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Men’s Eyeglass Trends 2023

Guys don’t get opportunities to accessorize their look often but there’s a great way to show off your personality if given the chance – eyeglasses.



Men’s Eyeglass Trends

Guys don’t get opportunities to accessorize their looks often but there’s a great way to show off your personality if given a chance – eyeglasses.
Not everyone wears glasses, but if you do you can take advantage of the situation to refine your style with the right specs. Like any other accessory, men’s eyeglasses are subject to trends, and with a new year, comes new trends.

If you prefer to be ahead of the fashion curve let’s figure out what trends are coming for men’s eyeglasses, what type of look they can help create, and how to find the best trendy style. If you must wear glasses, you might as well let them make a statement.

Top 9 Men’s Eyeglasses Trends for 2023

  1. Eco Eyewear – Eco-chic has found its way to the mainstream and look for eyeglasses to be a part of that continuing trend in 2023. Eco eyewear means eyeglasses that have a low carbon footprint or utilize renewable resources like bamboo vs. plastic. A few years ago there were only a few eco-friendly companies and styles but you now have dozens if not hundreds of earth friendly options.
  2. Oversized Angular Frames – The oversized, angular frames of the 70s are back as seen at the latest Milan Fashion Week. Oversized frames for men have been popular for the last few years but sharp angles versus rounded frames are now the trendiest of oversized specs.
  3. Round Frames – Round frames and lenses have waned in and out of style since John Lennon popularized them in the 1960s but prepare for a big comeback in 2023. Round frames look great on men with prominent jawlines and sharper facial features while also complementing a vintage style. Double your trendiness with round lenses paired with thin or no frames.
  4. Half-Rim / Browline Frames – Once a mainstay of the 1950 and 60s, browline frames are fully in vogue for 2023. The chunky top half of the glasses gives a distinguished and classic look that pairs well with business casual to bohemian styles.
  5. Racer / Athletic Style – Racer and athletic style shades were on full display at the latest Milan Fashion Week. Anything seen at the fashion and designer blowout typically is on the fast track to trending. Athletic styles have thin frames, narrow lenses, and wrap around the head more naturally than traditional glasses.
  6. Aviator – The style that Tom Cruise popularized in Top Gun has made a huge comeback thanks to the recent return to vintage styles. The large triangular frames are versatile and look good on just about any head shape. You can even choose tinted lenses for a look all your own.
  7. Colored Translucent Frames – Translucent frames have been gaining popularity for around five years, but the latest trend will be injecting color into those frames. You can expect green, blue, and yellow translucent frames to become hot styles in 2023.
  8. Tortoiseshell – Tortoiseshell has always been a classic choice for frames but look for 2023 to be a breakout year for tortoiseshell, thanks in part to the surging popularity of oversized, angular frames. Large frames and tortoiseshell have always worked well together but you can choose this classic coloring option for several different frame styles.
  9. Tinted Lenses – You’ve heard of rose-colored glasses but 2023 brings the metaphor to life. Tinted lenses, especially green, rose, and blue are trending for 2023, and can add a flair of color and flavor to your ensemble.

4 Tips On Choosing the Best Men’s Eyeglasses

While getting your hands on the trendiest frames will put you ahead of the fashion curve, you can’t choose any old frame and expect to look great. Before purchasing one of the above trends, you need to learn more about different styles and who they’re designed for. Let’s learn some tips from eyeglass and fashion experts on choosing the right match.

1. Start with Face Shape

The different shapes of mens’ faces match different styles of glasses. To help match your face to different styles you should visit a brick-and-mortar eye glass store or use an online chart. While we aren’t going to get into all the different matches between face shape and size we can review the basic men’s face shapes.

Take a deep look into the mirror and decide which shape your face matches before starting your shopping. It’s okay if you can’t pick only one since many styles work on multiple face types. Examples of great matches include square frames on oval faces or round frames on rectangular faces while a poor match could be round frames on a triangle face.

2. Choose Your Eyeglasses Materials

Once you’ve picked your frame style(s) you can move onto style factors like material, color, lens style, and more. Your goal is to match the glasses to your style or what type of attire you wear. For men’s glasses you’ll have three basic options:

  • Acetate – One of the most common styles of glasses. Acetate’s versatile look pairs well with a relaxed wardrobe like a t shirt and jeans but can also look good with higher class attire. When in doubt on material, acetate is always a good choice.
  • Metal – You’re most likely to see metal frames on sharper styles like rectangular or browline frames. Metal frames tend to give a more sophisticated look that pairs well with vintage looks or business casual.
  • Wireframes – Perfect for vintage outfits and collared shirts. Wireframes lend a sharp look to any outfit.

3. Experiment with Colors and Patterns

If you’ve picked out a few styles and materials, you can move on to color and patterns for the perfect match. Colors and patterns can move your glasses from understated to statement pieces so choose your color carefully.

  • Blacks and Grays – Neutral colors (except for white) work well with most outfits and styles. You can never go wrong with black frames.
  • Light Colors – Light colors work well with bold eye colors. Those with dark blue or green eyes can complement their natural eye color with a light frame color.
  • Bold Colors – Bold colors work well with lighter eye colors. Consider a vibrant green for light blue or hazel eyes.
  • Translucent – Looks best with bolder eye colors but fits many style profiles.
  • Patterns – Classic patterns like tortoiseshell always look good but you have options for more vibrant and intricate patterns like stripes or dots. Consider patterns other than tortoiseshell if you want to stand out in a crowd.

4. Think About Your Daily Activity

Delicate wire-frame glasses will not work well for your rec basketball league.

Make sure your glasses match your daily activities and aim for something lightweight and comfortable like acetate if your glasses are put through a lot of daily activity

Starting 2023 with the Right Men’s Eyeglass Trends

Choose the right frames, the right lenses, and the right color to start your 2023 in a trendier direction. Wearing eyeglasses isn’t always fun but turning a necessity into a fashion statement can get you the most from your specs.