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Do you know anyone who doesn’t have a cell phone? The chances are slim to none that someone in your life doesn’t have a cell phone, unless they’re a toddler or a great-grandparent there’s probably a handheld super computer in their pocket or purse right now. For every cell phone sold worldwide there’s more often than not a cell phone case to go along with it. Casetify cases account for millions of those cell phone cases sold every year.

Based in Hong Kong, Casetify has become known for ultra-customized cases and otherworldly collaborations. BTS, Champion, Pokemon, SORAYAMA, and One-Piece are just a few of the major collaborations, or Co-Lab’s, that Casetify has brought to market. If repping a fashion icon or musical sensation isn’t your thing, you can customize your own case or choose from hundreds of unique casetify cases. But cool-factor is all that Casetify bring to the table, they also build some of the highest-quality and most durable cell phone, MacBook, iPad, and AirPod cases on the market.

In the following article we’ll show you some of the most iconic, unique, and fun designs Casetify has ever released. If you can’t find the perfect Casetify case on this list, check out their site for and be sure to use our exclusive Casetify Promo Code MAGNA15 to save 15% on your order.

Our Top Choices for The Most Iconic, Fun, and Unique Casetify Cases for iPhone and Android

Case in Point. Casetify Cases Protect and Look Amazing!

It’s not usual that cell phone cases tackle important social issues, delve into mental health, or bridge racial or sexual gaps. Casetify is anything but usual. Casetify quote cases push positive self image, kindness, equality, acceptance and so much more. Whether said in jest or said in support, there’s an inspiring Casetify case for almost any social topic. Focus on the Good and Mentally Sick but Physically Thicc are two of the best!

In addition to moral support, Casetify cases support the longevity of Android and Iphone devices by offering superior protection. What good is a beautiful case if a phone doesn’t survive a drop? Nearly every Casetify case comes with multiple protection options to choose from, in addition to customization.

Basic protection in a light-weight design

Strong protection in a light-weight design.

Ultimate drop protection with a mid-weight design.

Basic protection in a heavy-weight design.

Basic protection in a heavy-weight design.

Basic protection in a mid-weight design.

Basic protection in a mid-weight design.

Ultimate protection in a mid-weight 100% compostable design

Basic protection in a very-light design


Casetify Mirror Case

Casetify may not have been the first to put a mirror on a cell phone case, but they might have perfected it. Virtually all Casetify cases on the site have a mirror option, so picking a few for this list proved difficult. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in a mirror case, check out the Casetify site for more.

Mirror Case Details

  • Protection. The traditional mirror case is available in all levels of Casetify protection, though we’re not sure how that works for the leather and compostable cases.

  • Downside. Mirrors smudge easily. Be prepared for fingerprints.

  • Less reason for a purse. Do you carry a purse with a mirror to check your makeup? One less thing to carry.


Casetify Hello Kitty Case

Hello Kitty is as iconic as Mickey Mouse in this day and age, so leave it to Casetify to collaborate with the pop-phenom. The organic milk  Casetify Hello Kitty case is our pic for most iconic Casetify case with its translucent case filled with liquid it provides hours of ASM-style fun while you swirl around the milk like liquid. The Casetify Hello Kitty collaboration was so popular that at the time of this article, all the items were sold out. Luckily, Casetify has a wait list so you can be nitified when your favorite Hello Kitty Co-Lab is back in stock.

Hello Kitty Case Details

  • Exclusive. The Hello Kitty collaboration sold-out quickly and we’re not sure when stock will be replenished.

  • Weighted. Our favorite “milk” filled case offers basic protection but it is larger and heavier than other Casetify cases.

  • Timeless. Hello Kitty might not be on the level with Mickey Mouse for worldwide fame, but she’s getting close.  This case collection will be recognized for years to come and our bet it become a collectors item for nostalgic fans.


Casetify Butterfly Case

Ever heard of the butterfly effect? It’s the concept that a small change can lead to large differences in a later state. A small change, like wrapping your iPhone 12 in a Casetify butterfly case can lead to a large change in state – mainly your iPhone looking amazing! Their are seemingly endless choices for butterfly cases from Casetify, but our favorite is definitely the Moneyfly by Sue Tsai.

Butterfly Case Details

  • Effect. With so many Casetify butterfly cases to choose from, anyone can find the right case for their protection and design needs.

  • Neutral. With gender norms and roles in flux these days, no matter what gender you identify with there’s a butterfly case that fits your personality. Butterflies are universally beautiful.

  • Metamorphism. Wrap your Android or Apple phone in the cocoon of a Casetify case and transform your “caterpillar” into a beautiful butterfly.


Casetify Stars Case

Per Aspera Ad Astra, or, Through Hardship to the Stars. For as long as humans have inhabited the earth, they’ve gazed at the starts in wonderment. Now, you can gaze at your Apple or Samsung device in wonderment. Casetify has created dozens upon dozens of star cases from cartoonish to celestial, all available in multiple color configurations and drop protections.

Star Case Details

  • Personal Space. If you think about stars, so many different images are conjured. Casetify star cases can be as simple as a five point star you used to draw in elementary school or as beautiful and complex as the Milky Way.

  • Sparkle or Not. Whether your style is flashy and loud or understate and soft, there’s a Casetify star case that works for any personality.

  • Shoot for it. With so many star cases to choose from, your Casetify star case can be one in a million, just like your chances of seeing a shooting star.


Casetify Airpods Pro Case

  • In your ear. Casetify cases are available for more than just cell phones.

Protect all that goes with your Apple devices from your iPhone 12 Pro Max to your Airpods with these customizable Airpods and Airpods Pro cases. There are multiple color options that offer the same degree of protection as the original Apple case, but with a whole lot more style. In fact, iPhone case designs can be matched with Airpod cases for a cohesive representation of your unique style.

Yes. Casetify cases offer varying degrees of protection depending on which case is chosen. The grip case offers basic protection in a lightweight case, while the ultimate protection comes from the ultra impact case.

Completely Legit! Casetify has been making cases for almost a decade now and has shipped millions of cases worldwide for all types of Android and Apple devices.

In the grand scheme of things, they are not. With a new iPhone 12 max pro and Note 20 Ultra costing over $1000, spending about $50 to protect your investment and add some personal touch is a very reasonable additional cost.

Yes. Casetify has their own storefronts and is carried in major retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, and Target. However, for the best selection you’ll want to purchase from their website.

Yes. Even customized cases can be returned for a partial refund.

For this article, Revoupon used customer reviews, search volumes, and personal preference to choose the most fun and unique Casetify cases for iPhone and Android.

A Case to be Made for You – From Casetify

Still unsure? Don’t take our word for it. Vogue, HypeBeast, BuzzFeed, and V Magazine are just a few publications that have been singing the praises of Casetify for years. Casetify may have started as a company that simply put Instagram photos on cell phone cases, but they’ve evolved into so much more. They now offer 100% compostable cell phone cases and are working towards becoming a zero carbon and zero waste company.