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Have you ever noticed that there aren’t any boy’s skincare brands? Maybe it’s an undiscovered niche, or maybe it’s because as men grow the need for skincare becomes more paramount. The breakdown of skins’ elasticity happens around age 25 in men, and thus how the Men’s Skincare market was born – and why the aforementioned boy’s skincare niche is probably not a viable market.

The Men’s Skincare market is valued at roughly 12 billion dollars, which means there are a lot of skincare solutions for Men to choose from. With all those choices, how does a guy filter through all the products to find the best men’s skincare brands? Well, at Revoupon, we’ve done the heavy lifting for Men. In the following article, you’ll find our choices for the best men’s skincare brands based upon personal experience and some skincare sleuthing.

Our Top Choices for The Best Men’s Skincare Brands:

The Nitty Gritty of Each Men’s Skincare Brand


Tiege Hanley: Another Uncomplicated Men’s Skincare Brand

REV SCORE 9.7/10

Tiege Hanley: Another Uncomplicated Men’s Skincare Brand

  • Personalized? Yes. Men can take a skincare product recommendation quiz.

  • Acne Fighting? Yes. Tiege Hanley has a 2 acne systems to choose from, designed for moderate to severe acne.

  • Subscription? Yes. Users have the choice between single purchases or a subscription that saves men $10.

Another simple skincare routine that boasts being suited for all skin types. Although a one-size-fits-all approach to skincare doesn’t make complete sense, it worked for us, as you can see in our Tiege Hanley Review. Tiege Hanley offers a multi-level routine that’s customizable based upon needs. They do offer some additional products like lib-balm and a body-scrub bar, but those items only seem to be available as add-ons. The simplicity of the Tiege Hanley routine, coupled with affordability keeps this brands near the top of the list. However, the “one skin fits all” approach keeps it from taking top honors.

How it works:

  • Choose a system. Pick from any of the 5 Men’s Skincare or Acne System levels.

  • Upgrade or Add-on. Upgrade to higher-level system, add-on any Tiege Hanley unique products, and checkout.

  • Get results. Be prepared for someone to ask why you’re glowing.


LUMIN: Skin Management for Men

REV SCORE 9.4/10

LUMIN: Skin Management for Men

  • Personalized? Yes. 15 sets to choose from allow customization for any man.

  • Acne Fighting? Acne fighting does not appear to be part of any available sets or products.

  • Subscription? Yes. Save 20% by signing up for a subscription

Lumin is nearly a household name in Men’s Skincare Brands as it’s been featured in publications from GQ to Vanity Fair. Lumin offers premium skincare at an everyday price, with ingredients like Macadamia Nut Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin C, and more. They consulted with leading skincare professionals in Seoul, South Korea (arguably the mecca of skincare) to perfect their formulas and their reviews reflect the results. It’s nearly impossible to find a product on Lumin that isn’t five-stars. Lumin is more than just skin management for men though, they also offer Deodorant, Keratin Shampoo/Conditioner, Body Scrubs, Pomade, and more – everything a man needs head-to-toe. Shop a-la-carte skin, hair, and body care or get a FREE TRIAL of any skincare routine set. Also, check out our 30-day Lumin review to see why Lumin is ranked #2 on our list.

How it works:

  • Four Courses or a-la-carte. Try any skincare routine for free or pick a single product that fits your face, body, or hair.

  • From head-to-toe. All men have skincare needs and Lumin has the products for all those nooks and crannies.

  • See results. In 30-days, there will be a new man in the mirror – slightly more handsome.


Caldera Lab: Greentek self/care, born in nature, perfected through science

REV SCORE 9.4/10

Caldera Lab: Greentek self/care, born in nature, perfected through science

  • Personalized? No. Caldera doesn’t spread the net wide. They offer 3 products.

  • Acne Fighting? No. This brand focuses on anti-aging.

  • Subscription? Yes. Flexible buying options include 30, 60, and 75-day subscriptions or a one-time purchase.

GQ called Caldera Lab the Holy Grail of Face Serums. Through pharmaceutical-grade science and natural ingredients Caldera Labs has pioneered skincare products that are effective on all skin types. In a clinical study, 96% of Caldera Lab users reported healthier and more energetic looking skin. The science that went into the development of Caldera Lab products is next level, and impressive, even for the scientifically challenged skincare user. If feeling good about a skincare brand matters, then knowing they’re a Certified B Corp adds to the prestige of this brand, making up for the premium pricing. Check out our Caldera Lab review, for more on why Caldera + Lab is the #3 skincare brand on our list.

