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Saatva Review

My sleep number is Saatva. In all honestly, I never thought I would be writing a Saatva mattress review because I’ve been a sleep number bed user for almost a decade. I thoroughly enjoyed my sleep number, but there were problems and when it was time to shop for mattresses those problems were glaring. So, how did this Saatva review come about? Read on and I will tell you how I wound up leaving my sleep number, why I chose Saatva, and how the first 60 days of sleep have been for me.


What is Saatva?

Saatva is an American mattress company launched in 2010 with the idea that traditional mattress companies and their sales models were outdated. The mattress industry had gone down a dark path, sometimes being equated to used car sales. Mattress companies were overpriced and beginning to skimp on materials and craftsmanship so that “sleepers” would have to come back sooner than later for a replacement. Saatva decided it wad time to change the game by creating a luxury mattress company that fueled the US economy, kept dollars and cents in US shoppers pockets, and by eliminating brick-and-mortar stores could drive down the cost of their superior products.

In addition to creating quality mattresses, they also stand behind their products and support the American people. Saatva offers military, nurse, and design trade discounts. To top is all off, they give you a 180-night home trial, a 15-year warranty, financing, free shipping, and if you’re not satisfied it’s only $99 to return or exchange your Saatva mattress.

Why a Saatva Bed?

As previously mentioned, I was content with my Sleep Number Bed. However, right at the start of the COVID lock-down in Colorado my sleep number died. When I say it died, what I mean is that one side of my queen size bed would not longer inflate. I was reduced to sleeping on half of the mattress, which equates to a bed smaller than a twin. In the past, I had inflation issues and problems with the pump but it was never anything some duct tape couldn’t fix. This, on the other hand, was irreparable damage and warranted a new mattress purchase.

Unfortunately, timing was not on my side. Since I am over the age of 65, I am high risk for COVID exposure and knew I would not be able to “test” out mattresses at the store. Besides, mattress shops were not considered essential at the time, to my knowledge. So, online mattress shopping was my only choice.

A Retired Marine Sleeps Here

I did a lot of research. There are dozens of online mattress companies from Casper to Nectar and during the pandemic even the household names like Serta and Sealy were increasingly going online. I had tried Tempurpedic in the past and had back aches nightly, so I knew I wanted to stay away from memory foam.

As a retired Marine Corps Vietnam vet, I was hoping to find something made in America. Besides, a lot of overseas brands were taking significantly longer for shipping and I wanted to stop reliving my childhood on a mattress essentially sized for an elementary schooler. When I saw that Saatva was American Made with factories likely close by, I knew I could get my hands on a good night sleep quickly.

What Saatva Mattress was right for me?

I looked at a few mattresses from Saatva, including their other lines Loom & Leaf and Zenhaven but after speaking with their support team (which is available 24/7) I landed on the Latex Hybrid mattress. I wanted to stay away from memory foam because it hurt my back and I was unsure about the chemicals used in the foam. Saatva uses organic cotton and wool which meets something called the OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which basically means it’s not toxic.

I didn’t want the hassle of a pump and a deflating mattress again. In the latter stages of my Sleep Numbers untimely death I was going to bed on an inflated mattress and waking up on a deflated mattress. Sometimes I was half in the hole and other times I may as well have been sleeping on the box spring.

Lastly, I needed medium firmness. To be fair, this option is available from every mattress company on earth but having the Saatva Latex Hybrid check all the boxes made me feel good about choosing it.

The Saatva Process

The Saatva Latex Hybrid is listed at $1,799 on the website and currently on sale for $1,599. The Military discount gives you $225 off, but that offer can’t be combined with other discounts. There’s a “buy it now” option om the site or you can finance through Klarna for “as low as” $89 a month. I opted not to finance, though this is a convenient option for a lot of people.

Once ordered, I was contacted within a few days to schedule delivery. Unfortunately, this was less of a scheduling and more of a delivery window. Luckily the time I was told the mattress would be delivered worked for me, but it didn’t seem like I had a choice. It was more of a “we’ll be there between this time and that time, on this day” scheduling.

Although Saatva does offer white-glove service for the delivery, I opted out of this. Instead, I simply had the mattress left on my front porch. Again, being high-risk for COVID I thought to play it safe and make my son help me carry it in. It did take over a week to get my mattress delivered, which in any other situation wouldn’t have felt like long. However, in my current mattress circumstance it felt like an eternity. That being said, Saatva mattresses are made to order so some wait times are expected, and most people aren’t in my unique position.

