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Vegan Ballet Flats

Get Ready for Summer with Vegan Ballet Slippers



Ballet Flats



Ballet Flats

There are certain items that every woman should have in their wardrobe. A little black dress, a great pair of jeans, and vegan flats. While the first two are in virtually every closet, vegan flats are only now gaining traction in popularity but for good reason- they’re comfortable, versatile, and stylish.

Vegan flats are also eco and ethically responsible. Shoppers are always looking for ways to minimize their impact on the planet and vegan flats are ethically sourced, use little to no new material, and take care of those that make them.

For all these reasons you need a pair of ballet vegan flats in your repertoire this summer but what options do you have? Let’s find out the reasons vegan ballet slippers are this year’s hot summer trend and three great companies to get you outfitted.


High-quality, environmentally responsible shoes which genuinely benefit the artisans who make them.


High-quality vegan materials with dozens of flat styles to choose from.

Tieks by Gavrieli

The most versatile flats in the world. Made of the finest Italian leathers and designed to fold and fit in a purse.

Why are Vegan Ballet Flats Popular?

You don’t have to be radical to recognize the impact raising large amounts of livestock and processing raw materials has on the ecosystem. Cows and other leather producing animals require massive amounts of land, water, and significantly contribute to the production of greenhouse gasses. When you choose vegan flats, you’re choosing fewer materials and a smaller impact.

Vegan flats are comfortable and easy on the foot making them a girl’s best friend when heels or pumps become too much to handle. Anyone who wears shoes that can wear you out should carry a backup pair of flats to slip on for recovery.

Ballet flats have been around the fashion scene since Audrey Hepburn made them popular several decades ago. Since Audrey’s days the ballet flat has evolved into many different styles and varieties. You can choose classic vegan ballet slippers or mix it up with something more fun and festive. You won’t run out of choices.

A modern ballet slipper doesn’t seem like the most comfortable shoe, but casual vegan ballet shoes are designed to feel good. Unlike genuine ballet shoes, ballet flats come with more support, stronger materials, and can be worn all day.

Ballet flats are both classic and fun making them the perfect complement to a wide range of styles and outfits. Ballet flats look cute in a sundress, jeans, cigarette pants, and so much more. Whenever you’re in a bind with your outfit you can probably find a fix in ballet flats.

Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat, short for mat(t)erial and nature, was inspired by the bright life and colors of Montreal. Matt & Nat shoes are both vegan and cruelty free and use ecofriendly methods from material choice to production. Since 2007 Matt & Nat use only 100% recycled water bottles for their linings.

What We Like about Matt & Nat

Classic Styles – Matt & Nat vegan flat shoes focus on classic styles and colors. Vegan ballet flats are trendy this summer, but a Matt & Nat flat can stay in your repertoire no matter what trends do.

Do Your Part – A Matt & Nat purchase is one that’s good for the environment. You can be an important part in the 9 million plastic water bottles that Mat & Nat saves from the landfill by recycling.

Fuchsia Shoes

All the shoes on our list are eco-friendly but Fuchsia stands out thanks to their devotion to artisans. All Fuchsia artisans are paid above fair market value and receive benefits like medical allowances and profit sharing. You can feel good about any Fuchsia vegan shoe purchase.

What to Like About Fuchsia Vegan Flats

  • Elegant Style – Fuchsia vegan flat shoes are flat-out gorgeous. Fuchsia’s artisans weave together color and patterns to give their flats a classy but fun style that’ll become the highlight of any outfit.
  • Supports Artisans – Eco friendly flats are great but don’t matter much unless the shoe’s producers are treated ethically too. All Fuchsia shoes are produced by artisans in Pakistan’s Sangla Hill. Fuchsia is committed to their artisans with proper wages and community support.
  • Priced Fairly – Given Fuchsia’s commitment to their artisans and materials, Fuchsia flats are affordable for most shoppers with all styles available at $80 or less.


Tieks is concentrated on color and craftsmanship. Each Tiek vegan flat takes 3 days and dozens of man hours to complete, leaving you with a comfortable and stylish shoe for any occasion. Tieks produces both vegan and non-vegan slippers.

What to Like about Tieks Vegan Flats

Tons of Fun – Tieks vegan ballet flats come in five unique styles but no matter what you choose all Tieks flats are colorful, fun, and perfect for summer outfits. You can choose the polka dots of the Echo Park, match your evening sky with the Sunset Stripe, or choose the classic charcoal of the Greystone.

Focused on Comfort – Tieks are assembled to be some of the most comfortable flats on the market. The back is cushioned instead of elasticized, and the foam insoles give more cushion than a typical flat.

Durable – Tieks are designed to be worn everyday and are built like it. Strong non-skid rubber patches on Tieks (not all so check so your order) provide extra traction, comfort, and stability.

The Perfect Pair is Waiting for You

Vegan flats come in tons of styles and varieties but are always easy, comfortable, and have timeless style. Browse shoes from the three companies above and you’re certain to be matched with the perfect pair that won’t only look great but create a more sustainable future.