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HairStory Review

If your hair could tell your story, what would it say?

My hair would tell everyone how much money I spend on hair products each month and how many products I use on a daily basis. It may also complain about all the heat styling and coloring I do. Currently, my hair will be singing a different story every day. I am pregnant and my hormones are changing my scalp conditions constantly, one week I’m oily and the next I need major moisture. With the ever changing needs of my scalp I went looking for a new solution. Hello Hairstory!

Hairstory Review

Where to buy Hairstory Products

I had been looking for a new hair care line, when my social media served me an ad for Hairstory. I personally do not have curly hair, but I loved all the curly hair models in the Hairstory ad. I followed the links and ended up on their social and then their website. I searched their site for a “Where to buy Hairstory products” tab, but I could not find one. You have to buy the products though their website. I was wary about this, because I am sensitive to smell right now. Their website has a 23 question questionnaire to help you choose the right products. This is nice, because you are able to understand why Hairstory chooses your products, as opposed to a hairdresser just suggesting products.

Hairstory New Wash Review

If I forgot to mention this, I am a hairstylist. I have always used shampoo and conditioner, so the idea that a conditioner like product would be able to cleanse and condition, just sounds like one of grocery store 2 in 1s that I can’t stand as someone who uses professional products only. However, i wanted to try something new and testing products is super fun.

Well, Hairstory New Wash is definitely a whole new way of washing and caring for your scalp. Have you ever thought about how dry your hands get after a good lathery hand soap cleaning. Well most shampoos are packed with surfactants, sodium laurel sulfate, that create the lather we all know, love, and think is doing a great job cleaning. However, just like our hands, we are drying our scalp and hair out. Most of us will then follow with a conditioner on the ends, to make our hair soft and not frizzy. But what about your scalp? Most people do not put conditioner on their scalp, I know I don’t or my hair will look super greasy almost immediately. This means regular shampoo leaves your scalp dry, like your hands after washing. Hairstory New Wash is a surfactant free, creamy, and conditioning cleansing lotion that will leave your scalp feeling quenched and your hair clean and smooth.

How to use Hairstory New Wash

My favorite part of getting a haircut is the shampoo before. I will gladly give a big tip to the shampoo assistant to give my scalp a good rub down. This kind of scalp massage is how to use Hairstory’s New Wash. Hairstory also has a scalp brush to help scrub and cleanse, I just used my finger tips.

Since New Wash is a one step process, I do not feel like the adding the scalp massage takes any longer than my old shampoo and conditioner process. I like to evenly spread the New Wash through all my hair first. Then I scrub my scalp with my finger tips, while I do this the product is cleansing and breaking through dirt on the lengths of my hair. After that, I will lightly rub the lengths of my hair to make sure the New Wash touches everything. Lastly, with a wide tooth comb I’ll just make sure all the tangles are out, just like after applying and letting conditioner perpetrate my hair. New Wash air dries quickly and looks great without any additional products, but if you blow dry it’s extremely fast. My hair felt clean, smooth, and had volume. I did not use any other products on my hair, in order to see how the New Wash would handle styling.

Pros and Cons of Hairstory New Wash

Pros of New Wash

  • One step process makes washing hair faster.

  • Does not dry out my scalp, which means my scalp does not produce as much oil between washes.

  • New Wash makes air drying and blow drying faster

Cons of New Wash

  • It is not good to use for washing after a color service. I used it after coloring my hair and it did not remove the color and left my hair feeling very tangled.

  • I do not like the smell of the New Wash, it reminds me of Aveda products.

Hairstory Hair Powder Review

The only other thing I use pretty religiously is dry shampoo to elongate the time between when I need to wash my hair. So I decided to give Hair Powder a try. I absolutely love the smell and it gives me good oil reduction between washes. However, I did notice Hairstory uses the Hair Powder as a styling texturizer in all of their promotional videos. I think my hair type is too long and heavy to use it to create volume and texture like they do. My hair is not layered enough nor do I have any natural texture or curl.

One of my favorite things about the Hair Powder is that this dry shampoo is not an aerosol. I am not sure how the bottle works, but lift the foldable nozzle, press down on the top, and it sends a puff of powder out. Since the nozzle folds closed it travels well. No accidental puffs in your bag or suitcase and no need to keep a cap, just in case.

Pros and Cons of Hairstory Hair Powder

Pros of Hair Powder

  • I love that this product is not an aerosol.

  • This bottle also travels well.

  • The Hair Powder smells so good.

  • The oil reduction lasted all day for me.

Cons of Hair Powder

  • Hairstory promotes this as more of a styling texturizer, but it did not do much in the way of style for my hair.

  • I did not get any volume out of this product, it was quite flat and heavy.

Hairstory Review: The Verdict

As a hairstylist I like the effects of how the New Wash cleanses and leaves the hair feeling weightless. I was able to achieve good volume with rough drying and then a little blow out. It is definitely weird to not have shampoo bubbles and then following with a smoothing conditioner. I wished it had worked for rinsing out color product, because it seems like the prefect cleanser for someone who colors their hair. I will just use a regular shampoo after coloring, but the New Wash will be every wash after. New Wash is great for keeping color more vibrant for longer. I actually did not notice fading before my hair grew out and required to be colored again.

The hair powder is great as a dry shampoo to remove oil and give me an extra couple days between washes. I would not expect to get much volume or texture if you have thick,  straight, and flat hair with no layers. However it smells great and smell is half the battle when I want to get one more day before I have to wash my hair.

Is Hairstory worth it?

You should try Hairstory today, it’s worth seeing the difference and taking better care of your scalp. I would suggest this product to someone with thin, layered, and or textured hair. I love the Hairstory promotional videos, all the models end up with great volume and little effort. Hairstory keeps my color longer and has slowed the oil production on my scalp. I rarely have greasy hair days before I decide to wash again. Join the Hairstory Refill Club and Save Up To 15% Per Ounce – Shop Now!