Saatva Review: My New Sleep Number

Once I coerced my son into helping me move the mattress into the house we dropped it right on top of my old Tempurpedic base. That’s when I realized I made a small mistake. Well, not really a mistake – more of a missed-calculation. I didn’t take into account how thick the Saatva Latex Hybrid mattress was going to be. It’s substantially thicker than my past Tempurpedic or Sleep Number. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but at only 5’6” I am close to needing a stool to get into bed. In Saatva’s defense, that’s the result of buying a large wooden bed and not a traditional bed frame or platform.

Saatva Review: First Impression

Once I hooked up my belay system and climbed into bed I was completely satisfied with the comfort of the Saatva mattress. Now, with that in mind I don’t think 5 minutes of laying on any mattress reveals the true level of comfort. If that were the case, I would have known right away the Tempurpedic wasn’t right for me. That being said, the Saatva mattress was comfortable and I was so far satisfied with my purchase.

One thing to note, is how good looking these mattresses are. Albeit not something that should go into your decision for any mattress, they are well designed and if my sheets were clear I would not mind seeing the Saatva design every day. After I was done admiring the mattresses good looks, I threw on my sheets and comforter. Aside from the mountainous height, it now looked just like any other mattress.

After a few weeks of sleeping on what seemed like a soft workout bench, the first night on my Saatva was a welcome feeling. I could sprawl out and did not have to roll in place to stay on my sliver of mattress. I could not tell in night whether I slept well because I was so relieved to have a real mattress again, or whether the Saatva was just that good. As time went on, I realized it was the mattress.

Saatva Review: Thirty Days

Fast forward a month and I can’t come up with a single complaint about the Saatva Latex Hybrid. I believe this mattress is worth every penny. I was confident at this stage I would not need 180 days to decide whether I liked it. I liked it! It is every bit as comfortable as my sleep number without the hassles and for a fraction of the price. Although I didn’t have any complaints after 30 nights, check out some pro’s and con’s of the Saatva Latex Hybrid.

Saatva Latex Hybrid Pro’s:

It was a gamble, but the Saatva is exactly the level of comfort I was looking for in a new mattress. I probably would’ve ended up at a local mattress shop if it weren’t for the pandemic. In this instance, I am glad I didn’t have that luxury or choice.

The cost compared to other mattresses I shopped, including a new Sleep Number, was a lot less. The top of the line Sleep Number starts at $2,800, plus another $1,099 for the base!

No back pain whatsoever after 30 nights is exactly what everyone hopes for from their mattress purchase. I wasn’t so lucky with other mattresses in the past, so this is a huge plus for me.

It was much easier to move, although heavier, than my deflated Sleep Number. Coil mattresses are heavy, but typically rigid enough to move without much trouble. My sleep number was floppy and cumbersome to move, though not heavy.

Saatva Latex Hybrid Con’s:

I didn’t have a deep enough fitted sheet, that’s not Saatva’s fault. As a result, I needed to purchase a fitted sheet (at minimum) that wouldn’t come loose overnight.

The initial cost of $1,600 is a large purchase for almost anyone  – Although financing is available, I often feel like that’s just a way to get consumers to pay more for something they’d likely not spend as much on normally. It’s easier to stomach $89 a month over dropping $1600 up front, even if the final amount is more because of interest. That being said, when you break down the cost over the course of how long a mattress is used, it’s actually pretty affordable.

Had I bought a Saatva base/foundation I probably wouldn’t need a Sherpa to scale the side of my bed to get in. Again, this isn’t Saatva’s fault. Would I have chosen the Saatva if I had realized how thick it would be? Probably not. But do I regret it now that I know how comfortable it is? Not even a little.

Saatva Review: 2 months in

At the 2-month mark, I am every bit as satisfied with my Saatva purchase as day one. At first, when I started taking notes for this review, I was very conscious of how I slept, any time I got in or out of bed, and my daily “interactions” with the mattress. However, after the first month I just kid of forgot about it. I fell into my routine and a comfortable night sleep just became the norm.

Saatva Review: The Verdict

You truly can’t go wrong with a Saatva Mattress, especially the Latex Hybrid. I had a nothing but positive experience throughout. If there was anything I could improve upon, and I am grasping at straws here, it would be to lower the price, ship faster, and schedule based upon the buyers time frame. With more than 60 nights spent on my latex hybrid from Saatva I am confident that I found the right mattress for me. If you’re interested in a Saatva mattress, Revoupon readers can save $200 on their purchase by clicking the link below.

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