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Pela Case Review

Cell phones are the one thing most people do not leave the house without. I have also not met anyone who did not have a case on their phone, making a cell phone case the most popular accessory everyone can’t live without. In this review I am going to share an eco-friendly option for all my environmentally conscious friends. I was so excited to find Pela, a 100% compostable cell phone accessory brand. Pela also has a line of fashionable sunglasses sure to fit most face shapes. They sent me three perfect cases to test out. I am a Colorado girl and I love the mountains. So Pela sent me the coolest mountain cases, as well as their Lavender Ridge case, that currently matches my lavender hair! I am a mom of four and put these cases to the momlife test.

Pela Case Review

Who makes an Eco-friendly cell phone case?

When I think about cell phone cases I think of 2 main things. First, will it protect my phone from drops? Then second, does it look good? I have never thought about compostability or the carbon footprint of the cell phone case industry. The international data corporation says 95 million phones are dropped and damaged each year. This is why the cell phone case market does so well. Everyone wants to protect their device. More than 10 billion dollars a year are spent on cell phone cases, adding up to a lot of cases and a lot of waste. Pela is the first ever cell phone case company to make a 100% compostable case. Pela says 1.5 billion cases are put into our landfills every year. With the Pela 360 program cell phone owners can make a huge difference by sending Pela your old plastic cases so they can up-cycle the plastic and keep it out of our oceans. Pela’s mission is to create a waste free future.

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Who is Pela?

Pela wants to create a waste free future. They are leaders in the manufacturing industry. Pela is here to change and challenge other manufacturers to become more environmentally conscious and aware of their impact on our earth.

Pela’s founder, Jermey Lang, has a saying, “We do not inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from our kids.” He was inspired in 2008 to start Pela after visiting Hawai’i and finding plastic on the beach. He founded Pela to bring his personal beliefs into the workplace. Pela’s headquarters is located in Kelowna, Canada, a beautiful city right in the middle of the Okanagan Lake.

  • Community – Commit to a culture that builds a vibrant community.

  • Creativity – Foster creativity to inspire innovation.

  • Consciousness – Live with awareness and consciousness of the impact of our choices.

  • Courage – Embrace courage by taking action despite uncertainty.

What is compostability?

Compostability is a characteristic of a product, packaging or associated component that allows it to biodegrade under specific conditions. How long an item composts depends on a few outside variables such as bacteria, temperature, and moisture.

  • Bacteria – Sugar, leaves, grass clippings, and manure contain nitrogen and promote bacteria growth in your compost.

  • Temperature – A higher temperature will speed up the growth and development of the bacteria needed to compost, but if you can go too high and create a steaming pile of smelly slow compost. Your neighbors will not appreciate it and you will find your compost pile never getting any smaller.

  • Moisture – A compost pile should be at about 50% moisture content.

Pela Cases I reviewed

After seeing our Grip2ü vs Casetify comparison review, the team at Pela was generous enough to send me three Pela cases for my iPhone 13 Pro Max. This gave me the opportunity to review their printed design, engraved case, as well as a clear case.

Pela Cases:

Powder Blue Rockies iPhone 13 Pro Max Case
Black Boreal iPhone 13 Pro Max Case
Clear iPhone 13 Pro Max Case with Lavender Ridge
SALE $35.95

Pela Case: Design

Powder Blue Rockies: Looks wise this is my favorite of all the cases. I live in the Rocky Mountain front range and absolutely love our sunsets and taking day trips to be a little closer to heaven. This case is the perfect shade of blue and matches the blue of my iPhone. The mountain print is actually engraved into the case giving it a cool texture, something that I noticed helps with grip. From some angles you might think this is just a pale blue case, but up close it looks so cool. This case feels like a silicone case, but without the oily feel silicone cell phone cases often have.

Black Boreal: The teal green mountains and trees show so vibrantly as they contrast this black case. The mountains and trees are printed, keeping the case completely smooth. It looks great and does not get the scuff marks on the corners like the lighter colored case. Again, Pela wins with the mountain prints for this mama. This case also feels like your typical soft silicone case.

Clear Case with Lavender Ridge: This case is totally clear on the backside, which showcases the iPhone apple and the beautiful blue color I picked. The edge of the case is a light lavender color and currently matches my hair color. I think the subtlety of this case is really understated and can be dressed up or down. It’s cute and clean. However it does pick up scuff marks on the edges rather easily.

