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The Official Tomahawk Shades Review

When people warned me about living at high altitudes, they mentioned bloody noses, dry skin, and needing a lot of extra water, but no one told me how brutal the sun could be. Everyone knows living more than a mile high reduces oxygen in the air, but it also reduces the amount of atmosphere that would normally absorb the sun’s harmful rays and don’t even get me started on the sunshine coming off the snow – it can be blinding.

Ever since I moved to Colorado, I’ve needed a great pair of sunglasses to combat the bright sun, which led me to try Tomahawk Shades.


Why I Tried Tomahawk Shades

When looking for sunglasses I need them to check a few boxes. I want sunglasses with full UV protection, polarization, a good price point, and of course I want to look good in them. I went through a couple pairs of cheap sporting good store sunglasses but after popping the lens back in too many times I decided it was time to step up my sunglasses game.

After a quick Google search I came across Tomahawk Shades. Admittedly it was their look that first drew me in, but I liked everything else I was seeing – polarized lenses and a good price point. I decided to order a “cheap” pair of $35 Neuralyzers in matte black/smoke and a higher quality pair of $75 Hamptons in glossy tortoise shell/smoke.


Tomahawk Shades – First Impressions

The Weight and Feel

Both the Hamptons and Neuralyzers are light and compact. They don’t rattle on your head like old-school metal sunglasses and don’t feel bulky on your face. I have a slim face which has traditionally given me issues with one-size-fits all sunglasses sliding around but both pair stayed firmly in place without feeling snug.

Though they’re light, they don’t feel cheap or hollow. I’m not going to test their endurance but from initial feel I imagine they can take some rugged handling without breaking. They feel ‘right’ in your hands and on your face.

Looking Good

Come on, how can you beat the wayfarer style? Sunglasses styles come and go but the wayfarer style has been cool since Kennedy wore them in the 60s. The Neuralyzers in black give off that classic wayfarer style while the tortoise shell of the Hamptons made me look high class. The tortoise shell pattern is less noticeable than the picture on Tomahawk’s site, but I like that it’s not too obvious. Tomahawk had both the Neuralyzers and Hamptons in several other colors if the classic look isn’t your thing.

It’s all About the Lenses

The lenses were one of the top reasons I ordered from Tomahawk. I need strong protective lenses for living in the snowy and bright west, but these lenses could easily work for fishing in the Florida Keys or navigating the high plains of the American southwest.

Both lenses come with 400% UVA and UVB to protect your eyes from sun damage, but the Hamptons lenses come with Halcyon+ polarization to eliminate glare too. Considering how often I drop things, I’m glad the lenses on both pair are impact resistant.

Tomahawk Shades – The Real World

Trying Them Out

I need sunglasses for three major activities, driving, fishing, and outdoor adventure in the snow. While both Tomahawks performed well, the Hampton’s higher quality lenses were more favorable in most instances.

Behind the Wheel

I got to try out my new shades the morning after they arrived during my commute with a hefty patch of snow on the ground to reflect morning sun. With the Hamptons, I had no issues with glare from snow or other vehicles and despite the 400% UV protection I could see clearly in the low light. For the commute home I tried the Neuralyzers which did a great job letting me see on my drive into the setting sun.

On the River

It’s hard to fish without a great pair of sunglasses. I do most of my fishing in ponds, rivers, and other areas where I’m likely to see the fish I’m targeting. While I haven’t had a full day on the water in my Tomahawk Shades, I did try them out on a sunny morning at one of my favorite urban fishing spots.

I put on the Neuralyzers first and made a few casts. The sunglasses stayed in place and didn’t fall up or down my nose, but I noticed some glare on the water from the morning sun. I put on the Hamptons next and the glare was virtually reduced to zero allowing me to see to the bottom of the pond. The Hamptons also sat squarely on my face even when bending down to grab my line. I’m looking forward to getting the most out of my Hamptons on future fishing trips.

On the Slopes

Being outside in the snow was no problem in the Tomahawks. Snow reflecting high altitude sun is tough on anyone’s eyes, but I felt no strain or problems while walking my dog in the middle of a sunny day with snow on the ground. Both the Neuralyzers and Hamptons did great at cutting down the blazing brightness, but the Hamptons excelled at eliminating the brutal snow and ice glare. With the Hamptons I could easily spot and avoid icy spots. I’ll 100% be taking the Hamptons with me the next time I go snowboarding or snowshoeing.


Admittedly one thing I was worried about when ordering my Tomahawks was visibility in lower light situations. I had sunglasses that boasted 400% UV protection before, but they were so dark I could hardly use them expect when out in full sunshine. I first put on the Neuralyzers indoors and was pleasantly surprised how well I could still see. Same with the Hamptons. Don’t let the UV rating throw you off.

Price vs Value

Tomahawk Shades are a great value. The $35 Neuralyzers could easily be passed off as $60 sunglasses with a brand name label and it wouldn’t surprise me to see a product comparable to the $75 Hamptons retailing at more than $200. With the creation of companies like Tomahawk there’s no reason you should pay more than you need to for a great pair of sunglasses.

Tomahawk Shades Review: The Verdict

Both pairs of Tomahawk Shades share many positive qualities including great style, good fit, good feel, and the ability to cut down on harsh sunshine. Out of the two my nod goes to the Hamptons and their ability to cut down on glare with their Halcyon+ polarized lenses.

At $35 the Neuralyzers are a great bang for your buck but the extra money for the Hamptons is worth it if you plan on using your sunglasses for a lot of outdoor activities like fishing or if you live in a snowy environment with lots of sun glare. Considering both pairs give you great quality at half the cost of what you would normally pay – I definitely recommend Tomahawk Shades. If you’re sold like I was, use the Tomahawk Shades Coupon Code below to save 20% exclusively from Revoupon.

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