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Geologie Review

It’s no secret that caring for your skin becomes more important as we age. That notion has become more important to men in the last decade and has spawned dozen, if not more, men’s skincare brands. One of the most respected brands in the space is Geologie. Geologie is a 6x men’s grooming award winner from Men’s Health, Esquire, Ask Men, and more.

In the following Geologie review, Revoupon will look at some of the factors that make Geologie so popular among men, give some background on the brand and their unique product offering, and offer our impressions and opinions on the products we tested.


How we reviewed Geologie Skincare

Revoupon’s Rev Score is calculated based upon a multitude of factors ranging from delivery time to smell, packaging and directions, but most of all results from using the products for a minimum of 30-days. The information provided in this Geologie review is from our actual use and information provided by Geologie. Revoupon was provided a sample for testing and may be compensated if you make a purchase based on this review, but we were not paid to create this Geologie review.

Geologie Delivery Time and Pricing

Geologie offers personalized skincare based upon a diagnostic test that takes into consideration an array of factors for your skincare needs. Start with your name, age, and gender. Some users will be happy to note that female and non-binary are options because all skin types are different, and gender really shouldn’t impact your skincare results. In this writer’s case, I am a male in my late 30’s.

After that, you’ll let Geologie know if you have a current skincare routine and some details about what brand you’re currently using. Next, indicate your ideal skincare regimen needs, some personal information about your one-of-a-kind skin traits and add a photo (if you want). Select your skincare goals and get your skincare ID and personal recommendations sent to you email to get started.

Out of 40 possible skincare regimen results, I was recommended for regimen #01 and received a 90-day supply, which retails for $150. That breaks down to $1.67 a day for Geologie skincare, which if it works for your needs is pretty reasonable. My order was placed on July 12 and the products arrived 4 days later. It’s not Amazon Prime fast, but quick, nonetheless. Speaking of Amazon, Geologie is available to purchase on Amazon by hitting the button below.

Geologie Bottle Quality and Packaging

My package was hand-delivered by an adorable 2-year old on a tricycle, but that type of white glove service is not typical for every Geologie order. You’ll probably have to go to your mailbox yourself. The products arrived in a sturdy white cardboard box that had no damage and contained an exceptionally sturdy box within. In fact, I’m not one to save cardboard boxes but I did seriously consider keeping/repurposing the yellow/gold/orangish box the bottle were housed in.

My skincare regimen was neatly packaged with five color-coded bottles, yellow signifying daily use and blue indicating nighttime products. Each bottle/tube was made from plastic but had no indication of being made from recycled product. However, the bottles are recyclable for those that are concerned with sustainability and ecological impact. Although the tubes and bottle felt like high-quality plastic, the pump mechanism on the bottles didn’t feel as robust.


The initial benefit I saw from ordering a 90-day supply versus a lesser supply was the addition of a second bottle of Everyday Face Wash. Since Geologie, like most skincare brands, is meant to be used morning and night I will inevitably leave my cleanser on the counter when I jump in the shower. As a result, I must call for assistance from my wife, leave a watery mess between the shower and sink, or skip that facewash all together. The second bottle from Geologie negated that problem and I was grateful.

Geologie Skincare Smell and Texture

Before using any skincare or haircare product, test #1 is always the smell test. This boils down to personal preference, more than an exact science. Personally, I like a good smell since I don’t wear cologne. A subtle smell to my head, face, neck, or beard is a pleasant surprise for my wife if we’re close or being intimate, assuming she likes the smell.

The Geologie Everyday Face Wash had a mild chemical smell with no notable fragrance to speak of. It was a touch medicinal is scent, but not overpowering. It’s clear, somewhat sticky, and moderately thick. There are no microbeads or pumice for additional exfoliating.

The cleanser lathered well and rinsed clean with minimal effort. Without an exfoliant added or an additional scrub, I didn’t feel like my skin was as clean as possible. If I am shaving a section of my beard, I prefer some texture to my cleansers. This is especially true in the 1-2 days after shaving when razor bumps might appear. I find that a pumice scrub reduces those bumps and lends to a cleaner and closer shave in the first few days after shaving.


The Geologie Vital Morning Face Cream is a white cream and is basically fragrance free. If there is a scent, it’s very bland and hardly noticeable. The cream doesn’t feel heavy, but it’s certainly not light. It has a bit of an oily consistency, which makes sense given the ingredients.

Despite an oily initial feeling, it goes on lighter than expected and dries quickly. After the refreshing clean of the facewash, the morning cream left my skin feeling moisturized. However, my skin did not feel noticeably softer after the initial use.


The Geologie Repairing Night Cream is another white cream that’s almost fragrance-free. After reading the ingredients I felt like I could detect a hint of coconut smell, but that could’ve more placebo. Overall, it has the same texture and consistency as the morning cream. The two products would be virtually indistinguishable without the bottles.

I was more excited about using the night cream, because I feel like I manage to sweat off the morning creams throughout the day. It’s summer here in Colorado (at the time of this writing) and the hot dry climate does weird things to skincare products, sometimes immediately sweating them out and then crystalizing them moments later.


Geologie did a great job making their creams relatively fragrance-free, including the Nourishing Eye Cream with retinol. The eye cream however, feel much heavier and oilier than the morning/night creams. It lingers on your fingertips and feels like it could clog pores. Luckily, it’s only intended for around your eyes and the retinol helps combat acne.

Surprisingly, my first use felt as though it provided instant results. I am not sure if it was the Retinol or something else in the formulation, but I immediately felt an new tightness around my eyes where applied.


