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Walmart Layaway

When the holidays come near, it’s time for Walmart Layaway.

Layaway is so much more than putting an item on hold. Walmart’s layaway services provide many benefits whether you’re knocking out your holiday shopping or want an easier way to pay off numerous or big-ticket items.

Let’s learn how Walmart layaway works by providing on overview of layaway services and answers to the most common questions. Pick a topic and you’re sure to find answers to your Walmart Layaway questions.

How Does Walmart Layaway Work?

Walmart Layaway Basics

How does Walmart layaway work? It’s easy. During the layaway season pick out the items you want to layaway, take them to the layaway counter to fill out an easy application and a Walmart employee will guide you through the process. There are basics to know about layaway services like:

  • Layaway items must cost $10 or more

  • Total layaway purchase must be $50 or greater

  • You can make layaway payments at any Walmart register

  • To be picked up layaway items must be paid for in full by Dec 14th

Is There a Walmart Layaway Fee?

There are no opening fees or flat fees though a down payment is required with completion of the layaway application.

How Much Do You Put Down on Walmart Layaway?

Walmart Layaway requires a down payment of 10% of the purchase or $10, whichever total is greater.

Does Walmart Layaway Charge Interest?

Layaway is not a credit card and you will not be charged interest on your purchase.

What Time Does Walmart Layaway Open?

Layaway services are available from August 28th to December 14th. All layaway accounts must be paid in full by December 14th or items will be returned to inventory and any payments and deposits made will be refunded minus a $10.00 cancellation fee.

Can I Pay My Walmart Layaway at Any Store?

Currently you must pay for your layaway at the Walmart it was purchased though you can pay at any register and don’t have to go to the layaway counter.

How Do I Pay My Walmart Layaway Online?

Currently, layaway services are in-store-only, including payments. You can pay your layaway payments at any Walmart register. You can save time by using Walmart’s website to make a list of goods then pick up your stuff and head to the layaway counter.

Need to Know Walmart Layaway Terms and Conditions

Age Requirement – You must be at least 18 to open, modify, or receive funds from Walmart Layaway items. You must also be 18 to pick up layaway items.

Returning Layaway Items – All layaway items are treated with the same Walmart return policy as all other in-store and online items.

Modifying Your Walmart Layaway Order

Can You Add Items to Your Walmart Layaway?

Yes, you can modify your order by adding items. Keep in mind if the added items drop the current deposit to less than 10% of the total order, you must pay the difference until the deposit is back at 10%.

Can You Remove Items from Walmart Layaway?

Yes, you can remove items from your layaway order, but the order total must remain above $50. The refunded amount of canceled items will automatically be put toward your layaway payments.

Is There a Walmart Layaway Cancellation Fee?

There is a $10 cancellation fee for cancelling layaway items. If the down payment on the item(s) was more than $10, the remainder and any payments made will be refunded to the customer. Any layaway items unpaid for and not picked up are returned to Walmart’s inventory on December 14th.

Cancellation fees do not apply in Maryland, Ohio, Rhode Island, or Washington DC. The Cancellation fee cannot exceed $25 in Alabama and $50 in North Carolina.

What Items Can You Put on Layaway at Walmart?

Unfortunately, not every item at Walmart is valid for layaway services. According to Walmart you can use layaway for the following items:

  • Electronics (excluding electronics with service plans)

  • Toys

  • Large furniture

  • Small Appliances

  • Auto Electronics

  • Sporting goods (select items)

Can You Layaway Jewelry at Walmart?

Yes, you can layaway jewelry in Walmart. Many Walmart stores offer jewelry layaway year-round. You will need to call your local Walmart’s jewelry counter for individual layaway policies.

Can You Put Cell Phones on Layaway at Walmart?

They’re one of Walmart’s most popular items, but you cannot put any mobile phone on layaway at Walmart. ALL mobile phones are excluded from layaway services.

Can You Put Clearance Items on Layaway at Walmart?

All rollback, clearance, and Special Buy items are 100% valid for layaway. If you see a great deal during the season, put in layaway and lock in that great price. Always check Walmart’s Saving Center throughout the layaway season to find deals on in-store items.

Getting the Best Deals with Walmart Layaway

Walmart Layaway only comes once a year so get ready on August 28th to stock up on deals and finish your Christmas shopping before summer is officially over. Watch for rollbacks and clearance items on Walmart’s Savings Center all season and you’ll be a layaway master.