Pela Case: Fit

Powder Blue Rockies: This case feels like a typical soft silicone case, minus the silicone. The fit is pretty good. The hole for the silent button on the side lines up well. My only issue is at the bottom, I do not feel like the case comes around the bottom of the case evenly and creates a good lip so the screen won’t touch a surface when put down. On the engraved side of this case, there is a raised lip around the area where the lenses are so the lenses are not exposed to surfaces when put down. This case is so easy to put on and remove, that it makes me feel like its loose and will come off, but it has not.

Black Boreal: This case is also similar to a soft silicone case. I think the fit of this case is better than the Powder Blue Rockies case, however it still doesn’t quite line up at the bottom of the phone. The silent button lines up great, but the holes at the bottom are a little crooked. This case is super easy to take on and off.

Clear Case with Lavender Ridge: This is my favorite fitting case of the three. Because of the hard clear back, this case is more rigid and goes on snug. All of the spaces and holes are in the right place and straight. The lavender colored ridge around the whole phone is deep enough to protect the phone screen and lenses from touching a flat surface when put down. This is definitely the best fitting of all the cases.

Pela Case: Grip

Both the Powder Blue Rockies and Black Boreal have about the same grip, with a slight edge going to The Powder Blue case because of the engraved design. The Lavender Ridge case is actually an odd grip for my hand. The ridge is really “grippy,” but the clear part is actually slippery. So depending on how I am holding the case it feels good, but sometimes slips in my hand.

Pela Case: What are the cases made of?

The short answer is Flaxstic, but what is Flaxstic? Flaxstic is a bio-plastic made from the flax plant..

Pela Case: Durability

I have had these cases for over a month now and I am very impressed with how well a compostable case has held up. I have been rotating through these cases and my only issue is they do scuff and pick up color on the edges. There is some peeling on the edges from wear and tear, but I do not think the phone is going to melt in my hand, pocket, or purse. They will make for the life of my phone. With how often cell phone providers offer upgrades most people only keep their phones for about two years anyhow.

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Final Thoughts on my new Pela Cases

I am pleased with all my Pela cases. The Powder Blue case is my favorite looking and matches the color of my phone. It also is named for the Rockies which are near and dear to me. The Black Boreal is flashy and outdoorsy looking, which fits into my lifestyle too. The Lavender Ridge case is the cleanest looking and fits the best.

Overall, they are great looking and great for the environment. I have never thought about the impact of cell phone accessories on the world, but after learning about the amazing benefits of Pela and the technology they are bringing to the manufacturing industry, I am so excited to make a switch. I do think the cases are expensive for not fitting the phone perfectly. I wish they were less expensive, but this is new technology and a lot went into creating Flaxtstic. Eventually more manufacturers and people will make a switch and maybe the Flaxstic will become cheaper to produce and buy.

Pela Case FAQ

Yes. The Flaxstic material has the feel of silicon, but offers superior drop protection in an Eco-friendly material.

When Pela first started they were able to get cases out much faster, but with today’s demand and shipping issues getting your case can take 21+ days depending on location and customs.

From the Pela Site:


Free Shipping: 8-14 business days (after 1-3 day processing time)

*Free shipping final deliveries will be made with USPS – please consider while filling out your address if you can only recieve to a PO Box with USPS!

Faster Shipping: 5-10 business days (after 1-3 day processing time)

Fastest Shipping: 2-4 business days (after 1-3 day processing time) (NOTE: FedEx does not deliver to PO Boxes)


Free Shipping: 14-21 business days (after 1-3 day processing time)

*Both are subject to customs clearance which can take longer.


Free Shipping: 14-21 business days (after 1-3 day processing time)

*Both are subject to customs clearance which can take longer in some countries

No, their website is international.

Use a simple soap and water solution to clean your Pela case. A soft bristle brush, like a toothbrush works great. Never use harsh detergents, boiling water, or soak a Pela case to clean it.

As long as the design is not engraved/etched, a pop-socket will stick to a smooth Pela Case.

Pieces of flax from the flaxstic material used in creating the cases.

Pela does not have a Magsafe case, at the time of this writing. We tested our Pela cases on a Magsafe phone holder in the car and it did not hold.

Pela cases will not add any additional water protection to your phone.

Ship it back to Pela or put it in your personal compost. Composting a Pela case can take anywhere from six months to two years, this all depends on the quality of your compost and the environment of which you live in.


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