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Pros and Cons of TURO

The world’s largest car sharing marketplace

Pros and Cons of Turo



Over 1300 Makes and Models



Over 7,500 cities and growing

The last decade has seen major disruption in how people vacation. Not long ago you could only find a room at an established hotel and only rent a vehicle from a commercial rental outlet. No more. The disruption began when Airbnb first let people rent out their private homes and rooms but has continued to do nearly everything like finding a vacation vehicle.

If you’re tired of long lines and headaches at the established car rentals, why not try renting a car the same way you book your room? You can with Turo. Turo is a great way to find vehicles in nearly every corner of the world. Let’s learn the pros and cons of Turo and how to get started making up to $10,000 a year.

What is Turo?

Turo is a service that let’s vacationers and visitors rent vehicles from private owners instead of big-box car rental companies. Let’s imagine you’re flying into San Francisco for a week-long conference and need a way to get around town. Instead of renting from Enterprise or Alamo you use Turo to find a private owner renting their vehicle.

How Does Turo Work?

Turo is a peer-to-peer carsharing network. You’re not renting from anyone special, just someone like you who has an available vehicle. You start by downloading the Turo app or using Turo.com, sign up for service, and that’s it.

After you’ve signed up you punch in your destination and time to search through dozens to hundreds of potential car rentals. Because you’re browsing private owners there are tons of choices from small and fuel efficient to large vehicles like trucks and vans.

From there the owner can deliver the car or you pick it up, then you can enjoy your rental until the agreed upon return date. Register, search, book, go. You can also use Turo to provide your own vehicle for rental. Turo does not own or maintain any of its listed vehicles.


Turo Car Sharing Pros

  • Quick Sign-Up – No long lines at rental outfits near the airport. You only need to download the app or use the website. Turo performs a quick eligibility and validation check and you’re ready to go.
  • Easy to Use – Turo’s user-friendly interface is simple and easy to navigate.
  • Affordable – Turo rentals are normally less expensive than traditional rental chains.
  • Flexible – You can rent for a half day or a half month. Turo provides flexible terms.
  • Go Anywhere – Turo is currently available in 56 countries.
  • Choices – You only have a few choices at traditional rental outfits, but Turo gives you tons of variety. Depending on time and destination you’ll choose from several dozen vehicle styles including larger commercial vehicles.
  • Risk-Free – Turo will refund any costs incurred due to a delayed or cancelled flight.
  • Great Insurance – You can insure your rental for up to $1 million in liability insurance.
  • Roadside Assistance – Turo offers roadside assistance regardless of if you booked your rental with an insurance plan.
  • Easier Age Limits – Most traditional rentals require drivers to be at least 25 but Turo will rent to anyone 18 and over with a valid driver’s license.

Turo Car Sharing Cons


More remote areas will have fewer rental options, and some might not have Turo at all. Turo is more suited for city and large town destinations.

No Towing / Offroad

Turo is not the place to rent vehicles intended for towing or offroad use.

Not Everything Insured

Turo rentals come with great insurance packages but they’re not applicable to every vehicle.

Turo FAQ

No. When you book your Turo rideshare you can choose from three different levels of coverage. The least expensive comes with the highest out of pocket cost should something happen while the top plan provides excellent all-around coverage. If your current auto policy covers rentals, you might not need to buy insurance.

The discounts are up to the owners. Many Turo car owners offer discounted rates for booking far out or for renting the vehicle for a longer period.

To use Turo you must be 18, have a valid driver’s license, and no history of excess wrecks or ticketing. Turo will help you load documents and approve you during your first rental.

Delivery is agreed upon between owner and renter, but most Turo hosts are willing to meet you – especially at travel hubs like airports.

Turo provides complimentary 24/7 roadside service delivery though you may have to pay out of pocket for damage and other costs depending on your insurance plan.

Getting the Most from Turo

If you want plenty of affordable options and convenience when you’re planning your next trip, you want Turo. Download the app or visit the website now to play around with options or start booking for your next vacation or business trip today.