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Lilysilk vs. Blissy

The secret to beautiful hair, skin, and a comfortable sleep.

Lilysilk vs Blissy



Natural Premium Materials, the Finest Silk, and the Softest Cashmere.



Pure Mulberry Silk made of the highest quality 22-Momme silk materials

Silk is ancient but the last few years have seen silk’s popularity skyrocket. Not the popularity of silk robes or silk clothes – but for silk pillowcases. If you want better skin, hair, and fewer wrinkles, a silk pillowcase should be a priority but the rise in popularity has led to a rise in substandard silk.

To get the most benefits from a silk pillowcase you’ll need to find a reputable brand. A quick online search will flood you with hundreds of results but luckily Revoupon has poured over a dozen different popular brands to find two that stand out – Lilysilk and Blissy.

Let’s learn why silk is great for pillowcases, what to look for, and whether Lilysilk or Blissy is the best way to introduce your hair and skin to silk.

Why Silk Pillowcases?

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  • Fewer Wrinkles – Silk’s smoothness does not tug on your skin or create “crush wrinkles.” You can toss and turn on a silk pillowcase all night with no harm.

  • Less Frizzy Hair – Again, a lack of friction keeps hair much smoother versus a cotton pillowcase. This quality is especially helpful for people with curly hair.

  • Better Skin – Silk doesn’t absorb moisture like other fabrics. Your skin gets to hold onto the moisture instead.

  • Hydrated Hair – This same quality keeps silk pillowcases from zapping the natural moisture from your hair.

  • More Comfortable Sleep – Silk is much better at regulating temperature than cotton counterparts giving you more comfortable sleep.

What to Know About Silk Pillowcases

Silk is silk, right? No way. Silk comes in several varieties, weights, has different care instructions, and more. You need to know a few of these qualities to find the best silk pillowcase.

  • Types – When it comes to pillowcases, mulberry silk is king. Mulberry silk is rated on a scale from 1C (lowest quality) to 6A (highest quality.)
  • Weight – A silk weave is too tight for a traditional thread count. Instead, silk is measure in overall weight, known as mommes. Unlike thread count, a high weight doesn’t always translate to the best pillowcase. A weight that’s too high isn’t suitable for pillowcases. You want a middle ground of mommes for pillowcases or approximately 19-22 momme weight.
  • Ease of Use – A silk pillowcase won’t be worth it if it takes hours to clean and care for. Before purchasing silk read the instructions and look for an easy-care regimen.
  • Hypoallergenic Qualities – The good news is most silk pillowcases are hypoallergenic, but the bad news is your allergies are very unlikely to be coming from your pillowcase. Hypoallergenic qualities shouldn’t play a large role in deciding your pillowcase.
  • OEKO-TEX CertificationOEKO-TEX is a third-party certification. Silk products that are OEKO-TEX certified are free of silk blends, extra chemicals, or other additives. If you’re buying silk, you absolutely want OEKO-TEX certification.


Lilysilk has an ugly truth for you, the only other industry that pollutes more than fashion is oil and gas. Lilysilk recognizes that change is needed and has built their company on sustainable practices. Lilysilk only uses natural fibers unpolluted by pesticides in its pillowcases and unlike the fast fashion industry, Lilysilk is made to last.

All Lilysilk pillowcases are made from 6A mulberry silk and are OEKO-TEX certified.

Lilysilk Price

Lilysilk's Semi-Annual Sale



Blissy Silk was created for a simple purpose – to help you get a healthier overall night’s sleep. Bird-nesting hair, dry skin, dust mites, and more can interfere with a good night’s sleep but Blissy let’s everyone from super models to stay at home parents get some Zs on a comfortable, silky pillowcase. Blissy is made from the highest quality 6A mulberry silk at 22 mommes. All Blissy pillowcases are OEKO-TEX certified.

Blissy Price

  • Standard – $62.97 – $67.46
  • Queen – $74.96
  • King – $82.46
  • Youth – $74.96
  • Toddler – $74.96

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Now that we know more about these two companies, let’s put them in a head-to-head comparison to help you decide which is best for you.

Both Lilysilk and Blissy are produced with the highest quality (6A) mulberry silk.

  • Winner – Too close to call

Lilysilk pillowcases come in anywhere from one to a dozen colors depending on the pillowcase with a few standalone floral designs too. Lilysilk is available in standard and toddler size. Blissy features five different pillowcase sizes from King to Toddler. Blissy is available in approximately a dozen solid colors and in several designs including striking gradients and fun tie dye.

  • Winner – A slight edge to Lilysilk because of the color choice, but Blissy is very close due to the size selection. Almost too close to call.

Lilysilk cases come in 19-25 momme while all Blissy cases are 22 momme. 22 momme is considered the ideal weight for silk pillowcases.

  • Winner – Blissy

Blissy can be washed on a delicate cycle in a standard washing machine while Lilysilk recommends taking their pillowcases to the dry cleaner or hand washing. Blissy can also be air-dried, or machine dried on a low setting. No trips to the dry cleaner give Blissy the clear victory.

  • Winner – Blissy

Blissy has been awarded Best Bedding and Best Tested Products from Good Housekeeping and Best Beauty Sleep Award from Modern Riviera. Lilysilk does not boast the same recognition.

  • Winner – Blissy

On average Lilysilk cases are less expensive than Blissy.

  • Winner – Lilysilk

Thanks to high quality materials, sizes  available, awards and more, Blissy edges out Lilysilk for best overall silk pillowcase. The price is a tad steeper than Lilysilk, but that’s not enough to override better weight, ease of care, and much more.

  • Winner – Blissy

If you’re ready to stop the frizz, have smoother skin, and get a better night’s rest than there aren’t many better things you can do for yourself than grabbing one (or more) of Blissy’s luxurious silk pillowcases.