 unique designs ranging from colorful floral prints to abstract shapes and knowing Casely, there will be several more options soon. At $25 you can buy a couple cases for your new phone.


Unlimited Colors

Casetify Impact Series ($58-$68)

There aren’t actually an unlimited number of color and pattern options for the Casetify Impact series but with dozens of designs it can feel that way. With gradients, abstracts, psychedelic designs, and tons of original art you’ll be hard pressed not to find the perfect Impact case for you. If somehow you can’t find the right design, Casetify has customization options that include color, design, text, and graphics. The Impact series is MagSafe compatible.

The Name Says It All

Totallee Thin Case ($39)

Totallee Thin cases are totally thin and minimalist. While not the toughest case on our list, the Thin case provides protection from minor drops and scratches while taking up very little real estate in your pocket. It’s also the #1 rated thin phone case according to over a half-million reviews. Totallee Thin is MagSafe compatible. New shoppers can enter their email for an additional 15% off.


Backed by Apple

Apple Silicone Case ($49)

If you want the perfect fit without a ton of frills than you shouldn’t look any further than Apple’s own silicone iPhone 14 case. Apple’s silicone case is thin, lightweight, and sticks to your palm or dashboard. Because it’s made by Apple all iPhone accessories are a perfect fit. You can get your own silicone case in about a half dozen different colors though clear is always the most popular. The Apple Silicone case is Magsafe compatible.

Feature-Rich iPhone 14 Cases


Function and Feel

Nomad Modern Leather Folio ($59.95)

If you want your phone case to do more than only hold your phone than Nomad’s Modern Leather Folio is ideal for you. Besides protecting your phone in beautiful leather, the Folio can hold 3 cards, has a slot for cash, and comes with a removable magnetic clasp for accessories. MagSafe compatibility keeps both your phone and credit cards safe. Unlike other phone cases that get dingy and dirty over time, the Leather Folio will develop a rich patina.


Tons of Great Features

Grip2U Boost Case ($34.99)

For a small phone case, the Grip2u has a lot to offer. The thin and lightweight 2-layer design is built with a kickstand, a gripping band, antibacterial Clean Action tech, is compatible with wireless charging, MagSafe compatible, compatible with necklace or wrist attachments, and is backed by military grade drop protection. The color options are currently limited but if you want form over fashion than the Grip2u Boost case is a fantastic option at a great price.

Rugged iPhone 14 Cases


Armor Your iPhone

Otterbox Defender ($64.95)

Otterbox is a long-trusted name in tough cases and their Defender can take your iPhone 14 through nearly everything. The Defender uses a protective rubber sleeve encased in tough polyurethane plastic to protect from drops, scratches, moisture, and dirt. Color options for the Defender iPhone 14 case are limited but new colors should be on the way. The Defender is MagSafe compatible.


Versatility and Protection

Spigen 9 Slim Armor with Magfit ($59.99)

Spigen’s Slim Armor is tough, versatile, and won’t bulk up your pocket. Dual layer protection keeps scratches and drops from ruining your phone while built in MagFit features a perfect slot for MagSafe protection. A kickstand let’s you prop up everything for viewing on the go. The Slim Armor is currently only available in gunmetal.


Ultra-sleek Antimicrobial

Otterbox Symmetry ($49.95)

The Defender offers fantastic protection from drops and falls but its bulk takes up too much room in thinner pockets. While technically not as tough as the Defender, the Symmetry protects from scratches, scuffs, and moderate drops and can slide out of your pocket with ease. The Symmetry is also available in an antimicrobial option.