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Goodlife Clothing Review

Goodlife makes luxurious clothing for women too!

Goodlife clothing review



Supima, Tri-blend, Slub, Feather Heather, & Polartec

Women’s Goodlife Clothing Review

When searching for the best men’s T-shirt for my husband, I came across the brand Goodlife. I had looked at so many men’s only brands and assumed Goodlife would be the same, but I was pleasantly surprised when I found a woman’s tab on their website. So I clicked and decided to spoil myself a bit too.

We were heading to Hawaii in a week, and I was looking for the perfect travel outfit. I needed something warm enough for Colorado but nice and airy for the Hawaiian humidity.

About Goodlife

Goodlife was founded in 2014 when they set out to make the most comfortable and versatile tee shirt for men. Although they pride themselves on staying as true to their roots as possible, today, they produce 95% of their products in the United States. Goodlife creates clothing of an understated quality to blend with the style you already have and love.

Items Purchased

After having four kids, I kicked my butt to get back in shape. So, this meant I could purchase a crop top and not feel self-conscious about my “mom” body. I chose Goodlife’s Supima Cropped Crew and the TriDye Terry Venice Sweatpants, both in the color timber. When looking for new clothing, I specifically look for ease of care, if the item will compliment my current wardrobe, the softness of the fabric, how it fits my body and if it seems worth the price. If I buy from the same brand again depends on how well it washes and if it continues to look good over time.

Supima Cropped Crew

Originally $68
Color: Timber

“Based on the loose-fitting “boyfriend” style that inspired us to launch our Women’s category, but cut and cropped above the waist. American-grown Pima cotton is blended with modal to help the garment keep its shape after washing. Incredibly soft, with a flattering drape and deep color. 50% cotton, 50% modal, Made in the USA”

TriDye Terry Venice Sweatpants

Originally $135
Color: Timber

“A classic sweatpant with an oversized, loose fit. Simple elastic waistband and cuffs with our signature self-fabric drawcords. Perfect for year-round wear with a substantial but super soft hand feel from the large loops on the back side of the terry. 69% Cotton, 25% Polyester, and 6% Rayon Made in the USA”

Goodlife Clothing Review: Care

I check two things before I try anything on when I go shopping: the price tag and the washing instructions tag. If anything says hand wash or dry clean, I’m out. That product is more high maintenance than me, and I don’t need that in my life. Thankfully both my Goodlife products can go in the washer and dryer. Both state machine wash cold and tumble dry low. This is my perfect combination of instructions, the washer isn’t stealing hot water, and the dryer isn’t crunching electricity. I dry everything on low to preserve the original size and shape of my clothing.

Working with my Wardrobe.

Goodlife creates understated staple pieces.

I have noticed that my once bright colors and crazy patterned leggings are getting left behind because I didn’t have anything to balance them out in my wardrobe. When I chose my pieces from Goodlife, I went with a neutral, natural color. The color is called timber and was a seasonal selection. In person, the color looks like it could be brown/tan or green, thus making both pieces appropriate for many other color options. The timber crop works with so many leggings and all the denim I currently own. The timber sweatpants are great to mix and match with bright-colored tops. My favorite combo has been a hot pink crop with sweatpants. Of course, they look fantastic together since they are both the same color, just different textures.

Goodlife Clothing Review: Comfort

One of the most incredible things about Goodlife is its fabric. They have figured out how to make the softest cotton blends.

I chose the Supima Cropped Crew top 50% USA Pima cotton and 50% Modal. Pima cotton is a long fiber silky cotton. It is known for its soft texture, durability, and high quality. Modal is sustainable beech tree cellulose. Modal is exceptionally soft and does not shrink or pill. Modal is the ideal fabric for clothing you plan to wash and wear for a long time. I have one other shirt from Visakai that is 50% cotton/modal split, and the soft texture of my Goodlife shirt is superior.

The TriDye Terry Venice sweatpants are mostly cotton. At 69% Cotton, 25% Polyester, and 6% Rayon, Goodlife made sure the combination was just right. These sweatpants are so soft from the outside. When I saw the loop design, I was worried they would not be soft, but they made the loops more significant, which resulted in a very smooth feeling. The larger loops allow for more movement and airflow. I was comfortable in these sweatpants, from cool Colorado to humid Hawaii.


Goodlife Clothing Review: Fit

Since my recent fitness journey has changed my body dramatically, I have been concerned about buying clothing online. However, I could not be more pleased with the fit of these two Goodlife pieces. The Supima Crop hangs beautifully down my back to cover the top of most pants I wear. The drape on the front is so flattering and hangs past my stomach, giving me the appearance of a trimmer waistline. The shoulders stretch, perfect for lounging or hitting the gym. The TriDye Terry Venice sweatpants are an ideal weight; they hang from a generous elastic waistband. The drawstring is the same material as the pants and ties in an attractive bow. These pants are thick and somewhat baggy, which gives my waist a smaller look when combined with a tight top. There is no fittedness to the hips, butt, or legs. Perfect for days you want to be comfortable but still stylish. Both Goodlife items are so flattering.

These pieces hide things women may be self-conscious about while accentuating specific feminine curves modestly.

Goodlife Clothing Review: Test of Time

When you buy clothing online or in a store, you have yet to determine if it will wash and wear well. I can tell you Goodlife is true to their statement that their pieces will hold form, look great, and not shrink, wash after wash. I wore my Goodlife pieces numerous times in Hawaii and had to use the stacked agitator washer and dryer a couple of times. Every time I was worried they would shrink or get damaged in some way from the agitator, but every time they came out looking just like new. The purposefully distressed pill on the sweatpants looked like a timeless loved piece, and the crop still looks flawless and drapes with the same female-flattering cut.

Goodlife Clothing Review: Price

Remember I said I was a mom of four? Well then, I am always looking for the deal of a lifetime. I usually would be put off by the price tags on Goodlife products. Also, I would say something other than I like our throwaway culture. So many products nowadays are quickly produced and cheap. We all feel it three washes later, and the shirt we got for a great price is now a hand-me-down for a 7-year-old or looks like it is 20 years old, faded, and floppy. The Goodlife products I bought for myself and my husband are such excellent quality, and I can see us keeping them for a long time. They are worth the price tag!

Goodlife Clothing Review: Loop

But if you are not into keeping your wardrobe for years, Goodlife has a clothing recycling program called Loop. You can send them your worn Goodlife clothing, and they will send it to Green Tree Textiles in New York, where they’ll convert it into insulation and then give you a discount on your next Goodlife purchase.

Review Final Thoughts

As a very busy mom of 4, when I shop for clothing, I must have a couple of things: easy care, comfort, classic style, flattering fit, and value. Goodlife checks all these boxes and is an economically conscious company you will feel good supporting. With our exclusive Revoupon Discount Code GLC15 you can save up to 25% on your Goodlife Clothing purchase.

Goodlife Clothing - Try Before You Buy

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