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Nespresso is a popular way to get a delicious caffeine fix but not everyone wants to pay out for the name brand. If you’re a Nespresso junkie, you want something that’ll give you the feel and taste of Nespresso without putting a dent in your wallet. You’ll need Nespresso pods that aren’t Nespresso.

Revoupon has researched over a dozen different alternative Nespresso pods and found the best that don’t sacrifice taste for value. Let’s find the best pods for a Nespresso machine that aren’t Nespresso and why we like them.

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How Revoupon Ranks Best Pods That Aren’t Nespresso

  • Taste – Just because you’re not buying brand name Nespresso pods, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste. Overall taste profile of different varieties helps determine the best pods.

  • Variety – Variety is the spice of latte. We know that’s not how the idiom goes but you get it. You might have preferences but trying different types will let you find a new favorite.

  • Value – Most people are reading this list for one reason – Nespresso pods are expensive. Most of the following pods are more affordable than branded Nespresso pods.

Peet’s Coffee Variety Pack – Best for Dark Roast Lovers

Peet’s makes big flavors and bold coffee pods at a fair price, making the variety pack perfect for dark roast lovers. The Peet’s variety pack comes with 5 unique medium to high intensity flavors from chocolatey to smoky to balanced.

Why you’ll love Peet’s:

  • Price per Pod – $0.67

  • Intensity Range – 8-11

  • Varieties – 4

  • Variety Highlights – The Peet’s variety pack ranges from a medium roast Richezza that goes great with mixed drinks to a spicy and chocolatey dark roast. Peet’s is not for blonde or light coffee lovers – it’s for the bold.

Gourmesso Mega Bundle – Tons of Variety at a Great Price

Gourmesso specializes in their own brand of Nespresso pods that rival the flavor of the original without the large cost – and there’s a lot of them. Gourmesso’s big bundle comes packed with 10 different flavors for 100 cups but if you’re a big coffee drinker consider the mega bundle. The Mega Bundle comes in 15 varieties to make 150 great cups of Espresso.

Why you’ll love Gourmesso:

  • Price per Pod – $0.51

  • Intensity Range – 3-9

  • Varieties – 15

  • Variety Highlights – This is the sampler’s best choice thanks to the many options in the mega bundle. With light roasts like Brasile Dolce to the heavy flavors of the Ristretto Forte – there’s a flavor for everyone in the family. The Mega bundle can be used with most varieties of Nespresso machines and includes flavored blends.

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Starbucks Mild Variety Pack – The Coffee Shop You Love, In Your Kitchen

Starbucks is the #1 global coffee company so you know they have their hands in the pod market too. The Starbucks Mild Variety pack lets you make excellent Starbucks blends in your own kitchen. We’ve highlighted the mild for flavor but there are several Starbucks for Nespresso varieties.

Why you’ll love Starbucks:

  • Price per Pod – $0.62

  • Intensity Range – 6-10

  • Varieties – 13

  • Variety Highlights – If you can find it at Starbucks, you can find a version for your Nespresso. You can look to the Mild variety pack for blonde and light varieties, choose the Intense variety pack for heavy notes, or the Holiday pack during the Christmas season.

Meseta Coffee – A Balanced, Great Cup Everytime

Many of the coffees on our list provide options but if you prefer one balanced and delicious flavor then you’ll love Meseta’s Espresso Gold. Meseta originates from Italy, home to the snobbiest espresso lovers out there so there’s no worry about low-quality beans. Speaking of the beans, all Meseta coffee is produced in Central America with fair trade practices before moving to Italy for processing. Talk about great heritage.

Why you’ll love Meseta:

  • Price per Pod – $0.40

  • Intensity Range – 8

  • Varieties – 1

  • Variety Highlights – The espresso gold is the only bean you’ll need for a fragrant, light, and fruity cup of coffee. Though it comes with a floral profile, the acidity is tamped down for a cup that’ll take you straight to the lush farm it was harvested from.

Lavazza Variety Pack  – Reliable and Delicious Every Time

If you’ve had Nespresso style coffee in a hospital, gas station, or from a fast food drive-through, you’ve probably had Lavazza coffee. Lavazza isn’t the king of flavor or boldness but if you’re more concerned with your morning caffeine fix then anything else, the value per pod and mild taste of Lavazza is a great choice. Lavazza is also a great brand to help you discover which varieties of espresso you like best.

Why you’ll love Lavazza:

  • Price per Pod – $0.60

  • Intensity Range – 5-10

  • Varieties – 6

  • Variety Highlights – The roasting method developed by Lavazza brings the blend to a very high temperature in a very short time, extracting only the noblest aromas of the coffee.

Hayman Kona – Delicious, Gourmet Coffee Instantly

The Kona variety of coffee is revered for its rich flavor and vibrant aroma. Grown only on the slopes of the Hawaiian islands, the sun, rain, and soil give Kona a gourmet flavor you won’t find elsewhere on this list. It’s expensive but packed with sweet but balanced flavors with the signature hint of caramel.

Why you’ll love Hayman:

  • Price per Pod – $4.37

  • Intensity Range – None

  • Varieties – 1

  • Variety Highlights –  It’s all about the one variety but for decadent coffee lovers – one is enough.

Cafe La Llave – Backed by 140 Years of Rich Tradition

If any company stays in business for 140 years, they’re doing something right. In the case of Cafe La Llave that’s making an incredible espresso at a great price. Cafe La Llave makes dark roast style espresso that’s flavor-forward and sure to perk you up. It’s also the most affordable on our list.

Why you’ll love Cafe La Llave:

  • Price per Pod – $0.38

  • Intensity Range – 11

  • Varieties – 1

  • Variety Highlights – Cafe La Llave’s Intensity 11 will start your morning the right way with tons of aroma and a full-bodied kick.

Getting the Most Out of Your Nespresso Machine

Nespresso only wants you to use Nespresso brand pods in their machines but for taste, variety, and price, you can go elsewhere with the above brands. Try a few different variety packs to see which is the best for you.

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