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YesPlz Coffee Subscription Review

A coffee connoisseurs’ reaction to the YesPlz Coffee subscription, unbiased and unfiltered.

Connoisseur is a word thrown about recklessly these days, used interchangeably with junky or addict. I am all the above. I love coffee, but not your Dads Folgers or overly sweet Fraps from the big green Seattle monster. Don’t get me wrong, that’s where this all started for me and I do hit a drive through when I’m miles away from my custom modified DeLonghi ec702. However, when given the choice I am going to opt to grind my own beans fresh, pull my own espresso and enjoy the fruits (or beans in this case) of my labor.


Note: I realize my DeLonghi does not scream connoisseur. However, it is a solid machine and with the numerous customizations I made to it, it is a formidable machine. Also, I saved long ago for a la Pavoni Esperto Edotto, but my wife won’t let me upgrade until the DeLonghi “needs” to be replaced. My upgrades and the quality of this machine is coming back to bite me.

YesPlz Coffee Subscription – Yeah Right…

I did not pick this subscription on my own, a friend thought I might like it, so he got it for me. I was skeptical and not overly excited since I like to choose my own beans. My friend is also a proclaimed coffee addict, but he will also be the first to tell you he is probably more addicted to the syrup and sugar than the coffee itself. Harsh as it sounds, I did not trust his judgement. That said, it was a free coffee so who am I to complain?

YesPlz Research

When I found out there were beans on the way I did some research about YesPlz Coffee. I had never heard of the brand or the subscription they offered. If I am being honest, the name did not sound very appealing which added to my skepticism. YesPlz had to live up to Tanzania Peaberry for single origin and Pete’s Major Dickson for blended beans.

It turns out the YesPlz coffee subscription sends a 12oz bag of freshly roasted beans to your doorstep weekly. Each week, you are surprised with a mixed blend or single origin release comprised of selections which are sourced from farms and mills the world over. All the beans are roasted to order in LA just before shipping.

YesPlz Release 109 – December 19, 2020

When my YesPlaz coffee subscription arrived, I was immediately impressed by the quality of the packaging. The bag was robust and resealable, in an obvious and valiant attempt to keep the beans as fresh as possible. Fresh beans are the foundation of a good pull and the basis of a great drink, whether it’s a Ristretto, Americano, Black Eye, or Bombon.

I noticed right away that the beans were roasted on December 19th, which was about 7 days before they arrived. Unfortunately, but by no fault of YesPlz, the “Holiday Big Blender” beans just missed Christmas. The beans I received was Release 109, a six-bean holiday blend. The blend included:

  • Manjanu & Zambarau – Kenya

  • El Maguey Peaberry – Mexico

  • Tablon de Gomez – Colombia

  • Buena Esperanza – Guatemala

  • El Malcaraco – Honduras

  • Limu – Etheopia

YesPlz Coffee Subscription Review

The Grind, The Pull, The Pour, The Sip

There was nothing left to do but make a drink. I do not grind my beans in bulk, I grind my beans for every drink I make. Using my Baratza Encore conical burr grinder I finely ground the beans to 19g for my double shot of espresso. Using an even amount of pressure, which takes time to learn not to over or under press, I set the grounds in the filter and tamped what I knew would create the ideal pull.


A 3oz double shot pour took 28 seconds. I find that the ideal time for a double shot is between 25 and 30 seconds. Good espresso and a nice pull will come out in three distinct layers; the dense syrupy drips, the free-flowing body, and the pièce de resistance – the crema. As you can see, YesPlz came through with the posterchild of espresso anatomy delivering all three layers distinctly.


I am not easily impressed by beans, but YesPlz made a good impression and overcame my skepticism about their name. The Release 109 was smooth, with each bean in the blend working together to give a nicely balanced flavor. The overall flavor had hints of caramel with roasted and smoky flavor underpinnings. Impressively, the flavor lacked bitterness, which is often present with a blend this bold.

However, the flavor profile was a bit bland for my palette. I prefer something a bit richer and with heavier aroma. Typically, I also like to see more coffee oils present on the beans and bag.

YesPlz Coffee Review Verdict

Initially, I was standoffish with the brand because of the name. Seeing this on a shelf next to well-known brands or luxury sounding names would not have enticed me to try it. Lucky for me, that did not deter my friend from recommending YesPlz. I would have been wrong to assume that YesPlz was somehow not a quality brand.

Overall, I was impressed by YesPlz. From the quality packaging to final results of the pour they delivered a good coffee. A YesPlz coffee subscription is a great gift for someone just starting out in coffee who would like to expand their horizons. It’s also great for the experienced drinker who has a wide-ranging palette and doesn’t feel the need to be ultra-selective with their beans.

I would rate Release 109 an 8 out of 10. I have no doubts that YesPlz will consistently deliver quality coffee and some weeks check every box of a discerning coffee drinker like myself. This blend fell a little short with flavor, aroma, and oil. Yet, I look forward to next week and the week after that, and the week after that.

If you are ready to try YesPlz coffee, Potent Potable, Release #114 ships on January 22, 2021. Use our exclusive Revoupon code to save 10% on your first order from YesPlz.