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BoxDog Reviews

BoxDog Review

Does the love of your life have 4 legs and barks? Well, then Box Dog is about to become your dog’s other best friend!

In our family, that guy is a 6-year-old Doberman named Kobe. It just so happens that we are his favorite people too! With the Coronavirus in full swing and shelter at home orders in place, we needed to make sure Kobe was also well taken care of. A bored dog can be trouble, and with three kids in the house, we have enough of that. So the hunt began for the best subscription box for dogs.

We stumbled upon Box Dog, a monthly or quarterly subscription box for your dog. Box Dog is customizable, just like some human subscription boxes, which is great because we need the toughest toys known to dog for our big guy, and the team at BoxDog delivered on that need.

What is BoxDog?

Box Dog is a $34.99 a month subscription box for dogs, that is fully customizable and gives you the options of 4 different products. Whether it be toys, treats, skincare products, or wearable accessories. The flexibility of the box means you can pick 4 toys or 1 of each type. Right now BoxDog is offering a Free $30 Dog Gift! a $15 First Box from BoxDog or a Free Dog Park Backpack with your first BoxDog!

There are also 2 options for a quarterly box, if the monthly box is too much commitment:

  • $39.99 gives you 4 types of dog treats, 1 vegan skincare product, and then you choose 2 special items
  • $49.99 gives you 4 types of dog treats, 1 vegan skincare product, and your choice of 3 special items

Our BoxDog Experience


We chose to get the $49.99 quarterly box and were not disappointed, it showed up before the original shipping confirmation date and the shipping was FREE! Also since this was our first box we were able to get a free gift, we chose a cooling mat to put outside. He really enjoys laying out in the sun, but comes in with the worn patches on his “elbows” from the concrete and hot deck boards.

The first thing we noticed was how cute the box was. The we noticed how heavy it was! Upon opening the box, we saw how jam packed it was! Initially, Kobe was most excited by the treats, because they clearly smelled the best of everything in the box. This lucky dog having 2 masters and 3 tiny masters, everyone needed a turn feeding him a treat right away. Which was perfect, because there were 5 different kinds of treats in our box. He loves all the treats and somehow after 2 weeks we still have a few left.

The treats were adorable, 3 came in a large takeout sized container. They are a mix of crunchy and soft. The flavors were peanut butter, bacon and cheese, & honey and cinnamon. Kobe preferred the peanut butter, but he wasn’t turning any of them down. The other 4 cookies are Box Dog’s original recipe. Two of the cookies looked like a sun and a turtle & the other 2 were iced to look like a surfboard and a shark. Our youngest are currently obsessed with the baby shark song, so naturally that was the first cookie to be eaten. The cookies matched the summer box theme perfectly!

Similar to all children of ours, if there are presents to be had they must be opened immediately. We spent the next hour diving into the box and playing with Kobe until he could not stay on his paws anymore. Which was perfect, because after play time, our daughters got to play dress up with the new collar and microfiber drying towel that came in the box.


Time to Play

Two of the toys came from Tuffy! This brand is known for creating toys that can last through the hardest chewers. Kobe is definitely one of those guys! We have spent tons on toys. The Tuffy toys followed  the summer theme, one is a starfish and the other is a crab, which makes us miss the beach. These toys have made it through 2 weeks and still look perfect. He loves them so much, he even slept with them both the first night. He has been dragging them all over the place and somehow they are still soft enough for him to snuggle with too. My husband leaves the dinner table every night to go through the crab or star with him, I think he enjoys it as much as Kobe.

Another super cool thing about Tuffy, they are one of the only dog toy companies that makes their dog toys with the same standards as required by the CPSC for children’s toys. This is great because they are in our one year old’s mouth almost as often as Kobe’s. Which also reminds me, if you ever wondered, “should I wash dog toys?” the answer is yes. Tuffy toys are machine washable.

The third toy in our box was a ball for tough chewers from West Paw. They are a super cool US company that makes their toys from recycled dog toys. However this was not a hit for our guy. Apparently he has a baby mouth and only likes the soft toys.

The starfish and crab were a blast to play with. When Kobe was finally pooped out, our daughters were able to dress Kobe up in his new palm tree Box Dog original collar and microfiber towel. The towel is going to be great for drying him off after summer hose-downs. Also, when we remember to put the vegan sunscreen, included in the box, on his nose he does not come back in the house with a dry nose after laying out.

Our add-on item, the cooling mat, took Kobe a while to get used to. The material is slippery and he does not have good traction on it. So he avoided it for a couple days until we placed it in the corner of our front porch so he could use the wall to stop himself from slipping. Now he lays on it when he needs to cool down and doesn’t get the bald spots on his elbow.

BoxDg Review – Pro’s and Con’s

BoxDog Pro’s

  • BoxDog offers free shipping.
  • The products are extremely good quality.
  • BoxDog offers a grain free box option.
  • The treats are homemade and our pup loved them.
  • The sunscreen is great for our hot Colorado sun, keeps his little nose nice and smooth.

BoxDog Con’s

  • Kobe did not like the hard ball toy from West Paw
  • The cooling mat is a bit slippery
  • We ordered the wrong size for the collar and it ended up being a little big on him
  • Putting sunscreen on the dog’s nose after years of not doing that has been hard to remember, so we do not get a lot of use out of the sunscreen.

BoxDog has become our family’s favorite subscription box, not just for dogs, but for the whole family. Everyone from my husband to our 1 year old has found joy in the BoxDog subscription, whether it is giving treats or throwing toys in the yard. Kobe truly enjoyed the treats and has been in love with his Tuffy toys. The cooling mat is good looking and actually matches our front porch decor. The microfiber towel has doubled as a towel for the dog and a “blanket” for the kids to run around the house with. We can not wait to see what the fall box has to offer. This is definitely the best subscription box for dogs.

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