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Bloomscape vs The Sill

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Nothing increases the positive energy of a home like lush, green houseplants. A large collection of houseplants adds natural color, stands out to guests, and have been proven to increase positive moods.

If only shopping for the right houseplant wasn’t so difficult. You can go to your local home improvement store but it’s doubtful anyone can help in your selection and mass-produced plants often come with disease and pests.

Luckily in the digital age you can get almost anything sent directly to your doorstep including beautiful houseplants. Bloomscape and the Sill are the two best options for houseplant delivery service – but which one is the best for you?

Revoupon has scoured both Bloomscape and The Sill to find out what they’re good at, what they need improvement on, and which service is best. Let’s find out which houseplant delivery service is best for you and why.

What to Know About Bloomscape

Bloomscape is backed by five generations of greenhouse growers beginning in the Netherlands and ending on your doorstep. Bloomscape founder Justin Mast grew up working in his parent’s greenhouses learning the ins and outs of the industry. The Mast family spent their time perfecting innovative growing techniques and learning how to get their gorgeous plants across the country healthy and hearty.

Mast took the knowledge and experience from all five generations to start Bloomscape. Now customers can great get high-quality and healthy houseplants of all types delivered directly. Bloomscape produces some of the finest houseplants in the country.

The Bloomscape Difference

Have you ever thought the bunches of plants at your local home improvement store look sad? That’s because they’ve had to take a stressful journey from grower to warehouse to store, spending days to weeks in poor conditions.

Bloomscape houseplants are cared for in the Bloomscape greenhouse until they’re ready to ship directly to you. Where other plants can spend 3-4 weeks in shipping, Bloomscape plants spend 3 to 4 days.

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What We Like about Bloomscape

  • Great Plants – The Mast family has honed their skills across several decades including shipping methods to provide excellent quality plants that won’t be stressed when they reach you.
  • Can Shop by Type and More – Bloomscape lets you shop plants by many categories including skill level, light level, air cleaning, and much more.
  • 30-Day Guarantee – All Bloomscape plants are guaranteed for 30 days.
  • Continued Support – Bloomscape comes with a huge knowledge base for their prospective customers. You’ll know exactly the type of care your plant needs.

What We Don’t Like about Bloomscape

  • High Shipping Cost – Unless you spend at least $75, you’ll need to pay expensive shipping costs on any Bloomscape delivery.

Who is Bloomscape is Right For?

Those Who Need More Help

The Sill has online resources, but Bloomscape provides mountains of information and guides that’ll help you take care of the most fickle of houseplants.

Those Who Want the Biggest Selection

Bloomscape’s variety of plants is unmatched.

What to Know About The Sill

The Sill began with a simple notion – plants make people happy. In 2012 Eliza Blank founded the Sill to get more great plants into more homes to make more people happy. Because Blank wanted to make great houseplants less intimidating and accessible, the houseplant selection comes with great directions and further resources to let green thumbs and rookies fill their space with greenery.

Make your home a Sanctuary

What We Like about The Sill

  • Huge Variety– The Sill has hundreds of different houseplants available in several types and skill levels. Categories include easy to care for plants, large plants, pet-friendly varieties, flowers, and more. Anyone is sure to find the perfect plant with The Sill’s large selection.
  • Subscription Services – Everything has subscription services now, why not houseplants? The Sill provides a subscription houseplant delivery service that brings great new plants to subscribers every month. Subscribers can opt for different packages including pet-friendly, classic, and short-term gift subscriptions.
  • Faux Plants – If you want the look of a green living space with no effort than you can browse the Sill’s selection of lifelike faux plants.

What We Don’t Like about The Sill

  • Mysterious Sourcing – The Sill isn’t always direct about where your plant is coming compared to Bloomscape plants that all come from Bloomscape greenhouses.
  • Shipping – Only New York residents can have larger plants shipped directly to them.

Who is The Sill is Right For?

Those Who Like Subscription Services

If you like the idea of a new plant showing up at your doorstep without you doing anything than the Sill’s subscription service is best for you.

Those Who Wants Faux Plants

If you don’t have a green thumb but still want the color and relaxation that plants provide, The Sill has faux plants to liven up your space.

Bloomscape and The Sill FAQ

All Bloomscape plants ship from a greenhouse in Muskegon, Michigan. Plants are delivered “living room ready” in a terracotta pot with soil and a saucer, a care card, and a safe-arrival guarantee.

Indoor plants will ship out in 2-5 days, while delivery will take 3-7 days. Total time to doorstep should be between 5 and 12 days. You can track your Bloomscape order here.

No. Bloomscape is competitively priced with local nurseries. In addition, Bloomscape does the planting and delivers right to your doorstep, saving you time and gas money. With their 30-day guarantee, Bloomscape is a relative bargain.

Although The Sill is based in NYC, Revoupon could not find a transparent answer to the question of where their plants ship from. We believe they are sourced elsewhere, shipped to NYC, and distributed from there.

Standard shipping will be in transit within 2-6 business days. Once in transit, packages usually take 1-4 business days to arrive. However, orders with express shipping will ship within 1-2 business days.

Picking the Best Houseplant Delivery

Both Bloomscape and the Sill offer better plants than you’ll find at your local store delivered right to your door. Bloomscape ultimately gets Revoupon’s thumbs up as best houseplant delivery service thanks to its stellar quality plants, vast selection, and great online resources.

If you’re ready to liven up your space checkout both Bloomscape and the Sill. Browse selection, check prices, look for promotions, and start greening up your life today.