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Which Medical Scrub Brand is Right for You? Comparing Mandala Scrubs and Figs Scrubs

Medical professionals everywhere are faced with a difficult decision when choosing their scrubs: Mandala Scrubs or Figs Scrubs? In this article, we’ll explore the key differences between these two brands and help you determine which is best for you and your practice.

At first glance, both brands offer high-quality materials in stylish designs and colors. But they also have some distinct benefits that set them apart. The most critical point of comparison is comfort and fit – something medical professionals need at work every day. Next, we’ll look into how both brands stack up against each other in terms of fabric quality, durability, breathability, style, and price range.

By the end of this article, our aim is to provide an informed opinion on which brand will suit your needs better. So whether you’re looking for a professional uniform that steers clear of ordinary whites and blues or a comfortable scrub set that allows maximum mobility throughout long shifts, we’ve got you covered! Let’s dive into the details so you can make an educated choice when selecting scrubs for yourself or your team members.

Benefits Of Mandala Scrubs

  1. Comfort: Mandala medical scrubs are designed with comfort in mind. They feature a relaxed fit that allows you to move freely and easily while on the job. The fabric is also soft and breathable, making it comfortable to wear all day.
  2. Durability: Mandala medical scrubs are made of high-quality materials designed to stand up to the rigors of a medical setting. They are designed to last years and can handle regular washing and drying without losing shape or color.
  3. Style: Mandala medical scrubs come in various styles and colors. From traditional white to bright and bold prints, there is a style to suit everyone’s taste. You can also find styles with drawstring or elastic waistbands and different lengths and sleeve lengths.
  4. Affordable: Mandala medical scrubs are affordable and available at a fraction of the cost of designer labels. They are also very easy to find online, making it easy to find the perfect style for your budget.
  5. Professional: Mandala medical scrubs give you a professional look that you need to make a great impression at work. With the right fit and styling, you will look and feel your best while on the job.

Benefits Of Figs Scrubs

  1. Comfort: Figs medical scrubs offer a comfortable fit that moves with you throughout the day. The fabric is lightweight and breathable to keep you cool, while the stylish designs provide a professional look.
  2. Durability: Figs medical scrubs are designed to last with reinforced seams and constructed with a blend of polyester, cotton and spandex. This blend is also wrinkle-resistant and machine-washable for easy care.
  3. Safety: Figs medical scrubs are designed with safety features in mind. They are made from a fabric that is resistant to blood, body fluids, and other contaminants and are also antimicrobial for additional protection.
  4. Variety: Figs medical scrubs come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to suit your needs. You can find a style that is perfect for your job, your body type, and your personal preference.
  5. Cost: Figs medical scrubs are an affordable option for medical professionals. They are available at a fraction of the cost of traditional medical uniforms and offer superior quality and superior style.

Types of Mandala Scrubs Tops

  1. 6 Pocket: This medical scrub is a great choice with its 6 pockets and V-neck design
  2. One Pocket Top: This scrub top is made from a special fabric that is designed to be spill-proof. It also has a pocket with a raised edge.
  3. 5 Pocket Notch Neck Top: This scrub top has five pockets and a notch neck. It is very versatile.
  4. Maternity Top: This maternity scrub top is made from a special, spill-proof fabric and features a welt pocket.

Types of Figs Scrubs Tops

  1. Classic Cargo: Are you ready to start working? The FIONx™ Leon™ Utility Cargo has the features you know and love – a tailored fit and a modern V-neck – but now it has a NEW chest flap pocket with TPU finishing.
  2. Short Sleeve ScrubPolo: The FIONx™ Lima Shortsleeve is designed for comfort and convenience. It has a handy front pocket and offers a stylish and comfortable look.
  3. Three Pocket: This item features a minimalist, classic style with a tailored cut that fits well. It also includes three functional pockets for added convenience.
  4. Multi Pocket: The Slim Leon™ Multi-Pocket Scrub Top has ripstop details and a double entry Rene Pocket™ so your stethoscope stays securely in place when you wear it around your neck.

Cost Comparison

When it comes to cost, Mandala scrubs are more expensive than FIGS scrubs. On average, a pair of Mandala Scrubs will run you around $50, while a pair of FIGS can be found for as low as $28. This price difference is eye-opening and could make all the difference when it comes to budgeting for medical professionals who need multiple sets of scrubs.