Geologie Skincare Ingredients

No one at Revoupon, me included, is a chemist or scientist. So, we won’t claim to understand every ingredient in Geologies formulation. There seems to be a lot of natural ingredients in each product like water, aloe leaf juice, prickly pear seed oil, coconut oil, and primrose oil However for every one of those ingredients we see a lot of chemically sounding ingredients that are hard to pronounce. Overall, the active ingredients are what matter most, but none of them are printed on the bottles. Ingredients are listed separately on a card in the packaging.

A b-complex vitamin meant to help with cell regeneration, regulate oil production and tighten pores.

A substance naturally found in the body, it’s a great hydrator and promoted smooth, soft skin.

A vitamin well-known as a wrinkle-reducer which also combats acne and oil.

Protein building blocks that stimulate cell production and boost the effectiveness of other skincare ingredients.

An oil that reduces oil (I know, weird). This is the premier ingredient in the Vital Morning Face Cream with medicinal anti-aging and anti-acne properties.

Top it all off with some sun protection. However, none of the bottles indicate which product has the sun-protection and this is minimally protective.

One thing to note is that the second ingredient in the Everyday Face Wash is Sodium c14-16 Olefin Sulfonate, a common surfactant in skincare used for cleansing, thickening, and foaming. In recent years, many brands have eliminated surfactants from their ingredient list due to carcinogenicity and damage to marine life, among other things.

Geologie Directions and Usage

As with the ingredients, the directions for the routine are listed on a separate card. The direction for the products are outlined on each product and with color-coded bottles it’s not hard to determine the steps. I did regularly mix up which order to use the eye-cream at first, though I doubt it made much difference.

Morning Routine

Gently lather and exfoliate using the Everyday Face Wash for 30 seconds, avoiding the eyes, and rinse with warm water. Follow that by gently massaging one pump of Vital Morning Face Cream to face and neck.

Evening Routine

Use facewash as directed, then apply one-pump of Nourishing Eye Cream to the soft skin under your eyes. Use a dabbing motion, versus a wiping to avoid pulling or stretching the skin. Finish off with one-pump of Repairing Night Cream every other night to start.

It’s a simple routine and takes only a few minutes out of your day. The hardest part is getting into a routine if you have never consistently used skincare morning and night.

Geologie Review: Initial Thoughts

After my recent review of Tiege Hanley, I was anticipating Geologie to be markedly better based upon the accolades they’d received. Right out of the gate, I liked what I saw from Geologie. Maybe it was how darn good the packaging looked against the forest green backdrop of my office, but I was excited to get started.

I prefer skincare brands to tell you specifically how much to use, whether it’s one-pump or a pea sized amount. With the grocery store skincare brands, I always felt like I was either over or under utilizing the product which led to less than stellar results or wasted product and money. The reality is, I was wasting money more on the low-quality skincare than anything else. Luckily, Geologie was very specific in the amount of their product needed to be used. Anything with a pump needed one pump, and anything in a tube had a diagram of how much to use on the back.

Geologie Skincare First Week Impressions

The first week of any skincare routine can be challenging because of “shock” to your skin, which can result in more breakouts, excessive dryness, irritations, or just generally unwanted side-effects. I started using the Geologie skincare regimen with a few blemishes but no acne. Luckily, I didn’t experience anything too bad and was able to continue using all the products.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see any drastic improvements to my skin during the first week. In fact, I felt like my blemishes didn’t improve and overall, my skin stayed virtually the same. However, I did notice on the very first use that the Nourishing Eye Cream did make the skin around my eyes feel tighter, especially on the first use. Visually, I didn’t see any wrinkle reduction though.

By the end of week one my review of Geologie hadn’t produced any stunning results and I was largely undecided on whether fifty dollars a month was worth ponying up, but I pressed on.

Geologie One-month Results

After thirty days I had managed to miss only 2 applications, both morning routines. Despite my diligence, the results from Geologie didn’t leave me impressed or feeling much improved. Although I did see a reduction in wrinkles and dark circles under my eyes, I felt that overall, my skin was largely unchanged. I was getting breakouts on my temples, which I had not regularly had, and my skins tone had not improved.

I recognize that skincare products can’t make up for poor diets, increased stress, and lack of sleep. So, that being said, I am not ready to cast all the blame on Geologie skincare. I was experiencing a higher than typical level of stress at work, my wife and I were transitioning our 1 year old out of sleeping in our room, and I was guzzling coffee to combat my fatigue. Unfortunately, I had to switch routines and devote another 30 days to the next skincare review.

Geologie Review: Results and Final Thoughts

When it comes to men’s skincare, I want results. I am pushing 40 years of age and I am battling father time and mother nature trying to hold on to some measure of youth. Unlike my Tiege Hanley review, I didn’t see the results I was expecting from a men’s skincare brand that has won so many accolades. In addition to results, I want a strong smell or no smell whatsoever from skincare. With Geologie the creams were mostly fragrance-free, but the medicinal scent of the facewash wasn’t pleasant.

Despite my experience after 30 days, I will give Geologie another chance. Although I believe thirty days is sufficient to get noticeable results, I recognize that my lifestyle during this Geologie review may have contributed to the less unexpected, lack-luster, results. Additionally, all men have different skincare needs and what didn’t work for me might still work for you. So, use our exclusive discount code SAVEFACE50 to get 50% off a 30 day trial of Geologie, one of the most respected names in men’s skincare.

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Geologie skincare pricing ranges from $25 for a 2-pack of desert cedar cleanser to $150 for a full 90-day regimen.

Yes, use our exclusive code SAVEFACE50 to get 50% off your first trial.

Geologie products contain no animal by-products. Nor do they, or their affiliates, test their products on animals, at any stage of development.

Yes! Geologie is an award winning men’s skincare brand that uses high-quality ingredients like Retinol and Shea Butter in their formulations.

Geologie skincare was founded by Nick Allen and Dave Skaff.

Geologie can be purchased directly from Geologie or through the Geologie Amazon store.