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What is X Menlo Club?

Menlo Club is a subscription service that is a part of the Five Four Group. The group was founded back in 2002 and is now finding success with Menlo and other brands that include New Republic, Midnight Studios, Oshenta, and others.
Menlo offers subscriptions to men who want to purchase new clothes every month, or quarter, without the hassle of venturing to the store. Their team of stylists curates a look specifically based upon a simple style quiz before the first order. Of course, you do not need to sign up for a subscription to purchase from the Menlo site, as there are plenty of individual items and accessories to choose from on the shop.

Menlo Accessories

There are dozens of accessories available on Menlo. Socks of all styles and colors will get you started before you begin considering ties, pocket squares, belts, wallets, cufflinks, and sunglasses. You can easily coordinate your purchases or simply grab the items that you love the most.

Menlo Activewear

Tank tops, short-sleeved shirts, shorts, tights, pants, hoodies, long-sleeved shirts, and jackets fill-up the activewear section of Menlo. They even have a Grand Barrel Bag for you to put all your items in when you are ready to go to the gym to workout.
Every activewear piece has been manufactured to dry quickly, so you do not need to stay in wet clothes during or after your workout. Plus, the material used is durable and resilient to wear and tear, allowing you to wear it for many years in the future.
When you purchase any of Menlo’s activewear, you know that it will all be comfortable for both working out and enjoying life. Therefore, you can easily go from one activity to the next without worrying about the need to change your clothes.


Drivers are Menlo’s extremely comfortable shoes that are made from either leather or suede. The suede and leather drivers have a rubber pebble outsole insert with collar binding and padded insole for extra comfort. Keeping the suede shoes clean is as easy as using water and stain repellent, as well as a suede shoe brush.
Every drivers option by Menlo fits true to size, which means that you will never spend your time returning shoes that do not fit properly.

Menlo Club Coupons

Menlo Club is bringing stylish an affordable men’s clothing to the masses and to their doorsteps. This is one of the most popular subscription boxes in the space and with a Menlo Club Coupon you can get the best deal and added accessories. Check out our Menlo Club Coupons and keep some extra cash in the new pockets Menlo Club curated just for you.