How it works:

  • Go all in. Caldera + Labs doesn’t sell a kit, but for the best results grab all three men’s skincare products.

  • Scent heavy. All the products from Caldera + Labs have a noticeable scent that some people may find offensive.

  • Immediate results. GQ was spot on, Caldera + Labs is the Holy Grail of Face Serums.



REV SCORE 9.3/10

Cardon: Cactus-based Skincare for Men

  • Personalized? Yes. Choose from multiple skincare sets ranging from anti-aging to oily skin. There’s also a quiz to ensure you know where to start.

  • Acne Fighting? Yes. Unique pimple patches combat breakouts delivering anti-acne ingredients while keeping your grubby little hands off.

  • Subscription? Yes. Subscribe and save 10% on any Cardon skincare products.

When you think of men’s skincare, the first thing that comes to mind is not cactus. Yet, Cardon has managed to harness the power of those prickly little desert dwellers. Cactus extract is proven to soothe irritation from shaving and Cardon went to the skincare mecca, South Korea, to perfect their formula. The results speak for themselves with features in GQ, Forbes, AskMen, Esquire and more. Although Cradon offers quiz, we’d like to see the results without having to enter our email address. In addition to skincare sets, there’s numerous other products like facemasks and SPF moisturizers. If you’re looking for water-based skincare products that won’t clog pores, then Cardon should be high on your list of potential brands.

How it works:

  • Pop-quiz or ditch class. Unlike some other brands with a quiz, there’s not a ton of choices here. Take the quiz and enter your email, or pick the ste that makes the most sense.

  • SAVE 10. Save a couple of bucks by subscribing to recurring delivery.

  • Prickly = Smooth. Harness the power of cactus to smooth skin and reduce inflammation.


Geologie Men's Skincare Brand

REV SCORE 9.3/10

Geologie: The “Most Respected” Men’s Skincare Brand

  • Personalized? Yes. Take a short diagnostic quiz and get matched with 1 of 40 possible skincare regimens tailor made for your unique skin type and needs.

  • Acne Fighting? Yes. If you’re still dealing with breakouts, Geologie offers a solution. During the diagnostic quiz, you’ll identify this need and be matched with the correct formula to finally beat breakouts once and for all.

  • Subscription? Yes. Start with a 30-day trial for only $25 with our exclusive coupon code SAVEFACE50.

Geologie is a 6x Men’s Grooming Award winner for 3 consecutive years in a row from Men’s Health, Esquire, and AskMen to name a few. Their basic routine is simple enough for any first-time men’s skincare user to follow while being “in-depth” enough for skincare connoisseurs to recognize the value. Products from Geologie range from the 2021 Editor’s Pick winner Desert Cedar Exfoliating Face Wash and Nourishing Eye Cream to a lightweight SPF30 Skin Moisturizer and Acne & Wrinkle Fighting Creams. Their products cut through the BS often found in hyped-up Men’s Skincare brands. Men will not find Antarctic Sea Kelp or Mineral Water from Mount Everest Snow Melt, just no-nonsense, clean ingredients that work, proven by science and simplicity. The personalized approach with 40 possible outcomes, acne-fighting solutions, and reasonably priced subscription model is the reason Geologie ranks on this list. Save 50% on a trial of Geologie with Revoupon’s exclusive coupon code SAVEFACE50. Not convinced Geologie is right for you? Read our Geologie Review for more information.

How it works:

  • The Kickoff: Take the Diagnostic. With just a few clicks, tell us about your skin and goals, and our team of dermatologists will design a regimen just for you.

  • Meet Your Match: Get Pumped. The hard work is done – we’ll ship your personalized regimen, a complete set of four products that requires just minutes at night to apply.

  • Results: Hello Handsome! You’ll typically see an evenness of tone quickly, but patience is the key – and our legendary customer success team is here to guide you.



REV SCORE 9.3/10

BULK HOMME: You Absolutely Need This Skincare

  • Personalized? No. A 3-step process focuses on “cleansing”, “hydrating”, and “protecting”

  • Acne Fighting? No. Deep cleaning products help prevent, but not treat acne.

  • Subscription? Yes. Purchase from the BULK HOMME Amazon Store and subscriptions are available.

BULK HOMME might not be a household name in men’s skincare, but it’s one of the most renowned in the skincare world. When the brand officially launched in the US, they had already been recipients of worldwide accolades. THE FACE WASH is made using pure Onsen spring-water from Japan, Bentonite, Clay Minerals, glycerin, apple extract, and hydrolyzed silk. This unique combination of ingredients has secured BULK HOMME no less than 3 awards from Amazon and Rakuten in both beauty and facewash categories. Couple THE FACE WASH with THE TONER and THE LOTION and the three-step program will have skin looking healthier and more radiant. BULK HOMME also offers haircare as a “head-to-hair” regimen for any man. Check back for our official BULK HOMME review.