However, looking at the bigger picture, low cost does not necessarily mean poor quality or less comfort. In fact, many studies have proven that FIGS scrubs offer superior stretch and breathability compared to other brands on the market. The patented fabric blend was designed with healthcare workers in mind – meaning they won’t sacrifice comfort just because their uniform costs less. Additionally, due to their durability, FIGS scrubs last longer than most other scrub brands; this reduces waste from disposable products, which ultimately saves money in the long run. These factors contribute to why medical professionals often choose FIGS over higher-priced alternatives like Mandala Scrubs – making them economical without sacrificing style or functionality.

The Slim Leon™ Multi-Pocket Scrub Top has ripstop details and a double entry Rene Pocket™ so your stethoscope stays securely in place when you wear it around your neck.

Quality Comparison

When it comes to quality, Mandala Scrubs vs FIGS Scrubs are both top-notch. The fabric used by each brand is durable yet comfortable — perfect for those long days on the job. In addition, the thread count of each type of scrub ensures that they will last a while without losing their shape or color. Plus, both brands offer an array of styles, from slim-fit to straight-leg designs, so you can find exactly what you need.

In addition to having great fabrics, both Mandala and FIGS scrubs also have some unique features that make them stand out in terms of comfort and convenience. For instance, the drawstring waistband included with Mandala’s scrubs provides extra security for all-day wearability. At the same time, FIGS’ side pockets add easy access storage for items such as phone cards or pens. Both brands also have options for customizable embroidery if you would like your name featured prominently on your uniform.

Ultimately, when comparing the quality between these two scrubs lines, there really isn’t much difference. They’re both designed with durability and comfort in mind, making them ideal choices for medical professionals looking to stay stylishly professional at work – no matter how long the shifts may be!

Texture Comparison

It’s like stepping back in time when you feel the soft, plush texture of mandala scrubs. These unique and cozy materials are perfect for those long shifts, providing a comforting embrace that helps you relax even after all your hard work. On the other side, FIGS scrub tops offer an ultra-lightweight material that is both breathable and wrinkle-resistant.

Texture Mandala Scrubs FIGS Scrubs
Feel Soft & Plush Lightweight & Breathable
Advantages Comforting Embrace Wrinkle Resistant

With one fabric offering comfort and coziness, while the other provides lightweight convenience, it’s easy to see why these two scrubs have devoted followers. From wrapping up tight during chilly days to feeling cool on hot summer nights, each type of fabric has its own unique qualities that make them ideal for medical personnel everywhere. As healthcare professionals continue to navigate through ever-changing climates, sometimes you need something with a little extra warmth or something light enough to keep you going throughout a hectic day. No matter which way you go, there’s sure to be a scrub top available just right for your needs!

Customer Reviews And Ratings

When it comes to customer reviews and ratings, both Mandala Scrubs and FIGS Scrubs have earned outstanding feedback from shoppers. Reviews of the products are overwhelmingly positive, with many customers noting their satisfaction with the scrubs’ fit, comfort, and durability.

Mandala Scrubs, in particular, has received a great deal of praise for its diverse selection of styles and colors. Customers say that they feel stylish wearing them while still being comfortable on long shifts. Meanwhile, those who purchase FIGS Scrubs tend to describe their scrubs as soft yet sturdy – perfect for active medical professionals or anyone else looking for reliable workwear. In either case, you can’t go wrong when choosing between these two brands; each offers high-quality apparel at competitive prices!

Mandala Scrubs Vs Figs Scrubs: Why Figs Scrubs Are The Best Choice

Figs scrubs offer unparalleled comfort and protection with their signature fabric blend of polyester and spandex. Not only does this combination provide superior wearability without sacrificing breathability, but also ensures a lightweight fit that won’t weigh you down throughout your shift. Furthermore, all seams are professionally reinforced so they stay in place no matter how much movement or bending you do while on the job.

The colors in the Figs collection range from classic solids like navy blue and hunter green to stylish patterns like polka dots and florals—all specifically designed with healthcare professionals in mind. With sizes ranging from XS-3XL to tall options, every customer can find a perfect fit tailored just for them. The hassle-free returns policy makes shopping stress free too! So if you’re looking for quality scrubs that will keep up with your active lifestyle while still keeping you looking professional, then look no further than Fig’s Medical Scrubs!

At the end of the day, when you compare mandala scrubs vs figs scrubs, there is truly one winner: Figs Scrubs! Their premium quality formulas and unbeatable pricing make them the go-to choice for anyone wanting to pamper themselves without breaking the bank. So if you’re ready to treat yourself like royalty, look no further than figs scrubs – your ticket to a luxe experience awaits!