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Best Alternative to Ray Bans

Alternatives to the leader in sun and prescription eyewear

Best Alternative to Ray Bans



that cause eye damage even on cloudy days.



and beyond, sunglasses will never go out of style.

Best Alternative to Ray-Bans

What’s not to like about a great pair of sunglasses? Sunglasses are the king of cool accessories while also protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays and dangerous glare. There aren’t many other accessories that can drastically change your look like sunglasses, but you can’t just slap any old pair on and expect to look good.

The brand most associated with cool sunglasses styles is Ray Ban. Ray Ban Wayfarers were popularized by JFK with the Aviator style blowing up a few years later thanks to Tom Cruise and Top Gun. If you want cool, you want Ray Ban styles. There is one big problem with Ray Bans – they’re very expensive.

A good pair of Ray Bans can set you back hundreds of dollars but luckily there’s a way to get the Ray Ban look without the price tag by checking out Revoupon’s best alternative to Ray Bans. Let’s take a close look at five alternatives so you can get the look of Ray Ban without shelling out hundreds.

The 4 Best Alternatives to Ray-Ban Sunglasses

If you want to help your local environment while looking cool at the same time, you want shades like the PELA Sulus. PELA manufacturers sustainable sunglasses that use 33% less CO2, 34% less water, and 82% less waste compared to conventional sunglasses like Ray Bans.

What to Like About PELA Sulu Sunglasses

  • Sustainable – As mentioned above PELA sunglasses use much less material than conventional specs, lowering your overall carbon footprint.
  • Blue Light Protection – For an additional $9 you can outfit your Sulu shades with blue light protection. Blue light filters help save your eyes from fatigue and strain brought on from the numerous screens in our lives.
  • UV Protection – Sulu sunglasses offer 100% protection from damaging UVA and UVB Rays.
  • Price – Even with the blue light lenses, Sulu sunglasses are much more affordable than Ray Bans and the most affordable on our list. You can get an additional 10% off your first PELA order by signing up for email alerts.
  • Fashionable – Sulus have the Wayfarer look with slightly more rounded lenses.

Sulu in Summary – Sulu shades look great, keep your eyes protected, won’t cost you too much, and keep environmental protections at the forefront. A great all-around option. Check out the Sulus and other styles here.

Tomahawk has several different styles of sunglasses for both men and women, but we want to highlight their Hamptons and Landfills lines. The Hamptons mirror the classis Wayfarer style while the Landfills make you look like you just climbed out of the cockpit of a fighter jet.

What to Like About Tomahawk Sunglasses

  • Great Look – We don’t have to get fancy in describing Tomahawk sunglasses, they’re cool. The Hamptons come in a classic tortoiseshell frame while the Landfills are available in a soft silver style.
  • Options – We’re highlighting the Landfills and Hamptons due to their similar look to classic Ray Ban styles, but Tomahawk has many other Ray Ban looking options if you’re not into silver or tortoise shell. You can find bright neon frames, classic colors, and much more.
  • UV Protection – All Tomahawk shades come with 400 level protection against UVA and UVB rays.
  • Polarization – Polarization reduces dangerous glare whether you’re hiking, fishing, or driving to work.

Tomahawk in Summary – Tomahawk has options whether you want the wayfarer style or aviators with the Hamptons and Landfills. You’ll look and feel good with Tomahawk sunglasses.

Want even more info? Check out our Tomahawk Shades Review

Pit Viper’s Flight Optics mixes the classic aviator and wayfarer styles together into a unique set of shades with tons of great features and a modern look.

What to Like About Pit Viper Flight Optics


  • Modern Style – The aviator and wayfarer are no doubt classic looks, but the Flight Optics are the trendier options.
  • Vibrant Color Options – While the classic Flight Optics come in all black, there are many other vibrant color options for these shades. You can find Flight Optics in blue, purple, white, green, orange, and plenty more.
  • Quality Materials – All Pit Viper shades come with no-slip ear and nose pieces, 2.2mm polycarbonate lenses, solid spring hinge arms, and Dual Lens tech.

Pit Viper Flight Optics in Summary – Pit Viper is one of the hottest brands among Gen Z so if you want in on the trend you should pick up a pair of Pit Viper Flight Optics.

Suncloud Rambler and Aviator ($54.95- $59.95)


Suncloud brings UV protection, polarization, and a suave style into a package that’s less than $60. The Rambler puts a modern style on the classis Wayfarer look while the Aviators give you that signature look.

What to Like About the Rambler and Aviator

  • Great Price – It’s rare to get great style, UV protection, and polarization for under $60 but these two styles do exactly that.
  • Options – The Rambler is available in 3 unique styles with different colored lenses while the Aviator is available in both brown and gunmetal. If these two don’t quite suit you there are several other types of Suncloud shades with the same features at the same price point.
  • Polarization – Both the Rambler and Aviator are polarized.
    • Polarization reduces dangerous glare whether you’re hiking, fishing, or driving to work.

Suncloud Ramblers and Aviators in Summary – Suncloud packs plenty of features, options, and styles into a great package for under $60. You should always have a pair of Suncloud sunglasses on standby.

The Ashdowns are named after Utah’s Ashdown Gorge Wilderness and like southwestern Utah the Ashdown sunglasses sport natural aesthetics on a rugged backdrop. The ophthalmic grade lenses are tough, coated to resist moisture and grime, and packed into Rhyno Tuff Air Frames.

What to Like About the Ashdowns


  • Feature Rich – The Ashdowns are packed with great technology and proprietary materials. We mentioned a few of the rugged features above but the Ashdowns are also made for comfort with Cushionol nosepads and Mastoid Temple Grip to fit snugly against your head.
  • Great Price – The Ashdowns are feature rich but less than $60. Throw in the Ashdown’s lifetime warranty and you have a fantastic deal.
  • Made for the Outdoors – The Ashfords are the most robust pair of shades on our list making them great for mountain bikers, anglers, trail runners, and more.

Ashdowns in Summary – The Ashdowns can take abuse without falling apart making them an excellent choice for outdoor adventurers. You get toughness, style, options, and much more all for under $60.

Get it Made with These Ray Ban Alternative Shades

There are several ways to protect your eyes and look great without shelling out hundreds of bucks for name-brand Ray Bans. Whether you want the latest style with Pit Viper’s Flight Optics or the classic style and durability of the Hamptons, there’s a great pair of Ray Ban alternatives for you on this list.