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Big Blanket Co Review - Box

Big Blanket Co Review

Once found, a good blanket becomes a good friend. You associate it with people and memories.. How many times have you wanted to snuggle up under the covers with your family only to have to drag out three or four blankets to get everyone comfortable? What if you could use one blanket for everyone? A blanket big enough that the kids aren’t pulling it away from you, and you aren’t yanking it back to your chin to stay warm.

Big Blanket Co has the blanket you’ve been looking for. Starting at 10’ x 10’, this blanket is about four times the size of an average blanket. Have a king-size bed? The average king size bed measures at 6’ x 6.5’. Between you, your kids, the doggies, and anybody else who needs it, Big Blanket Co is changing the blanket game (literally) for the bigger and better.

What Does Big Blanket Co Offer?

Big Blanket Co has four types of oversized blankets you can choose from:

  • Original Stretch: Standard 10′ x 10′ blanket with 11 color options to choose from.
  • Premium Woven: Standard 10′ x 10′ blanket. A woven option with several different colors/patterns. Don’t see the style you love? Check their pre-order selections for unreleased options.
  • XL Weighted: 10′ x 12′ duvet. This is a two-piece system featuring a removable core weighing 30 or 40 pounds. This behemoth now comes in 4 colors (navy, dark grey, light grey, and now black).
  • Premier Plush: Standard 10′ x 10′ blanket made of plush microfiber. Recently launched in 8 new colors. We went with the Charcoal color, but if we could do it again we’d go with something brighter.

These blankets offer temperature-regulation and are made of a 95% polyester/5% spandex blend; feature moisture-wicking fabric and are super soft to the touch. They will fit over queen-size and king-size beds, allowing you to tuck them in for a snug fit. They’re easier to fold than they look, especially with two or more people helping.

Big Blanket Co blankets weighs around 11 pounds each; the weighted blanket obviously will weigh more with the core in use. They’re machine washable – though you might want to bring them to the laundromat vs. washing at home unless you have a super-size washer.

The Big Blanket Experience


When this blanket arrived, it was a welcome sight on our front porch. We had already returned two king-sized comforters because they barely covered the mattress, nonetheless our box spring. The box was pretty large for a single blanket, actually being bigger than our kids folding camping chair. The kids may have been more excited about its arrival since my husband had already deemed it the fort blanket.

How Big is the Big Blanket?

While moving it upstairs, I took a small break to snap this pic. How heavy is the Big blanket anyway? We didn’t go for the weighted version, but trust us this thing has some weight to it. After a glass of water and a quick stretch, I got the box all the way upstairs. Well, it turns out (including the box) the Plush Big Blanket weighs 13.6 pounds! That’s more than both our neighbors Pomeranian’s combined.

The blanket came packages a lot better than I expected, with a traditional plastic zipper “bag.” I had to convince my husband not to open it with a camping ax. His reasoning? A Big Blanket should be opened with a big tool! Anyway, the material is very nice. It’s not as soft as the (fleece?) blanket we had on the bed, but it’s pretty close.

Does it fit in a washing machine?

You hear 10′ x 10′ and think “There’s no way that’ll fit in my washing machine.” You’d be wrong. In fact, it looks like it takes up less room than our traditional comforter. I ran it on a normal cycle with an extra rinse to get out any lingering soap and the machine didn’t miss a beat. However, I regretted missing a few days in the gym trying to get it to the dryer. When wet, that 13.6ish pounds feels closer to 25! Once that grueling task was complete I fired up the dryer and went about my day. I ended up having to readjust and run the dryer for an extra 20 minutes before I felt like it had completely dried, but that’s common for all of our comforters and blankets.

*as it turns out you are not supposed to tumble dry the Big Blanket (It should lay flat to dry or be dry cleaned)

Does the Big Blanket have seams?

At first, I didn’t think so. Upon further inspection it does. One side of the blanket does have 2 very evident seams. Luckily these seams are not noticeable on the other side and fall beyond the edge of the bed, so you aren’t subjected to laying under them. Actually, the seam placement is pretty brilliant in that regard.


What We Love About Our Big Blanket

We went with the plush blanket and the kids do rave about how soft it is. We were looking for a blanket that actually covered our king-size bed and eliminates the need for a dust ruffle. Big Blanket Co had us covered and then some.

Everyone in our family can snuggle up under our Big Blanket. As the kids grow, they’ll grow into it as well. Even our dog can snuggle on top of it, getting comfortable with our whole family on the sofa or in bed. Whether you’re short or extremely tall, Big Blanket will cover you from head to toe. Nothing beats wrapping your entire body up in a soft, comfortable blanket with your family.

For pet lovers, like us, there is enough room for several dogs or cats to lay on it and keep space from one another. You know how pets (and kids) can get with one another – this allows them to enjoy the softness of Big Blanket together like their human family.

When a company claims x, y, and z about a product, most people are skeptical it’ll live up to those expectations. With our Big Blanket, we were surprised by how soft it was to the touch even after laying under it for hours at a time. The plush blanket seemed a little thin upon opening but wasn’t too thin to keep us warm through the night. It also wasn’t so heavy that my husband got too hot.

It can be used indoors and outdoors, although we only tested it in bed, on the sofa with the kids, and as a fort. We wouldn’t imagine using it on the beach is much fun. Camping overnight in a colder area could come in handy with Big Blanket for multiple people in an RV, tent, or car.


What Could Be Better About Our Big Blanket

If you want to use this as your primary blanket, it may be a little awkward, especially with anything less than a king-size bed. Unless you tuck it in, it might seem like too much blanket for most people. However, we find that making the bed is easier with such a large blanket since we wanted something to hit the floor and cover the box spring. It’s a “messier” style, but we like it. While it can be tucked under a mattress, it’s cumbersome to do it.

For some people, it may be too heavy. For the adults in the house, it was easy to lug around, but watching the kids try and get it from point A to point B filled us with laughter, and might be worth the price of purchase in itself.

We also found things while folding it up: dryer sheets, Nerf darts, a spoon, and some of the kid’s socks. Things can get lost in it and shaking it out is difficult due to the sheer size and weight.

Sleeping under the Big Blanket didn’t take getting used to, but there were some awkward moments in the first couple of nights. It doesn’t feel quite as natural to move the blanket since it hangs all the way to floor and not just a few inches off the side.

The plush blanket held a bit more static than our fleece blanket, but nothing an extra dryer sheet couldn’t handle.

Should You Get Your Own Big Blanket?

At the end of the day, we’re totally happy with our Big Blanket. It solved the exact problem we needed it to and looks great. Hindsight, we probably should’ve gone with the original Big Blanket since I think my husband and I would’ve liked the material a bit more though.

If you’re looking for functionality, comfort, and the ability to cozy on up with your whole family and your pets, too – a Big Blanket might be what you’re looking for. If everybody in your home brings their blanket to do anything together, this is the solution you’re looking for. Change the way you spend time together and get a Big Blanket today, you won’t regret it.

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Need more info? Check out the video below to how Big Blanket Co can solve a lot of life’s problems, not just the ones we mention in this review.