How it works:

  • Simple, but effective. The no nonsense packaging is a refreshing and simplistic, a change of pace from the many flashy men’s skincare brands in the marketplace.

  • 3 step forward. Buy products individually, or use the simple 3-step regimen for an effective skincare routine any man can follow.

  • Head-to-Hair. BULK HOMME isn’t a head-to-toe men’s skincare brand, but they do offer high quality haircare to look your best from the neck up.



REV SCORE 9.1/10

Wolf Project: Naturally Powerful


  • Personalized? Daily and Weekly options, but no filters or quizzes to find the right product.

  • Acne Fighting? No. Nothing specific for acne, but there is a detox set.

  • Subscription? No. However, a one-year pack is available.

A masculine brand, for men by men. Wolf Project has a perfect Yuka score, indicating the lowest possible health impact of a cosmetic brand. So, be assured that Wolf Products is one of the cleanest, natural based skincare brands on this list. Whether detoxing or hydrating, men can see results in as little as one use. Their eco-friendly bamboo charcoal masks hold the hydrating or detoxifying serum directly onto the skin, for an even and powerful application. This is an uncomplicated regimen with great results and zero fuss.

How it works:

  • Join the pack. Shop skincare sets or individual products, including a men’s manicure set.

  • Go all in. Purchase a sample pack of the entire line or a one-year pack of facemasks.

  • Make ‘em start howling. Clean ingredients save your skin and the environment, put a smile and a fresh look on your face.


Kiehls Logo

REV SCORE 9.0/10

Kiehl’s: Apothecary Skincare for Men

  • Personalized? Yes. There’s no quiz to take, but their products can be filtered by skin concerns and skin type.

  • Acne Fighting? Yes. Kiehl’s offers 2 unique products for fighting acne.

  • Subscription? No. There does not appear to be any subscription or discount models.

You don’t stay in business for 170 years without doing something right. Kiehl’s has been around since 1851, so rest assured when that Squalane Face Cream runs out, a refill will still be available. Every product on the Kiehl’s site for Men’s Skincare has a 4-star or better rating, with the exception of the Age Defender Cream (steer clear of this one). This is a premium brand, with premium pricing, but you can expect premium results. The new “trend” in skincare is Vitamin C Serums, which can be found from Kiehl’s formulated with 12.5% Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid.

How it works:

  • Sort and Filter. Hit the Men’s Skincare section and refine by skin concerns or skin type to dial in your ideal product.

  • Size up the competition. Some products have different sizes, so be sure to select the one that best suits your needs.

  • Bag it and tag it. Let 170 years of skincare experience and research make you look 170 years younger. (170 year younger results may vary by age)



REV SCORE 8.8/10

Peter Thomas Roth: Clinical Anti-aging Essentials

  • Personalized? Yes. There’s a handy way to refine products by age and skin concerns.

  • Acne Fighting? Yes. The company was founded after Peter needed a solution for his acne problems.

  • Subscription? No. A subscription is not available, but there are some quality sale items and free shipping over $50.

Minerals and Muds from Peter’s Hungarian roots are the foundation of PTR. The brand was founded with Acne fighting in mind, but quickly grew into a well-rounded skincare company. For Men, products include mainly anti-aging skincare such as Eye tightener, anti-aging cleanser, and a mud mask to name a few. They do offer a classic shave cream, but based upon reviews it’s best to stick to a company better versed in shave products.

How it works:

  • Date yourself. Go to the Men’s Skincare section and select your age and skin concerns from the filter, though with so few products it’s not really necessary.

  • Hit the town. PTR products can be bought in-store at skincare retailers like Ulta and Sephora

  • Time Travel for your face. Proprietary solution of Alpha, Beta and Gamma Acids and Amino Acids which are the building blocks of peptides, designed to give younger, healthier skin.



REV SCORE 8.2/10

Harry’s: A Little Bit Different

  • Personalized? No. Harry’s is, at its core, a shave brand.

  • Acne Fighting? Yes. Harry’s recently launched a spot treatment for blemishes.

  • Subscription? No. They do, however, offer a discount for purchasing 2 bottle/tubes and they’re available in-store.

