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Hey Mama! STOP! I know you are busy and don’t have time to read about skincare, but FOREO has something you need, especially if you are always on the go. I am a mom of 4 and one of them is a newborn, just a couple of weeks old. I am the definition of a busy mom. I juggle driving to 2 different schools, a toddler, a newborn, married life, a healthy lifestyle, and a huge dog. It sounds like I should not have time for skincare.

Enter the FOREO UFO 2. This was a surprise from my husband during my pregnancy, along with a Luna GO for my hospital bag.  I was feeling pretty sad and run down from not being able to go anywhere, due to the Coronavirus. Also, being pregnant I needed to be extremely careful not to get sick. So no spas for me and when you are pregnant a little pampering goes a long way. I take really good care of my skin so I never need to wear makeup to look my best. My husband, knowing this, decided to give me the UFO 2. I guess he had seen something about it on social media and thought it looked cool. Read on for an unbiased FOREO UFO review done by a busy mom.

Foreo UFO 2 for Busy Moms

All I can say is, wow! This little tool is a facial, that fits in the palm of your hand. I was totally skeptical that this shiny little disc was going to make my skin feel any better. The UFO 2 is about the size of the palm of my hand. It has a beautiful gold textured design on one side, a gold flat area on the other side that touches your skin, and mine has pretty blue silicone around the edges that help with grip. The whole thing looks like a piece of modern art. I usually like to put everything away and out of sight in my bathroom, but this little guy gets to stay out and sits perfectly on the side of my sink. The UFO 2 came with a stand. This helps to keep it clean and acts as a great drying rack. You do not want to put something dirty on your face when you are trying to take care of pores and complexion.

There are so many features and benefits to using the UFO 2. I am sure I will be needed by one of my kids soon so I will just tell you about a couple of my favorites. After getting older, having kids, and all the stress that goes along with daily life, my skin has lost a lot of elasticity and vibrancy.

FOREO UFO 2 Reviews

Favorite features of the UFO 2:

  • Light treatment – The UFO 2 has 8 different LED light options. I like to think of my light treatments as Christmas. My skin benefits most from the red and green lights, both are used for anti-aging. The red helps to produce collagen and elastin, which makes those fine lines and wrinkles stay away. The green helps to make my skin more vibrant and aids in evening out discoloration from dark circles and age spots. My friends tell me my “freckles” are cute, but I think it’s code for you are aging gracefully.

  • Warming and Cooling treatment – This little baby goes from 113 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of the mask treatments start warm to open the pores so the serum can get deeper in the skin and work harder. The warmth reminds me of getting a facial and the esthetician always has a warmed towel to open pores and their hands are usually warm too. Then the cool feels great, especially when you are looking for a refreshed feeling. Colder temperatures also close the pores and make the skin look smoother.

  • T-sonic treatment – The UFO 2 gives off these sonic pulses that are said to have benefits on the cellular level. I do not know if that is true, as I can not see the cellular level of my skin, but I can tell you it feels amazing. As a stressed out busy mom of four I am all about my skincare feeling amazing, being relaxing, and being quickly effective.


Another great thing about the UFO 2 is the FOREO app. You read that right, there is an app that links your phone and device. This gives the device a mind of it’s own. My UFO will go through all the LED lights, pulses, and temperature changes all on it’s own. The app will dictate directions for where you need to be holding the UFO 2 and when it’s time to move to a new spot. The voice is quite relaxing, not like a GPS fake accent that miss pronounces everything. At the end of the treatments the app will give you the option of ending the treatment or doing it again. I am 100% guilty of doing it twice no matter what. It’s kind of like getting to hit snooze again and not being late.

FOREO UFO Review: Pro’s and Con’s

Pros of the FOREO UFO 2:

  • It’s jam packed with beneficial features and leaves my skin feeling great no matter which mask I use.
  • It is like four tools in one, with all the different masks, temperature settings, lights, and t-sonic pulses.
  • It is compact and good looking enough to leave out on the counter in your bathroom.
  • The app guided treatments are great for people who do not know much about skincare.
  • The UFO 2 holds a charge for a long time.
  • The UFO is quick and easy to clean.

Cons of the FOREO UFO 2:

  • The UFO 2 might be a little bit too cool looking because my kids are always trying to play with it.
  • I wish it came with a cheat sheet of how the different lights, temperatures, and t-sonic pulses work. I don’t want to go online to look it up each time.
  • The app is great, but I want a longer time option for the treatments. It would be great to have 5 or 10-minute options. However, I don’t know if the time is based on the effectiveness of the mask serums, maybe 10 minutes would be too long?
  • It’s a costly skincare tool.

Should You Get Your Own UFO 2?

Overall I love having this device in my arsenal of skincare products and tools. I am actually thinking about trying in on my belly with the red lights to see if I can get some collagen and elastin back into my skin faster. FOREO has some other great products to offer too, I take my Luna GO with me everywhere. I have not tried all the masks, but I plan on making my way through them all soon. I just buy myself a mask box for every holiday as a gift to myself for being an awesome mom.

Moms, this is a must have!

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