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Banila Review

I have always been a grocery store face wash and face lotion person, but I recently found out my go-to brand was not cruelty-free. This was not something I had ever worried about before, but I had been gifted a Banila Co. face wash routine and figured I should use it eventually. My hesitation to test Banila was because I was afraid I would break out from changing skincare routines. Read on for an unbiased Banila review from me, a girl that didn’t know anything about K Beauty before my experience with Banila. Stick around at the end too, for an exclusive offer from Banila for Revoupon readers.

As I approached the end of my grocery store face lotion, I decided I would try the Banila Co lotion to start. Everything went well. However, Banila is a K Beauty brand and from what I have heard, Korea is very serious about their facial products and how to use them. So, before I made the full switch, I did some research. I discovered that K Beauty rules the skincare industry with their innovation and focus on healthy skin. They prefer to care for the skin you have rather than apply a ton of makeup to make your skin appear perfect. I also discovered that in Korea the beauty standards are extremely high and young people there struggle to look “perfect.” I don’t know how they are all dealing with the COVID 19 quarantines and masks, but I know here in the US if I have to cover half my face, guess who is only doing eye makeup today? This Girl!

The best place I was able to get information about Banila was from their website. I had a great chat with a Banila Co representative who was able to answer my many questions.

My first question was: Is Banila Co cruelty-free?

The short answer is yes. Banila Co does not test its formulations on animals. When the products are finalized and ready for the market they have not been tested on animals.

Sadly, the long answer is no Banila is not 100% cruelty-free. Unfortunately, because Banila wants to sell in certain markets and countries, they must abide by the local regulations. For instance, China requires animal testing in order for cosmetics to be sold there, regardless of whether they’ve been proven safe by clinical trial on real people. So any brand of cosmetics sold in China has been tested on animals, period! If it makes you feel better though, Banila has already completed its product testing and they already know it’s safe for animal skin too.

My second question was, “What order do I use Banila products?”

I received 5 products: Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original, Clean It Zero Foam Cleanser, Dear Hydration Toner, Dear Hydration Essence, and Dear Hydration Balancing Moisturizer. This is also the order I was told to use them in, of which I am so glad I asked because I was going to moisturize before I “essenced”.

Banila Co USA

Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original

This balm is Banila’s claim to fame. This balm is a two-step product that removes your entire face of makeup without numerous pads, cotton balls, or different products for different parts of your face. All you do is massage the balm into your skin where you have makeup and rinse or wipe it all away. It left my skin feeling…..

Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original

Clean It Zero Foam Cleanser

A little goes a long way with this cleanser. A lima bean-sized amount will lather my face and neck. It starts small and then as you massage it in it grows and gets a rich texture almost like an extremely smooth lotion. I personally do not get the foaming action; I would want from a foam cleanser. I still consider this a good cleanser though.

Clean It Zero Foam Cleanser

Dear Hydration Toner

I really like this product, definitely my favorite of them all. After using the cleanser, the toner is applied with a cotton pad. I use a cotton pad with a soft and exfoliating side. The toner gets all the dirt that is left behind from the cleanser and leaves my skin feeling smooth. This is a step that cannot be forgotten before adding essence and moisturizer.

Dear Hydration Toner

Dear Hydration Essence

I was not sure about this product originally as it comes out feeling like a gel/oil. But when I talked to the live representative from Banila, they said it was their favorite product. I only use one pump and dab it around my face before rubbing it in. It feels just like the gel left behind from doing a sheet mask that you massage in after removing the mask. It dries almost instantly and makes my skin feel well hydrated.

Dear Hydration Essence

Dear Hydration Balancing Moisturizer

This is the final step of my Banila process, and it cannot be skipped. This is my second favorite product. The keyword in the title of this product is balancing. After applying the essence, I apply the moisturizer and they seem to blend flawlessly together to create the perfect amount of moisture for each area of my face. I feel like my face needs more moisture around my mouth and on my cheeks, but less on my temples, nose, and forehead. I used to focus my moisturizer in my dry areas, but with Banila I can just apply evenly, and it seems to figure out where it’s needed.

Dear Hydration Balancing Moisturizer

I have been using the Banila products for the last 2 weeks and I have not seen any signs of breakouts and my skin is looking great. However, I did not have any complaints about my skin before switching to Banila. I would say this is a very big positive. Usually, there is a transition period from one skincare line to another. As Banila claims, they are on the leading edge of skincare and have come up with great formulations that work well with your skin’s chemistry immediately.

Banila Co Pros

  • Products smell good and apply so easily.

  • Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm is an easy way to remove all your makeup and works great.

  • The Dear Hydration Toner is great at removing the last of all the impurities and free radicals on your skin without drying it out.

  • The live chat option on the Banila website is so helpful when you are new to K Beauty and Banila.

  • After switching to Banila, I have not experienced any breakouts or irritation.

Banila Co Cons

  • There are more steps than I am used to doing with my old grocery store routine.

  • The Clean It Zero Foam Cleanser does not foam like I had hoped it would be based on the name.

I am so pleased with my new skin routine; it has been an easy transition and my skin feels great. I also love the Banila bottles. They look great on my bathroom vanity and make me feel like I am doing something good for my skin every time I use them. I cannot wait to try their other products. Banila also offers a small line of makeup and some facial masks that sound amazing! Click on the coupon below to save 15% off any order sitewide.

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