Men might recognize the woolly mammoth logo from Harry’s or recognize the name as a major player in the shaving space. Harry’s offers 4 men’s skincare products that circle around shaving – their core business. The face wash contain micro-scrubbing volcanic rock that exfoliates and smooths skin, while eucalyptus and mint give a fresh cool feeling. The post-shave balm with aloe and cucumber smells so good, it should be used daily, with or without a shave. An SPF face lotion and post-shave mist round out the face care line. It’s everything needed, if the name of the game is caring for your face’s current state.

How it works:

  • Simple and straightforward. Pick a product, and product.

  • Locally available. Harry’s can be found in local grocery stores, on their website, or on their Amazon store.

  • Recharge Daily. Gentle, lightweight men’s skincare designed for everyday use.


GETMr: Breakthrough 1-step Routine

REV SCORE 7.2/10

GETMr: Breakthrough 1-step Routine

  • Personalized? Yes and No. Although there’s a quiz, there’s only 1 product available.

  • Acne Fighting? No. A one-step routine focused on simplicity.

  • Subscription? Yes. 30% off with a 1-3 month delivery time-frame, but start with FREE TRIAL first.

Although technically this is men’s skincare, it’s about as minimal as a brand can be. GetMr only offers a sunscreen, despite having a quiz to find the best product. It’s a bit confusing, if not misleading. However, it is a quality sunscreen and makes a good supplemental product to a regimen that may not consist of an SPF face lotion. Overall, users seem to be very happy with the product and that’s the real reason GetMr made it onto our list of best men’s skincare brands. It’s not going to meet the needs of any man completely, but if sun protection is your only concern this is a winning skincare product. Not convinced, try a FREE Trial.

How it works:

  • Face-care. You can go through the Quiz, but the results will be same regardless.

  • Pick one, only one. Technically this is skincare, but it’s only sunscreen.

  • Save a few on the only one needed. Opts for the GetMr subscription and save some dough and your face through the harsh summer weather.



Gentlemen’s Hardware: Best Travel Skincare Kit

  • Dapper? You bet. For dapper gentlemen only.

Gentlemen’s Hardware is more than just men’s skincare. In fact, they specialize in functional and durable goods that add value to a man’s life. For that reason, they couldn’t be included in the best men’s skincare brands list. However, that’s not to discount their travel ready kit as non-essential. The multi-purpose Oak Moss scented 3-in-1 vegan shampoo, shave, body wash smells great and cuts down on carrying extra bottles in your carry-on or luggage. The face-wash and moisturizer have a complimentary smell and are vegan-friendly. Sign up for emails, and get 15% off your first purchase!

Your Best Face Forward: The Best For You

Yeah, OK, you only have one face to put forward – unlike your feet. Nevertheless, your face is your first impression. Here’s our breakdown of which men’s skincare brand you should choose and why.

  • Kiehls – Most Likely to be Around When You Need It (9.0/10)

  • Peter Thomas Roth – Best for Acne (8.8/10)

  • Harry’s – Best to Pair with Shaving (8.2/10)

  • GET Mr. – Best Single Step Routine (7.2/10)

LUMIN and GetMr. both offer free trials and GEOLOGIE offers 50% off a 30-day trial using Revoupons exclusive code SAVEFACE50.

GEOLOGIE, TIEGE HANLEY, PETER THOMAS ROTH, AND HARRY’S all offer acne-fighting and prevention as part of their skincare lineup.

CALDERA + LAB, WOLF PROJECT, and PETER THOMAS ROTH have anti-aging serums, cleansers, or detoxifying face masks for healthier, more energetic looking skin.

Yes, but the best course is prevention. Some brands will help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, dark circles, and more. However, prevention is the best medicine. Think about it. Is it easier to change the oil in your car every 3,000 miles or replace the engine when it breaks down? Starting a skincare routine early can help prevent the breakdown and loss of collagen and elastin, helping men to look younger and healthier longer.

Revoupon recommends buying Men’s Skincare Brands online, instead of in-store. Purchasing online gives the added bonus of filtering by skincare need or personalized results from a quiz. Coupons and discount are also more widely available and easier to find online. In addition, it’s much faster to shop 8 Men’s Skincare Brands online than it is to drive all around town.

The Rveoupon team set forth the criteria for judging before looking into the best men’s skincare brands. Personalization, Acne Fighting, and a Subscription were large factors in whether a brand scored highly on our list. Simplicity of routine, cost, and environmental impact was also taken into consideration.

Face the Facts

Just as every face is different, every skincare brand also differs in many ways. Although Revoupon finds value in organic and natural ingredients, be advised that men often have more allergic reactions to all-natural products than many chemical products. When trying a new skincare regimen, always test on a small area of skin and discontinue use if persistent reactions occur.