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The 2019 Winter Breo Box

Burrrr it’s cold outside, but the winter Breo Box is full of cool products that will heat you right up! This box is going to bring you new gadgets to improve your life and add fun to your lifestyle. Each box is curated by a team of forward-thinking individuals looking for the fresh, new, “it” product you didn’t know you needed, but trust us – you do need them. The box itself is also made of real wood, giving you one more cool thing you can use in your life.

What is Breo Box?

Breo Box is a lifestyle subscription box with tech, home goods, fitness products, and just generally cool stuff. The box can be purchased with a seasonal plan, or you can buy a whole year of boxes to get a considerable discount. The 2019 Winter Box makes the perfect gift, regularly $159 per season but if you use code MAG20 at checkout you can save $20. That’s only $139 for a box of tech and cool stuff valued well over $250.

Who is Breo Box for?

Breo box is perfect for you, me, and anyone else. It’s great for someone who likes new tech and the finer things in life. Someone who would love this box is that person who does not need anything but wants everything. They call Breo Box the “Coolest stuff you didn’t know you needed.” Take it from us though, you need this stuff in your life!

What’s in the Winter 2019 Breo Box?

Every box has 5-8 lifestyle products made to make life easier and a little more fun and the Breo Box Winter 2019 edition is no exeption.

The winter box has an Ekho HD drone with a camera. It’s perfect for kids and adults who are still kids at heart. The camera is clear, and the quadcopter is easy to learn how to control and master. Being that this is a small drone, it is best to use it within 40 feet; otherwise it is hard to see which way it is tilting. This would be perfect for a realtor or someone who would like to take photos of a large event from above. This Ekho HD drone is considered a toy, which means you don’t have to register it with the FAA.

The winter box also includes a 10,000 mAh wireless portable charger. This is unlike most portable chargers that require a cord. This charger will charge you wireless charging capable devices. This holds an entire day’s worth of power, and depending on how often you use it, it can actually last all week. The shell is made of solid material, which protects it from drops. You can also charge with your cellphone case on making it the perfect purse or pocket charger. This great lightweight piece of tech that will become your can’t leave home without it.

Another super cool gadget in the box is a flexible long neck plasma lighter. This lighter is totally flameless; therefore, it will not blow out. This lighter is perfect for camping, lighting candles, lighting fireplaces, and even fireworks. It is easy to charge with a USB cable. There is also a child safety feature. This will definitely be something your friends will wish they had.

Th Winter Box also has an amazing smelling candle from US based Detroitwick, called Home Sand, that you can light with your new plasma lighter. Detroitwick creates sustainable and cruelty-free products. The aroma is a mix of cedarwood, sandalwood, and cinnamon nutmeg. It comes in a beautiful black glass jar that matches almost any décor. Detroitwick candles are renowned for keeping their scent down to the last flicker, so you can relax knowing that relaxing smell is good to the last light.

The last 2 products are perfect for warming you up on a cold winter evening.

First is a W&P Designs crushed ice tray. This try is extremely thin, so it freezes in a flash. The lid protects your ice from getting funky in the freezer but also acts as a funnel to get your perfect crushed ice sticks into your glass of choice. The tray is small and will fit in any freezer, whether it is side by side or stacked.

The last product is what will help bring the heat in the winter. Breo box has included the OXO SteeL Press & Pour Cocktail Shaker. This thing is amazing! It is made of stainless steel and looks great on your countertop. OXO put a three-level seal on the top so you can shake this puppy all over the room without making a mess. Then all you do is press the button on top and pour it from any edge. There is a built-in strainer, so they take all the work out of making a mixed drink. Perfect drinks in any glass by itself, or on the rocks from your new fancy crushed ice tray.

Breo box wants you to have the coolest gadget to show off to your friends the next time you are entertaining. These boxes have some of the most unique products, and you will not be disappointed. Some of the past boxes have included a Smart Garden, the Dodow Sleep Aid device, a board that defrosts your meats quickly and safely, the TRX Go System, a sonic toothbrush, and Amazon’s Echo Dot. The winter box is awesome, and you can get it now for $20 off with the coupon code MAG20. Take advantage of this deal while it lasts for you or someone you love.

Breo Box Winter 2019
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