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Smartass and Sass Subscription Box Review

Who doesn’t love a smartass? Probably those who don’t get it. No, but really. If you don’t like having fun, saying what’s on your mind, and profanity, this is not the subscription service or review for you.

Smartass & Sass features artists, silliness, and a dash of snark and charm with every box. If you’re looking to spice up and surprise yourself every month, this might be the kind of box that puts a smile on your face when cracking it up. If you don’t like to have any fun and don’t laugh at dumbass jokes, turn away now – you’re not going to like this smartass and sass subscription box review.

What is Smartass & Sass?

Abby and Kim, the Founders of Smartass & Sass, have been best friends for over 25 years. They’re self-proclaimed weirdos with inside jokes and laughter for days. They wanted to share a little bit of what makes their friendship weird and wild with the world – Smartass & Sass was born from this. They love finding the right vendors and products for each box and sharing a little bit of them with everyone who subscribes.

What Does Smartass & Sass Offer?

  • Shirt-only: $15.95/month. This features just a shirt. A unisex, soft, locally-printed shirt with something sassy on it. That’s it.

  • S&S subscription: $34.95/month. This monthly box features 5-7 curated items to make you laugh, maybe cry, depends on if you care about the theme for the month.

  • S&S Big Box subscription: $49.95/month. This is everything you love or hate about the monthly box, plus a shirt that may or may not fit you.

All shipments cut off on the 13th of each month. As long as you subscribe before that, you’ll get the current month’s box. You can do monthly, 3-month, and a 6-month subscription.

Shipping is $3.99+ depending on where you live in the US; international shipping depends on the country and will be more.

My Thoughts On the Smartass & Sass Subscription Box

I’m a smartass, love to make inappropriate jokes, and I wear funny shirts. So, I was excited to get my first Smartass & Sass box. I went with the regular subscription box to see what the fuss was all about.

From the moment I received it, the box was bright and fun. It’s well-branded, with social channels and the website on the side.

Opening it, you find a card that highlights what’s in the box and a thank you. This gives you a complete breakdown of each item, its value, and where you can find more items from the companies included in the box. I love when companies add this to their boxes because sometimes you fall in love with something and want to see what more a company might offer. It makes it so much easier to connect with them.

The plastic grass/paper-like filler in the box though, made it difficult to get the items quicker, especially the socks which it stock, too. While it’s a great way to keep things from shifting around, it was a bit messy to clean up after tearing through the box.

There were nine total items in the box:

  • Spoon Me Spoon

  • In Your Dreams Socks

  • NAPS Collection Bic Clic Pen

  • Tired Old Ass Mineral Bath Salt & Mist

  • Snacks/Pony Door Hangar

  • Be Nice or Go Away Sticker

  • Need More Space Luggage Tag

The total value of the In Your Dreams box was roughly $78.

I loved the variety of items in the box. They were fun, ranged in size, and could be used in different ways depending on what you like.

Taking each one out, laughing, and seeing how the items matched up with the In Your Dreams theme was an awesome experience – each item built on the others in the box.

They were bright, too, which made the feel of the box happy and fun.

The spoon might be my favorite part of this box. This is an amazingly sturdy, long, spoon. Perfect for that morning cup of joe or something stronger at the end of the day when you need to let go and chill.

The door hangar is funny and will serve me well when working from home and needing to be sassy about my quiet time.

The pen is funny, too. I wish I had more in-person meetings. I could flip the pen around in my fingers to get people’s attention about needing more mid-day naps because those meetings are so damn boring.

The Calm Yo Ass Down candle was funny and smells good. The Tired Old Ass bath salt and mist smell good, too, and made me chuckle. The mist will make a hysterical addition to my bathroom for those not quite paying attention until they pick it up.

I’m a sticker addict. Stickers are good for my soul, and so is this one, especially on my laptop, where everyone will know: be nice or go away. A mantra to live by today.

From the initial look of the box through the opening and getting a kick out of everything inside, the In Your Dreams box was more than worth its value and excitement to get.

Should You Try the Smartass & Sass Subscription Box?

For the value alone, this Smartass & Sass subscription box should be on your radar. The fun, humor, and quirkiness of the box make for a good monthly reminder not to take life so seriously. Imagine getting this box on a bad day when you need to blow off steam. It’s the perfect gift for your best friend who laughs with you and cries with you. Smartass & Sass will remind you life isn’t meant to be taken so seriously. Take it with a grain of salt and a laugh here or there.