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Luna GO review – Is Foreo safe for pregnancy?

Hey moms-to-be or moms-of-more, it’s your face! We need to have a serious talk about self care while you are pregnant. I know you are busy preparing for your new baby, but don’t forget about your beautiful mom face, that your little bundle of joy is going to be staring at for hours. Hours of feeding, snuggling, and diaper changing… Yeah, lots and lots of diapers. So you better take care of your skin now and after, it will make you feel so much better to have a clean and clear face, I promise.

I am not abnormal and I will be the first to tell you, I let myself go a bit while I am pregnant. I am a mom of three already and have one on the way. We are a busy family and everyone is currently stuck in our home thanks to COVID. I am constantly cleaning up after everyone and feel like I have little time to myself. Thankfully FOREO has some highly efficient facial cleansing tools that help mama get some much needed “me time” quickly.

Luna GO Review

I love going to the spa, but as a mom of three I do not find that time much any more. Also being pregnant I have to be careful about any sort of massages as some pressure points can induce premature labor. So i have been steering clear of spas recently, but my skin and patience has been suffering. Surprise, my husband decided to surprise me with a Foreo Luna GO and UFO 2. He could tell that the last half of this pregnancy was going to be hard with all the kids home and having to be homeschool mom too.

What is a Luna GO?

The Luna Go is the smallest tool in the Foreo Luna line up. It is ultra-light and compact, perfect for traveling or having in a gym bag. I am going to be bringing it to the hospital with me when we have our 4th kiddo. Although the Luna GO is small it still has most of the features the bigger Lunas have to offer.

  • T-Sonic cleaning
  • Anti-Aging low frequency pulsing after cleansing step
  • Ultra high-quality silicone
  • Super soft bristles
  • Waterproof design
  • About the size of a hot wheel
  • Works with most skincare cleanser
Foreo Luna Go
Foreo Luna Go Boxed
Foreo Luna Go Unboxed

I really like that it came with a silk bag to put it in. This way it stays clean in my diaper bag, gym bag, and the side pocket of my luggage. I will definitely be bringing this little gadget to the hospital when we have our baby. I usually have an extended stay and making sure some of my life stays the same will be important for my recovery.

Is Foreo safe for pregnancy?

Yes, there are not major pressure points to induce labor in our faces. I used my Foreo for months during my pregnancy and I never went into labor, although there were some days when I wished that would happen. Foreo is safe for pregnancy and is the perfect way to make your face washing routine feel so much more special. When pregnant, our skin goes through changes with our hormones. I experienced more breakouts. So, not only is Foreo safe for pregnancy, it is proven to remove up to 99.5% of the dirt on your skin. This helped me immensely to battle my breakouts. The Luna GO is also smaller and can fit into the space between my nose and cheek. This little guy was a life saver.

Foreo Micro-Foam Cleanser is Perfect for the Luna GO

I am packing my hospital bag now and I know I can not forget to bring my Luna GO with me. I also got the small tube of Foreo’s Micro-Foam Cleanser to bring with me. I was originally using a different K-beauty cleanser, but I felt like it was making the Luna GO stick to my skin. After getting the Foreo Micro-Foam Cleanser, I could tell this product has been formulated to work perfectly with the Luna. All of a sudden the Luna was gliding across my skin, creating fun foamy lines from the silicone bristles. My skin felt great after and I did not experience any additional breakouts from switching to a new cleanser. These two products are a must in my hospital bag!

Lucky for me I was scheduled for a c-section and I could pack my bags the night before.

Pros of the Luna GO

  • Compact design and silk bag, perfect for travel
  • T-sonic tech packed into this tiny powerhouse of a facial brush/massager
  • Works with most cleanser, but best with Foreo’s cleanser
  • It comes in 4 colors that correspond with different skin types, mine is pink and for normal skin. Pink is also my favorite color.
  • The Luna GO is 100% waterproof and can be used and left in the shower no problem
  • Makes my skin feel great and clean

Cons of the Luna GO

  • The Luna GO does not have a program in the app, this actually does not brother me much as I find myself needing to separate from my phone more often.
  • It is a very small device for most people’s hands, I have almost dropped it in the shower.
  • The bristles are shorter than the bigger Lunas
  • One full charge does not last nearly as long as it’s bigger Luna line up

Luna GO Review: Verdict

The Luna GO is a great addition to any one’s facial cleaning regime. There is even a guys version. It is a power packed tiny facial brush/massager that is perfect for someone with an active lifestyle. Just throw it in the travel bag and then into your gym bag or purse and have a perfectly clean face is just 60 seconds. I am so pleased with this beauty tool. All of the Foreo Luna line is great, but this is my favorite. The compact design is perfect for my face and my #momlife.\

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