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Is There a Senior Discount for Cable TV?

Your golden years afford you many opportunities you might have missed out on earlier. You have more leisure time, more time to hang out with friends, and of course, you get to take advantage of several senior discounts. Some of that leisure time includes enjoying TV but if you’re on a fixed income or don’t want to spend too much – can you get a senior discount for cable TV?

While strict senior discounts for cable TV are rare nowadays, there are several low-cost cable TV and internet packages meant to help seniors and other low-income cable viewers. By choosing the right company and the right package you can save big time.

Is There a Senior Discount for Cable TV?

Let’s learn about four companies that provide great cable TV service to seniors, what type of deals they offer, and how to get more information on each deal.

4 Great Cable TV Packages for Seniors

Does Comcast Offer a Senior Discount on Cable TV?

Comcast / Xfinity is the nation’s largest cable TV provider, but what can they do for seniors? Currently Comcast / Xfinity does not offer any senior citizen discount though they do offer the Comcast Internet Essentials program. The Internet Essentials package allows for low-cost internet service for seniors for as little as $9.95/month. The Comcast package offers high speed internet, no activation or equipment rental fees, access to free internet training courses, and a free wireless gateway making it a perfect deal for seniors.

How to Get Comcast Internet Essentials

Seniors can bundle the Internet Essentials program with a basic cable TV package and pay much less than they would for a standard plan or use the low-cost program to stream TV. Seniors 65 and up must demonstrate they are on Medicaid, Housing Assistance, or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) to receive the Internet Essentials price. You can visit Comcast’s Internet Essentials page for more information and to sign up.

Does Charter Offer a Senior Discount on Cable TV?

Charter and Spectrum recently ditched their senior discount for cable TV but there are still affordable options for seniors and others on a fixed income.

Seniors’ best option for Charter or Spectrum is to bundle a low-cost cable TV package or stream your TV with the Spectrum Internet Assist package. Spectrum’s Internet Assist includes high speed internet, free modem, and unlike most cable and internet providers, Spectrum comes with no contracts or no data caps.

How to Sign Up for Spectrum Internet Assist for Seniors

Seniors 65 and up simply need to prove their SSI to receive the Internet Assist price. Pricing is dependent on region and other factors. You can find more information and start a plan at the Spectrum Internet Assist page.

Does AT&T Offer a Senior Discount on Cable TV?

AT&T is now one of the nation’s largest internet and cable TV providers but does not currently offer a senior-specific discount for cable TV. Like Comcast and Spectrum, AT&T offers low-cost internet and cable TV options for seniors on SSI or other fixed income. AT&T’s affordable internet cost $10/month and includes high speed broadband service, no annual contract, and no deposit. Through 6/30/21 AT&T is also offering additional discounts for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to Sign Up for AT&T Affordable Internet

Qualifying seniors should visit AT&T’s affordable internet page to learn more about plans, if you can get additional COVID-19 discounts, and to get signed up. Seniors can bundle their affordable internet with a low-cost cable TV package or use their low-cost internet for streaming services.

Does Cox Offer a Senior Discount on Cable TV?

While Cox doesn’t carry any senior-specific discounts, they’re one of the most affordable cable TV providers in the country with basic packages starting at $25/month. The basic package includes local broadcast, dozens of cable channels, government, education, and much more. Tech-savvy seniors can also stream all channels they subscribe to on PC or mobile devices.

How to Sign Up for Cox Cable TV Services

You are not required to prove limited income or age to qualify for Cox’s cable TV starter package. Navigate to the TV starter page to learn more about basic cable TV service plans.

Getting the Most Out of Your Money with Senior Cable TV Discounts

Cable companies don’t follow the same blanket senior discounts they once used to but have pivoted to low-income and assistance programs for seniors looking for cable TV and internet. Visit any of the pages listed above to get more information on individual programs and the best deal possible. You should enjoy your golden years with great, low-cost Cable TV.