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Chomps Snack Sticks Review

Chomps Snack Sticks Review

Don’t snap into a Slim Jim, chomp into a Chomps. Chomps snack sticks were created with quality and health in mind. I didn’t expect to like Chomps Beef Sticks because I don’t like Slim Jim and let’s be honest, that’s about the only benchmark for a competitive product I can think of. Yet, as I write this Chomps snack stick review, I am in fact chomping on a jalapeno beef stick.

Who needs Beef Snack Sticks?

Let’s be real, I am eating a snack stick as I write this because I didn’t feel like cooking anything and it was an easy grab from the bowl of random foods we keep on the counter. So, when is the right time for snack stick like this? Getting outdoors.

Chomps beef sticks are great for sustainability and energy on hikes, snacks on the river, skiing, snowboarding, camping or any other outdoor adventure you can dream up. Personally, I grabbed an entire box and hit the trails here in Colorado. Why the whole box you ask? Because I didn’t know what I like or what I’d be in the mood for.

Before we get into the heart of this Chomps Snack Sticks Review, let’s learn more about Chomps as a company.

What makes Chomps Different?

There are a lot of beef Jerky companies out there and after some research I realize there’s a lot of beef sticks to choose from as well. Chomps wanted to take some of the guess work out of picking a high-protein snack. So, they changed the game and created Chomps to check a lot of the boxes that healthy people were looking to check. Chomps meat sticks don’t add any nitrites or nitrates, they’re made in facilities without the major 8 allergens, they fit Weight-Watchers diets, and they’re KETO friendly!

Chomps Beef Sticks Review

The meat of the review

Now that we’ve answered the hard-hitting questions, let’s get into the meat of the Chomps snack stick review. As I mentioned above, I brought the whole box of Chomps with me on my hike. Although I didn’t eat all the sticks on this hike, I did eventually try every flavor and they are listed in order of my preference below.

Salt and Pepper Venison – I could’ve survived my hike with minimal amounts of water and without snacks, but what’s the fun in that? The Venison snack stick was the second Chomps flavor I tried but it was definitely my favorite. All the snack sticks are “salty” as you’d expect, but the pepper balanced out the flavor and I probably would’ve eaten a third one on my hike, if I had an extra. Venison is a unique flavor meat which I have had a lot of growing up on the east coast. That being said, it might not be your favorite, unless you’re accustom to a more gamey flavor of meat.

Chomps Salt and Pepper Venison

Jalapeno Beef – I like spice but calling these spicy might be an insult to jalapenos everywhere. This was my second favorite flavor and I think would be close to the top of anyone’s Chomps snack stick review. Unlike other beef sticks sold at 7-11, that shall remain nameless in this section of the article. There’s no chemically aftertaste. The spice level is almost non-existent for my palette, but given my fondness for Thai chili peppers, that may not mean much to the average consumer.

Chomps Jalapeno Beef Stick

Jalapeno Turkey – As you can see, there’s a pattern developing based on my love of spice. The Jalapeno Turkey Chomps stick was the first snack I chomped into on my hike and it was nice to enjoy on that cliff side. I think Turkey Jerky is an acquired taste, but being in Colorado I have access to a lot of jerky. I’ve eaten everything from gator to snake, ostrich to bacon and almost anything in between. Turkey is simple, clean, and light which is why I picked it to try first while hiking.

Chomps Jalapeno Turkey Stick

Original Beef – If anything is a comparison to gas station beef sticks, this would be the one. The comparison quickly becomes one-sided because the flavor of meat dominates Chomps. In my opinion, that’s the sign of a good beef stick. Chomps has no chemically after taste and isn’t dominated by the spices and additives like other meat sticks.

Chomps Original Beef Stick

Sea Salt Beef Stick – I found the Sea Salt Beef Stick to be better than advertised, but not as good as the salt and pepper Venison. The saltiness was overwhelming, but the beef flavor was good enough to not fall to the bottom of the list. I think some pepper would have balanced the stick and made for a more palatable snack.

Chomps Sea Salt Beef Stick

Original Turkey – Nothing to write home about with this meat stick. Do not get me wrong, it was good. However, I felt like I wanted more. More spice or more flavor to offset the all turkey flavor. This one came down to personal preference and personally it was one of my least favorites.

Chomps Original Turkey

Cranberry Habanero Beef Stick – I thought this would come in dead last because of the cranberry. It wasn’t far off. The only saving grace keeping it from the depths of this ranking was the fact that it had some measurable spice. Otherwise, it would have taken the last spot on this ranking. Unfortunately, from a taste perspective, I wasn’t able to get through the entire stick.

Chomps Cranberry Habanero Beef Stick

Italian Style Beef Stick – I honestly wasn’t sure what to make of this flavor before trying it. It could go either way. I am Italian and I love all Italian herbs and spices from Rosemary to Fennel, which my wife hates both of. Unfortunately, I was only able to stomach a few bites.

Chomps Italian Style Beef Stick

Chomps Snack Sticks Review: The Verdict

Don’t take my word on the tastes and flavors. We all have our own unique palettes when it comes to food and these meat sticks are no different. I love Japanese Curry and hate seafood that isn’t sushi. I am an outdoorsy guy who loves to hike, camp, fish, run, and bike. Chomps Beef Sticks are perfect for all of those activities and I keep one in my tackle box and a couple in my day packs now. I like knowing the meat is high-quality and sustainably sourced and doesn’t have a ton of chemicals and ingredients I can’t pronounce. I wouldn’t send my son to Boy Scout camp with gas station beef sticks, but I’ve got no reserves about sending him with Chomps Meat Sticks.

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