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Tiege Hanley Review

Tiege Hanley Review

If you’re looking for a Tiege Hanley review that’s unbiased and from a guy who couldn’t spell skincare before trying their products, you’re in the right place. I am not a skincare guy, the wrinkles on my brow are proof of that. My idea of skincare was a $1.99 apricot scrub from the grocery store, glorified baby wipes for guys, and occasionally an alcohol rub down. So, how did I wind up doing a Tiege Hanley Review? I grew up…

Maybe saying “I grew up” is not the right way to describe why, it is more like I visibly got older. I turned 38 this year and while I do not feel almost 40 I know that like anything preventative maintenance in a lot easier than repair. So, I decided to up my skincare game. Originally, I planned on trying Lumin, for no other reason than I just kept seeing ads. Coincidentally, I ended talking with a guy who had tried a lot of the major skincare brands and didn’t have much good to say about their product. He didn’t push me towards any one particular skincare line, but he did emphasize who to stay away from.

How I decided on Tiege Hanley

Tiege Hanley Review - Wipes
Tiege Hanley Review - Aftershave
Tiege Hanley Review - Scrub

I had tried random product from the grocery store throughout the years, a Nuetrogena this or L’oreal for men that. I never had a routine though, so I wanted something that had a “program” if you will. I jumped on to Google and looked up men’s skincare and specifically searched for a brand that mentioned routines. I first came across Geologie, but was immediately turned off when their skincare quiz turned out to be an email grab. I was just looking for info and pricing, so I moved on.

A page or 2 later, after scrolling past obvious affiliates and big magazines, I came across Tiege Hanley (Skin Routine for Men). A routine is exactly what I was looking for and that’s precisely what I found. The regimen looked simple and straightforward:

  • Level 1 – Straight forward skincare. A wash, scrub, and an AM/PM lotion. One with SPF and one without
  • Level 2 – Add some eye cream for dark circles and puffiness.
  • Level 3 – Super Serum sound like something out of the Marvel Comic Book Universe, but in this case it a moisturizer that tightens the skin up and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

I found that Tiege checked all the boxes for skincare I was looking for without being too overly complicated, like some of my wife’s k-beauty routines. Although, I’m not going to lie, I did consider just grabbing some Facetory masks and calling it a day. Anyway, I settled on Tiege ordered my first box.

Tiege Hanley options for ordering:

  • Membership – $45 per month for Level 3
  • One-time purchase of $55 for Level 3

Ultimately, my frugal nature got the best of me and I went with the subscription. My real hang up was whether I would stay committed to any men’s skincare routine and end up with way more product than I was going to use. That ended up not being the case, but more on that later.

Tiege Hanley Review: First Impressions


When my first box arrived, it was a lot smaller than I had expected. All the product could have fit in the tube of $1.99 apricot scrub from the grocery store I used during every shower. The products show up in a nicely packaged black box and my Level 3 Tiege Hanley system had 5 product bottles inside. It was intimidating at first, which sounds weird to say, but I had no idea where to start. Luckily, they include a guide to the products, their intended purpose, and the order in which they should be used. This is when I discovered I should not have been exfoliating every time I showered.

It was nice to have the guide, but at the same time, it was also a little confusing. I actually taped the guide to the inside of my medicine cabinet so I could refer back to it each time before use. After a couple of days this wasn’t necessary anymore, as it became “routine.”

That First Shower

That first shower was invigorating. The Daily Face Wash was light and smooth, very unlike my apricot scrub. Initially, I thought there was some menthol in the wash, but it turned out to be eucalyptus. Nevertheless, I really like the fresh and cool feeling from the facewash. Another great benefit to the guide is that it specifies the amount you should use of each product. In this case, I would have likely used about twice what I needed.

Next up was the Scrub. The Tiege Hanley Scrub did have menthol which was a whole extra level of cool and clean feeling. Although it is a scrub, it is not nearly as harsh feeling as my grocery store scrub. The directions say to use it twice a week, so I settled on Wednesday and Saturday each week. I look forward to using the scrub because of the cool feeling, which feels even better when followed up by the other products. Seriously, I don’t use this in the shower anymore because I love the feeling of the other products in conjunction with the menthol.

Tiege Hanley Review

After the Shower

Once I toweled off, I followed up with the next step; Super Serum. Super Serum was the reason I went with Level 3, that coveted anti-aging. The benefit is supposed to be firmer, more hydrated skin that reduces the appearance of wrinkles like the ones I mentioned in my brow. The directions call for a single pump of serum,. Which seems like way too little but ends up being enough. This goes to show how I had been overzealous with all my past skincare products, over-lathering and over-using.

After the Super Serum comes the AM/PM Eye Cream. In addition to wrinkles in my brow, I was getting crows feet around my eyes. I also have four kids, so the dark circles and bags took residence on my face long ago. Tiege Hanley Eye Cream has caffeine which improves circulation and tightens the skin around the eyes. There’s also Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, which is a mouthful, but is meant to reduce muscle contractions. I am not sure what that means, but I know the Vitamin B3 will improve elasticity and give a more youthful appearance.

Lastly, was the PM Bedtime Facial Moisturizer. There is a difference between the AM and PM moisturizers, but since I showered in the evening, I started with PM. The PM moisturizer is designed for overnight hydration and repair, while the green-tea and aloe are anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. Given that the Colorado winter is extremely dry, this addition came at just the right time because the temperature was starting to drop, and the air was drying out. Tiege Hanley offers a lip balm now, which I regret not getting with my first order.

Tiege Hanley Review: 30-days

I am a firm believer that maintaining something is easier than repairing it. The same belief I have in cars and houses should have been applied to my skin. I know I could have prevented a lot of the damage to my skin through sun protection, moisturizers, and cleaners. Unfortunately, I waited until I noticed a problem before trying to repair it. Tiege Hanley says that most guys see results in 3-6 weeks. That is the case with me too. In the first 30-days I only missed one application, which I feel great about considering how new to skincare routines I was. After about 3 weeks the skin on my face was noticeably smoother and tighter. I saw some reduction in finer lines, especially around my eyes, and even the brow wrinkles did seem to be better.

I will say that I am paying closer attention to my skin now and notice more imperfections than ever. I think they were always there, but I just was not scrutinizing my skin like I am now as I hope Tiege Hanley to work some kind of magic no skincare is probably capable of. After 30-days I am completely satisfied with the results.

Tiege Hanley Review: “Final” Results

Take it from a guy who had never thought about skincare in the 38 years leading up to this Tiege Hanley Review; skincare for men is doable and does not mean hours of commitment or ridiculously complex routines. I got the results I was hoping for, which was to reduce brow lines and make my skin appear younger than I actually am. With four kids, I know I am in for a lot of sleepless nights, stressful days, and some added wrinkles to match my hair loss. With Tiege Hanley, I at least have some confidence that my skin will not look the way my joints feel.

If you’re like me and wanted a no-nonsense skincare routine for Men, then I highly recommend Tiege Hanley. It’s priced extremely competitive and has delivered the results I was looking for. Plus, with this Revoupon exclusive coupon, you can save 25% on your first purchase. Click the link below or check out our Tiege Hanley Coupons.