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Gobble Meal Kit Review

Belgian Waffles

We run on Gobble Meal Kits. My husband and I are extremely busy people and do not have time to hit the store, buy ingredients, and cook to make ourselves full meals every day. Gobble has been an amazing addition to our online shopping routine and we do not need to leave to go pick it up, like with our local grocery store apps. When the gobble box arrives it is packaged extremely well, the box is insulated, and has large ice packs to keep everything cold. We like the ice packs almost as much as the meals – we reuse them for camping or in our cooler when friends come over.

Gobble has been perfect for us. When you order Gobble all the meals come in two-person sets. It is just the right amount for food for the two of us with no waste or leftovers since we typically eat every last bite. They claim it takes about 15 minutes and one pan for each meal. At first, we didn’t find it to be that quick, but with each meal we have become more efficient. Once we found our groove, 15 minutes was attainable and even on our slowest nights, Gobble is significantly faster than preparing our own meals from scratch. Without meal prep, we find that clean up is easier and with no leftovers, we don’t have to clean the Tupperware from the leftovers we forgot in the fridge.

So far, we have loved all the meals from Gobble, but the most recent box we splurged and got some waffles – no regrets. So one weekend morning we decided to get fancy with our normal coffee and make some Belgian waffles. With only four ingredients, it was a piece of cake – figuratively speaking. We also felt like the kit made more than any one person should be able to eat. The waffles were large and delicious. There was a tart berry topping that went perfectly with the brown sugar cinnamon butter and sweet syrup. It was like going out to the local bistro for breakfast, only in our home, in our pj’s, and without the wait. We were also able to make it look just like the photos. It was a beautiful lazy weekend breakfast that was only possible with Gobble.

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Gobble Belgian Waffles