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Best Wok for an Electric Stove Under $50

Woks are not the most common kitchen good to find in US homes, but they are useful for more than stir-frying. As with most kitchen goods, there’s a broad range of costs for Woks.

So, how do you know what wok is right for your home? That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in this article. Read on to learn more about woks, how they can be used in any home, what makes a good wok, and our choices for what is the best wok under $50.

best type of wok for electric stove

What is a wok used for?

Here is a little history of woks. Woks have been used in cooking for over 2000 years. It is believed to have been the Chinese who created, during the Han dynasty. They were originally made of cast iron and meant to last a very long period of time. The wok was designed to use the least amount of oil and cook a large variety of foods. The Asian culture has adopted the wok in many of its dishes throughout the years and is a staple in all Asian cuisine.

Today’s woks are mostly made of steel and many are coated in nonstick. You can still find cast iron, but they generally cost more and require additional care other than just cleaning and drying. Woks have a variety of uses such as stir-frying, pan-frying, deep-frying, boiling, searing, stewing, and some can be baked in the oven.

Can you use a wok on an electric stove?

Traditionally woks had rounded bottoms because they were created during a time when cooking was done over a fire. Many good woks today are still made with the rounded bottom and then to use them on a flat stove you would need to purchase a wok ring. This is a metal ring that the wok sits in. The bottom of the wok is able to touch the heating element and the ring stops it from tipping over. Today the majority of mass produced woks are flat bottomed. Depending on the wok you can get a larger or smaller flat area that sits on the stove. Either with a wok ring or buying a flat bottom wok, you should have one in your kitchen because they are so versatile and used in many Asian cuisine recipes.

Now that you know some wok basics, let’s get into our picks for the best wok under $50.

Top woks under $50, that work great on electric stoves too!

Best woks for $50 or less that work on an electric stove

The woks in this article were the best we could find under the $50 price point. This is the perfect way to try a new cooking style while not breaking the bank. The Calphalon and Lodge names are well known, but the other 3 brands with the lids included add a little more bang for the buck. They all have flat bottoms and can be used on an electric or gas burner easily. The non-stick is easy to clean, but remember to not use metal utensils or they may scratch. The cast iron feels more authentic, but does require more “maintenance.”

Go buy a wok and cook up some tasty Cuisine! Check out some reviews on meal subscription services and put that new wok to good use.