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Facetory Review

Who doesn’t love a good spa day at home? When you want to kick back, relax, and enjoy pampering yourself, FaceTory offers a Korean beauty sheet face mask subscription box that makes it easier than ever to get the glow back in your skin.

What is FaceTory?

FaceTory wants to provide more accessible options for those looking for skincare products. With hundreds of thousands of items to discover and figure out what works for you, FaceTory strives to take the overwhelming feeling of getting it right out of your hands.

They want to offer affordable, functional, and easy to use products that help you get the most out of your beauty routine. Based in California, FaceTory curates skincare products that work with most skin types and makes the beauty process more approachable no matter what you need.

What Does FaceTory Offer?

FaceTory offers all sorts of skincare products for your face, hands, hair, and more. Besides to individual products, FaceTory currently offers three subscription boxes:

If shipping in the United States, shipping and handling are included in the above prices for each subscription level.

My Thoughts on FaceTory’s 7 Lux Subscription Box

These sheet masks are curated to work with the majority of skin types out there. My skin is highly sensitive to products that I tend to stay within my comfort zone of Neutrogena, Cargo, Maybelline, and a handful of others.

For me to try a new face mask or sheet mask, I have to be adventurous and take a risk.

In my first box, I received several Korean sheet masks, including one for my hair. Each mask had a different look and feel. They each were customized to different uses, too. Right out of the box, FaceTory makes it easy to understand what each mask is and what to use it for. They give you a breakdown of ingredients, the best time to use it, and why they love it and included it in the box.

Here are the masks that came in my 7 Lux box:

  • FaceTory: Perfectly You Steaming Hair Mask
  • The Beautiful Factr: Peeling Bubble Mask
  • FarmSkin: Superfood Salad Tomato Revitalizing Sheet Mask
  • Betterskin: Volcanic Acid – Coated Natural Sheet Mask
  • Leader Insolution: Primer Mask Goodbye AC
  • Ischia: Miracle Marine Collagen Corset Mask

The mask packaging is bright, colorful, and inviting. They’re all roughly the same size with the same instructions for use. They were easy to take out of the packaging, put on, and remove. If you’ve never done a sheet mask before, FaceTory’s instructions are to the point and consistent so you can get comfortable with the experience.

For me, the Betterskin and FarmSkin masks were by far my favorite. I love anything volcanic or charcoal on my skin, so using the Betterskin Volcanic Acid sheet mask was refreshing and revitalizing. I had a similar experience when removing the FarmSkin superfood mask – my skin looked hydrated afterward and felt more supple to the touch within seconds of removal.

I’ve never liked bubble masks, so while The Beautiful Factr mask would work wonders for others, I’d pass on a mask like this in the future personally. It applied properly and felt good on my skin. I hate the sensation of peeling masks like this off my face.

I typically steer clear of hair masks, because I’ve had bad experiences in the past with them. The FaceTory hair mask was made for dry, brittle skin fitting in with the theme of hydrating before fall in this box. It was easy to put on and remove, although I noticed no real difference in my hair after using it. I tend to take extra care of my thin hair in the summer months, so I may already have been in good hair health when using this mask that I didn’t notice much of a difference.

Overall, other than feeling a bit over-hydrated with a few of those masks – thank the Colorado dry summer for that – my skin was revitalized after using the masks that came in this FaceTory subscription box. I didn’t break out, turn red, or have any other issues with my skin from using them, and that’s a huge win in my book with sensitive skin.

For what I received in the face mask subscription box and the experiences of using each mask, I’d recommend giving FaceTory a shot. For the price tag, the ease of use, and not having to worry about finding “the perfect mask” for your face, this is a quick and easy way to jump into face care than trying to venture to the store and figure it out yourself. Oh, and the bonus makeup remover wipes were so good I bought a few direct from Ballon Blanc too.

Should You Try FaceTory’s Monthly Box?

If you’re new to skincare and sheet masks or overwhelmed by your options, starting with this entry-level box is a great way to see if FaceTory’s products are right for you and your skin. If you’re adventurous and are looking for new products to try, going with the seasonal box might actually be the way to go. FaceTory offers a variety of ways to try new skincare products without breaking the bank. Give them a try and make your face glow. If you’re ready to try a new face mask subscription box, we highly recommend FaceTory. Try one of our FaceTory coupons for an even better deal.